Heimdall 2

What I mean by:

     push-just  strike at the location described give-hold the item in
General Items space, and strike


           up/left        / \    up/right
           (left)       /     \  (up)
           bottom/left  \     /  bottom/right
           (down)         \ /    (right)



     Pickup the missile weapons enter rightmost gate.


     Get  runestone.  Shoot  the  yellow  obelisk with your bow (don't
forget  to  equip  your  arrows  as  a  General Item). Walk across the
bridge,  and  after conversation with the guard, jump down to the cave
in  the right/bottom side of the screen. In the cave, dodge t he three
skulls, and walk upstairs. Climb into the boat. Walk into the house to
the  right,  get runestone, and walk up to the box with a red label on
it (its towards the top of the hut) push it open, and take the circlet
from  inside.  Return  the way you ca me, back into the boat, and sail
for Eadrick's village.


     Walk  upstairs,  enter  cave, walk through cave, and head towards
the  left  of  the screen. Now, head to the hut to the left, and enter
it.  (Its  a  good idea to kill a few Hackrats around here to build up
your  combat  skills  for  future  encounters). Get runeston e, and go
right,  upstairs,  and across the walkway to the throne room. Give the
circlet to the king. He will give you a letter.

     Head  back  to  Rurik's  Village, and this time head further left
from  the  point where you got the circlet. Enter the hut, and walk up
to  the king. You will inform the king that you bring a peace offering
and the king's advisor will move away from the stairs . Walk upstairs,
and  give  the  letter  to  the  king.  You will receive a pass to the
Castle. Make your way back onto the boat, and sail for the Fisherman's


     Walk  downstairs, kill Hackrat, and enter the hut. Get runestone,
and  open  the cupboard to free the fisherman. He will give you a holy
symbol, and ask you to free his daughter. Return to the boat, and head
for  Loki's  shrine. Climb the stairs to enter the shrine. If Heimdall
has  the  holy  symbol,  then  you  must enter the blue portal, if the
Valkyrie has it, she must enter the red. You will be teleported onto a
ledge.  Walk through the doorway in front of you. In the next chamber,
climb the stairs, and go thr ough the door.

     Now  fall  off  the ledge, and go through the door. Collect money
and runestone in the next chamber, then step onto the ledge closest to
the  captive  to free the girl. You will get an amulet. Now, return to
the  previous chamber, and for extra treasure take t he arrow from the
circle  of  spikes,  and  push  the  brick  on the left side of Loki's
statue.  Now  collect  the book, and push the brick again. This time a
Sigil  Blade  will appear. Grab it, and move to the corner on the left
side  of  the  statue. You will be ele vated back onto the ledge. Now,
return to the boat, and sail for the Castle.


     Present  the  doorman with the pass you got from Rurik's Village.
Go  in,  and  straight ahead, and talk to the king. He will inform you
that  his  son  and  brother  are  missing. Now go back to the chamber
before,  and  go to the right. Now up. Talk to the wench up stairs. Go
back to the central chamber, and go left this time. Push the painting,
and  follow the corridor into the King's bedchamber. Push the bulge on
the  bottom  right bedpost, to reveal a signet ring. Collect the ring,
and  give  it  to  the guard who is i n the chamber to the left of the
central chamber.

     Now  climb  downstairs into the dungeons. Defeat the Hackrat, and
talk  to the prisoners. Take the letter the give you back to the King.
King's  advisor  will  run  away,  and you can now climb upstairs, and
enter  the  doorway on the upper/right wall. Now shoot a rrows (or any
other  missiles)  into the three holes in upper/left north wall, while
dodging  the  fire spewed by the mouth in the upper/left. When you get
arrows  into  all  three,  you may proceed through the doorway. In the
next  room, you will be presented wi th the first piece of the Amulet.
Go back to the hall of the worlds.


     Enter  the  first gate to your left. Go up, and talk to the dying
man  in  the  bottom  of the heap. He will tell you to meet him in the
half-world.  Go back a screen, strike circle of flames. Go back to the
man.  Return to the circle of flames, and strike it ag ain. Once more,
return  to the man, take his armor. Wear the armor, and walk up to the
gate  in  upper/left  of  the  screen.  Go  straight  through the next
chamber, and talk to the dwarven king. Take his letter, and runestone.
Go  back  a  screen,  and  take the exi t to the bottom/right. Sail to
Giant HQ.


     Navigate  your  way through the lava room, and exit up the stairs
and  through  the door. Now, walk upstairs, along the walkway, get the
runestone,  and down the other set of stairs. Walk up to the desk, and
push  the  candle  over.  Pick  up the talisman. Get out , and sail to
Giant Isle.


     Use  a flask with water in it, by the lava basin. It will produce
some  smoke, so you know you did it. If you don't have a flask full of
water,  you can pick a flask in the lava basin room, and fill it up at
icy basin in the room one screen down. Once you p oured water into the
lava,  go  to the room down, and cross the bridge to the bottom/right.
Go  throught  the  door.  Walk downstairs, along the walkway, and jump
into  the  empty space, an elvator will catch you. Go up the other set
of  stairs,  and  get the talis man lying on the ground. Make your way
back  to  the Hall of Worlds. Take the gate to the left of the one you
came through.


     You  awaken  in  a  prison. Push the bread through the bars. Exit
cage,  and walk into the sewer, through the drain. Get runestone, walk
upstairs.  Don't  bother getting the big flask. Take the door up. Talk
to  the  king,  give him the message from the other dwar ven king, you
will receive a letter to take back to the first dwarven king.

