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Homeworld cheats, tips and tricks

Author: CannibalSmith
Play with Kushan, because they have Shield Frigates which are indispensable when fighting the Kadesh. Always remember to gather all the resources in a level before hyperspacing. And try to capture enemy ships. Especially exotic ones which you cannot build - and they are more powerful than yours too!

LEVEL 1: Try to capture enemy Assault Frigates as they attack your cryo trays - their attention is turned to trays and you can sneak upon them and capture them.

LEVEL 2: When you are told to send out a probe to find enemy position, don't do it! Because until you have made contact, the enemy AI is frozen and is not building or mining. Just gather resources and build your fleet. Your miner vessels will eventually make contact with enemy. Then attack them as fast as possible.

LEVEL 3: Send an escort of at least 10 interceptors with your resource gatherers. They will be attacked. Position six Salvage Corvettes in pairs in a triangle around your Mothership. Just as Turanic Raiders start attacking, three strange ion cannon frigates hyper in. Capture them as they are hypering in. Will come in handy later when fighting the Kadesh if they survive the asteroids.

LEVEL 4: You play like in the asteroids arcade game. The best suited for destroying asteroids are ion cannon frigates and plasma bombers.

LEVEL 5: Kadesh! Build enough Shield Frigates to cover as much of your fleet as possible. Use one Shield Frigate with one or two Destroyers, or 12 Defenders or Interceptors in a Sphere Formation. Try to destroy enemy Fuel Pods so those tiny enemy fighters run out of fuel. Try to capture some fuel pods and enemy fighters when they refuel - while refueling they will not shoot your Salvage Corvettes. If you play for Taiidan then you're read: enemy fighters are so maneuverable and numerous that they will swarm you in less than five minutes.

LEVEL 6: I can't beat this level cos' THREE Kadesh motherships are coming after you!! And they alone are powerful enough to kill you, because they have ion cannons built into them. Even more! As the scenario starts a small ship attacks your mothership with DUAL ion cannons! That plus all the fighter swarms you can get!

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