Interstate 82

Change Vehicle

     At  the  end  of a mission, you are presented with a screen which
enables  you  to either Customize your vehicle, Quit or Continue. When
you are at this screen, ALT - TAB back to windows.

     Go   into  the  root  directory  where  Interstate  82  has  been
installed. You will find a file called "User" - This is the file which
contains  all  the  information  about  what  vehicle  and weapons you
currently have.

     In  the  root directory you will also have a sub directory called
"Variant"  -  This  is  where all the information about other vehicles
(Including  news  vehicles  created for the "Instant Action" missions)
are stored.

     You  can  view  all  these  files  with Notepad, as they are text
files.  (You  can  view  the names of the variants to find the correct
vehicle you want.)

     All that needs to be done, is to delete the "User" file, and copy
one  of  the "Variant" files into the root directory, and rename it to

     If  you  then ALT - TAB back into the game, and select "Customize
Car", you should have your new vehicle in place of your old one.

     (Note  -  The  last  vehicle you used in the previous mission, is
automatically  selected when you rejoin a saved game. For this reason,
you  cannot edit the "User" file before you start Interstate '82 as it
will be overwritten.)

Change Weapons

     Use notepad, or any other text viewer, to edit the "User" (Or any
variant)  file.  You can edit what weapons are installed, and can even
fit weapons that would not normally be able to be used on the selected

     If  you choose to replace a small weapon with a larger weapon, it
may  not  appear  on the schematic of you vehicle inbetween missions -
The weapons should, however, appear on your car when in the game.

Various Cheats
     During gameplay, press Esc, type any of the following "Codes" and
press Esc again:

Code                    Effect
KISS                    Kill Currently Targeted Vehicle (SP Only)
LOVE                    Kill All Enemies on Radar (SP Only)
CUDDLE                  Car is Invulnerable (SP Only)
HUGS                    Make Friendlies Invulnerable (SP Only)
CARESS                  Full Ammo
IMLAME                  Auto-win Mission
SYRUP                   AI Vehicles Stop, but can still shoot (SP Only)
MRFREEZE                Freeze Time for all AI
NUKEME                  Suicide

Shell Cheats
     Create any of the following files in the root game directory:

     zz_autobahn.cfg = Makes foreign cars selectable in multiplayer

     zz_airlift.cfg = Modifies the Load Mission window so that you can
load any mission. Requires an existing saved game to exist.

     zz_creditline.cfg  =  No cash limit in the trip missions. You can
buy anything that is currently available.

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