     Take  the  stairs  down  (to  the  right  of  the king), push the
skeleton  to  obtain  second amulet piece. Back to the king's chamber,
and  take  the  door up, and make your way through the fire chamber to
the  gateway  to the Hall of Worlds. Take the gate to the righ t, walk
three screens up, and give the letter from the Lost Clan to this king.
You  will get a talisman allowing access to the second Hall of Worlds,
called Karylyn. Return to the Hall of Worlds, and take leftmost gate.


     Take  the  leftmost gate. Cross bridge to take talisman, and walk
up  to the druid. After the little speech, take the bottom/right exit,
and sail to Village.


     Do not strike the guard in the first screen, take the entrance in
the   top/right.  Take  the  first  door  in  the  village,  kill  the
slave-master,  and take the Os Blade. Take the next door, and kill the
guard.  Exit,  and  take the runestone beside this building. Return to
the boat. Sail to ?????.


     Go  upstairs,  and twice up. For the rune puzzle, start at second
rune  from  left.  Go  right, up, up, left, up, up, left, up, up. This
will  swich  off  traps. Get amulet piece. Return to boat, go to Dakta


     Get  runestone, enter the cave (top/right). Jump off the walkway.
Get  potion,  defeat  warrior,  enter  the nich where the warrior came
from.  Push  the  button  on  the  upper wall of the niche to make the
stairs  appear.  Take  the  door  in the upper/right. Talk to w izard,
defeat  your  shadow,  kill  wizard.  Now  you have talisman for God's
realm.  Return  to boat, and sail to the Druid's Grove. Enter Karylyn,
enter rightmost gate.


     Talk to Anders.


     Enter  first  door  on  top,  get  both your characters killed by
walking  up  the  stairs  and  touching either the thorns or statue of
death.  Once  they  are  both dead, go up stairs, and walk through the
bright  spot  in the wall. Get runestone, crown, a xe, and symbol from
the altars, and exit back to the main hall.


     Enter chamber directly below. Place the crown you got on the head
of  the statue directly below the judge, enter circle. Listen, pick up
symbol. Enter door left of the one you were just in.


     Enter all the teleportals, and step off the edge of the screen in
each  location  they take you, for some good items. Make sure you have
the  Ketar's Helmet before you take the centre teleportal (as you need
it to get the symbol) and also the Mirror Shield will be needed later.
Exit, go straight across.


     Kill  the two dorks on pedestals, a bridge will form, and you can
collect  the  symbol. You will have to use a bow to kill them. Exit go
to the right of the door you were just in.


     Start  at  the middle arrow, and quickly walk up, left, up, left,
up,  up,  right  up.  Get symbol off altar. Exit to main hall and walk
across to the last room.


     Talk to Anders. Now collect seeds from the plants marked as X's.

    /                   \
  /     O       Anders    \
/                           \
        O       X             \
\          O
  \            X

         X      O
                 O   Exit

     Drop  the  three  seeds into the patch of dirt by Anders. Get his
symbol,  go  to  the  exit.  Go to the large doorway at the end of the
hall.  Drop  all 6 symbols by the doorway. Enter. Get runestone, climb
upstairs.  Use  the  Mirror  Shield  in front of the shooting gem. Big
Jewel  will fall. Go down, and collect the little red gem near the Big
Jewel.  Go  back  to Anders. Talk to him. Go back to Karylyn. Take the
leftmost  gate.  Give the Anders's symbol to the Druid. Go through the
Druid-created  doorway. Get runestone. Walk up the shore as far as you
can go. A sprite will call you, and talk to you. Return to the Hall of
Worlds  (through  the  middle  gate in Karylyn). Go through the spider


     Approach the lava at the top/left of the little island. Enter the
fire  boat.  Pick  up  all  4  dragon's  teeth (some are hidden behind
Dragon's  Head).  Enter  the  palace.  Navigate  the  lava,  and  walk
upstairs, through the doorway. Hit each of the three heads whe n their
mouth  are  open  (hand to hand weapons are fine for this). Go through
the now unblocked doorway. Make your way through the three mazes, talk
to  Hela,  and  push  the secret door on the wall to the right of Hela
(top/right wall).

     Go  through. Drop a dragon tooth on each circle so they all glow.
Enter the now glowing big circle. Go downstairs in bottom/left corner.
Take  the  jewel. Go back up, climd down the other stairs, and put the
jewel  in  the  Dragon's  Eyesocket.  Don't  enter  the circle, but go
through  the  down/left  passage. Go downstairs on the right and enter
the doorway there. Now walk down the path on the right. Go through the
doorway.  Go downstairs, kill the monsters, go up the other stairs, go
left, and enjoy the show. Ande rs will teleport you out of the cell.


     Enter  the  spider gate. Push the wall in the top/right corner of
the  first  room  to  open  a  door.  Go through, navigate the maze of
monsters.  Go  through  and  navigate  the runemaze. I can't really be
explicit here, because you may find a better solution. I jus t spotted
the squares which were "safe" during both color changes. Its not hard,
just  boring.  Go  through  the doorway on the up/left side. Go to the
left  with  Heimdall, and kill his shadow, return, and go to the right
with  Valkyrie,  and  kill  her  shadow.  N  ow go through the central

     Go left, and keep stepping on the glowing circles until you're by
the stairs up. Go up stairs, and play the chess game: you have to make
it to the other side, except you have to watch so that neither you nor
your  shadow  step on deadly traps. HINT: If you step on a corner of a
square,  then both you and your shadow can fit through. Get the amulet
on the other side of the chessboard. Go back to teleport screen. Enter
the  first teleportal (glowing circle) and exit the room again. Go up.
Navigate  the  maze,  a  nd kill the wizard therein. Enter the door in
top/right.  Move  to  bottom left, Ashtok will atack, get close to him
and  drop the amulet on him. Go through the skull doorway on top, kill
Loki and you win.

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