1.  Use  the  docking  procedure  to  locate the entrances to the
federation installations.

     2.  Decide  whether  or  not  it's worth collecting combat pods -
remember that collecting time may be more valuable.

     3. Use the Navicom to pause the game when a situation becomes too
hectic to give you an opportunity to select weapons and combat pods at
your leisure. Return to the game when you are prepared.

     4.  Always  keep  one  eye on your shield and fuel levels because
lengthier  missions  may require collecting combat pods. Remember that
only the first two lasers are infinite.

     5.  When  starting  in  a  Rexxon  corridor world the directional
indicator on the HUD display will point to the computer interface from
which  a  map  can  be  entered by pressing the [F] key. Don't step on
another marker though or you'll lose the initial one.

     6. Radiation belts in space will drain the Inferno craft's energy
and shield so make sure you don't deviate from the combat zone.

     7.  Use  the SID to detect any Rexxon craft that are out of range
of  the  craft's 2D and 3D radar and you can of course zoom in and out
on display by using the < and > keys.

     8.  Use  Autonav  2  to  track  and  enemy.  When  you  are  in a
comfortable position disengage and proceed with the kill.

     9. Use the Autonavs to get a feel for the game but when you are a
bit more confident reduce your usage to increase your score.

     10.  When  approaching  a  combat zone pick off the first targets
with  long range missiles (ie torpedo 3) then as you get closer reduce
the  range  to  torpedo  2 opting for laser 1 once you're right at the
heart. Cluster missiles are deadly and will always result in maximimum
maimage but remember that your supply is not infinite.

     11. Torpedoes are of the fire-and-forget variety. This means that
you  can  launch  three  or  four at one target; change view and start
shooting  at a second in the knowledge that the first will be dead any

     12.  Don't  go  too  fast  in  corridors: you are likely to loose
control  and  collide. And if you fancy the idea of using turbo combat
in a corridor you must have some sort of death wish!

     13.  When  entering  Rexxon rooms take out any gun placements and
walkers before destroying the target in order to reduce shield damage.
Hiding  inside computers and other targets will also help avoid shield

     14. Take time out to collect as many Regen gems as you can.

     15.  Always  plan  your  routes  with Navicom before commencing a
mission  within  a  corridor  world. Remember that the last target you
destroy  may  initate meltdown so scout about for a nearby exit before
you do anything drastic.

     16.  Save invincibily pods for emergency situations such as large
space battles or heavily guarded rooms.

     17.  Flying  at  a higher altitude on the planets will reduce air
resistance and give your craft a bit of a turbo boost.

     18.  The  virtual  view  gives  rather  an  unfair  advantage  in
dogfights by speeding up your lock on targets.

     19. The Rexxon craft cannot fly underwater on Hydra Verdi so it's
a  good  place  to hide but remember that you use twice as much energy
doing so.

     20. Using Autonav? It traks the enemy but doesn't account for the
local environment so keep an eye out for any mountains or asteroids.

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