Homeworld 2

Command Line Codes
     To  work these codes, right-click on your Homeworld2 shortcut. Go
to  where  it  says Target, and type in the code to achieve the stated

Cheat code:             Effect:
/noFilter               Disables bi-linear Filters
/debug                  Debug mode - useful after a crash
/overridebigfile        Overrides BIG files - for mods
/ignorebigfiles         Same as above
/smCentreCamera         Focuses the camera at the center 
                        of the map when Home is pressed
/forceLAN               Allows you to play a LAN game 
                        with other versions
/closeCaptioned         Subtitled Cutscenes
/d36                    36-bit Colours
/d24                    24-bit Colours
/d16                    16-bit Colours
/d8                     8-bit Colours
/1600                   1600x1200 Resolution
/1280                   1280x1024 Resolution
/800                    800x600 Resolution
/1024                   1024x768 Resolution
/640                    640x480 Resolution
/captaincyLogOff        Disables end-of-match text reports
/noCompPlayers          Eliminates all CPU players
/NoFETextures           Disables front-end textures
/disableKatmai          Disables KNI
/noMinimise             Overrides Alt+Tab command 
                        when process is running
/textfeedback           All feedback you recieve is stored 
                        in a text file in the main HW2 directory
/dsound                 Uses direct sound driver
/truecolour             Uses 24-bit colour with sharper rendering
/d3d                    Uses direct 3D
/forcekatmai            Use KNI
/freemouse              Use F11 to toggle edge-of-screen pan 
                        (overrides all Function commands)
/device (sw|fx|d3d)     Uses RGL device
/gl                     Forces OpenGL
/waveout                Output converted to WAV
/nodebugInt             Disables 3rd Mode Error
/disableAVI             Auto-skips all cutscenes
/logOff                 Disables Multiplayer Logs
/disablePacking         Disables the packed textures
/noPause                The game will not be auto-paused 
                        when Alt+Tab or the WinKey is pressed.
/nohint                 Disables the hints from the SM
/noSmooth               Disables polygon smoothing - 
                        may improve game performace
/noretreat              Disables AI retreat tactics
/noSpeech               Disables all voices
/niltextures            Disables wallpapers
/noborder               Disables window borders
/window                 Starts the game in a window
/captaincyLogOn         Enables the text files after a battle
/docklines              Shows docking lines - is on by default
/gunlines               Shows the target line - is on by default
/logOn                  Enables the text files 
                        after a multiplayer match
/slowblits              Enables slow screen blips
/logonverbose           Enables verbose logging files
/fullscreen             Starts the game in a full screen - 
                        is on by default
/gatherstats            Gathers statistics
/statlogon              Enables the Stats text files - 
                        use in conjunction with the above cheat.
/packetrecord           Records packets during multiplayes 
                        skirmishes - used in conjunction 
                        with the above cheat
/packetplay             Plays packet recordings
/demorecord             Records a demo - 
                        used in conjunction with the above cheat
/demoplay               Plays a demo
/noBG                   No backgrounds are shown
/noshowdamage           Ships will not show damage effects
/testnisscript          NIS testing using the SCRIPT files
/testNIS                NIS testing
/boxes                  All ships become boxier
/intonsync              Makes an integer 3 when a sync. error occurs
/logfileloads           Logs data files loaded
/aiplayerlog            Logs AI player data in text files
/lightlines             Light lines are shown in debug mode
/determcompplayer       Computer players are more determined - 
                        makes for harder matches
/heap (x)               Global memory size heap setter - 
                        set (x) to a number - in MB
/debugsync              Records packets and auto-saves frequently
/sw                     Resets renderers to default settings
/prepath x:\path        Sets path to open files - x is name of drive
/cdpath x:\ path        Sets path to CD - x is name of CD drive
/stipple                Stipples renderer alpha
/reversestereo          Reverses stereo - 
                        Left becomes Right and vice versa

How to unlock all the missions:
     Go into the Profile folder in the homeworld directory mine is for
example ex. C:\Games\Homeworld2\Bin\Profiles\Profile1

     In  this folder there is a file called "playercfg" it should be a
lua file. Open it up with notepad, and scroll down just a bit till you
see "maxmission = x" obviously x will be differnet for everyone but if
you want to be able to play all the levels the just type 15 here. This
will  open all the missions, just to let you know though it bases your
starting  fleet off your last completed mission, so if you try this in
the  very beginning you get jack crap to start off with (use next code
to  fix  this  though).  This is good however for skipping a difficult 4...

Modify RU's:
     Locate the file "persist*.lua" where the * is the mission number.
The file is in the "Homeworld2\Bin\Profiles\Profile\CampaignASCENSION"
folder.  Open  the  "persist*.lua"  file  with  a  text editor such as
Notepad. Locate "RUs =" at the bottom of the file and change the value
to whatever you like.

Modify Ships
     Locate the file "persist*.lua" where the * is the mission number.
The              file              is              in              the
"Homeworld2\Bin\Profiles\Profile\Campaign\ASCENSION"  folder. Open the
"persist*.lua"  file  with  a  text editor such as Notepad. Locate any
string  containing  the  string  for your ships (Example: Hwr_Bomber).
Edit  this one with ex. Hwr_AssulteCorvette, and your former bomber is
now a GunShip. You can do this with all your ships, the only thing you
have to find out is what the diffrent ships are named.

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