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Hearts of Iron

Various cheats
     While  playing,  press [F12] to activate the console. Type any of
the following codes:

Cheat code:             Result:
coal                    Add Coal
steel                   Add Steel
rubber                  Add Rubber
oil                     Add Oil
manpower                Add Men
nuke                    Add Nuclear Bomb
di                      Diplomatic Influence @ 500
war                     100% War Entry Level
supplies                Add Supplies
transports              Add Transports
escorts                 Add Escorts
nolimit                 No Troop Building Limit
difrules                God Mode
fullcontrol             Control All Nations
nofog                   No Fog of War
norevolts               No Revolts
nowar                   Toggle AI Aggressiveness
event 1013              Increase Industrial Capacity
handsoff                Toggle Automatic Event Pause
showid                  Toggle Province IDs

Random Events
     To  use  the  cheats below, open up the chat log by pressing F12,
and then type in the code.

     The random events that happen can be manually triggered by typing
in  "event  ????", where the question marks are a number. For example,
"event 1011" is when a scientist defects to your country.

     *BEWARE* Some of the events do bad things to your nation, such as
worker strikes.

Here are some examples: 

event 1017 - Outlaw Fascism (Fascism+15,Communism-5/Fascism-5,Communism+15)
event 1016 - Outlaw Communism (Fascism+15,Communism-5/Fascism-5,Communism+15)
event 1015 - Rogue Politician (dissent up/down + minister dies)
event 1014 - Rogue Politician (dissent up/down)
event 1013 - Private initiative (IC up)
event 1012 - Breakthrough in research. (1 technology is discovered)
event 1011 - Leading Scientist defects to your country (steal technology)
event 1010 - Industry sabotaged (IC -1)
event 1009 - Artist records epic song (dissent -3)
event 1008 - Major worker strike (IC down)
event 1007 - War Refugees (manpower +30)
event 1006 - Private sector nationalized (IC up)
event 1005 - Military parade (supplies -100, dissent -5)
event 1004 - Female labour force (manpower +100)
event 1003 - Youth movement (manpower +100)
event 1002 - Women donate materials (supplies +200)
event 1001 - War Hero critisizes War (dissent +5, 1 leader's loyalty -4)
event 1000 - Research sabotaged ( 1 research fails)

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