Hugo's House of Horrors

* The complete solution * * Guaranteed to get you the full 190 points * 

     O.K.,  lets do this right. Walk up to the pumpkin and pick it up.
Smash  it and voila, there's a key in it. Take the key, and unlock the
door.  Open  the  door  and  walk in. Now go to the table and grab the
candle and take a peek at the hole below the staircase. Hey, there's a
whistle  and  a  knife in there. Take them. Next, go upstairs and keep
going  right  to  the  room  on  the extreme right. The professor will
invite  you  to  step into his magic box. Go in and his assistant Igor
will  shrink  you. While you're still small, squeeze between the glass
door of the cubicle and the table and take the rubber bung.

     Get  back  into  the  box  and keep telling Igor to press buttons
until  you reach normal size again. Leave the room and go into the 1st
room  on  your  right.  Its the john. Take a look at the number on the
mirror and memorize it. You'll need it. Leave the room and go into the
next  room.  Open  the  closet  and take the monkey mask on the floor.
Leave  the  room  and  go  downstairs. Go into the doorway next to the
table  and  you  should be in the kitchen. Keep going straight and you
should  reach  the  backyard. Go along the garden path until you reach
the   shed.   It's  locked  using  a  combination  lock.  The  correct
combination  is the number sequence you so cleverly memorized. Go into
the  shed  and  take  the  oilcan. Leave the shed and go back into the
kitchen.  Now  wear  the monkey mask. Go into the doorway on the right
side of the screen.

     Keep  walkin  around  with  the butler till he offers you a chop.
Take  the  chop  and return to the kitchen. Now go into the doorway on
the  left of the screen. Throw the chop as the dog rushes towards you.
Lift  the carpet and there's a trapdoor underneath. Oil the bolt, undo
it  and  open  the  trapdoor.  Go  down  into  the basement. There's a
celldoor  to  the  bottom right of the screen and you can see and hear
Penelope  sobbing through it. Don't waste your time trying to open the
door  but  walk  between the two rocks, to the right of the screen. As
soon  as you get into the batcave, blow the whistle. This will confuse
the  bats long enough for you to go into the next cave. As soon as you
enter this SAVE YOUR GAME.

     Go  to  the  top  left  of  the  screen and get the mummy to come
towards you. As he approaches move down and to the right of the screen
and he should get stuck behind a rock. This may take a couple of tries
but you should manage it eventually. Pick up the gold and walk through
the mummy's sarcophagus. Don't hang around too long, because he starts
moving  as  you approach the sarcophagus. In the next cave, walk up to
the boat and plug the hole in it with the bung. Next, cut the rope and
get into the boat. Push off. The boat will take you across the pool to
where  the  old  man  is  fishing.  Talk  to  him.  The answers to his
questions  are:  Bilbo,  Narnia,  Bram Stoker, c, man, bullet and yes.
Even  if  you  haven't  registered  your  copy,  say 'yes' to the last
question otherwise you can't continue. Get out of the boat and go into
the  next  cave. Walk up to the big guy and give him a gold coin. He's
pretty  easily  satisfied  because he leaves and you can walk into the
next room and.....

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