Haunted House

(F, B, L, R are the directions.)

     R.  Unlock  van  door  with  key.  R.  Unlock  gate  (combination
48739222,  from  papers)  and open it. Take pot lid. Move tub and take
iron key. B. Unlock shed door with key and open it. R. Take fertiliser
and  drop  it  in  the watering can. Take can. Take oak block, candle,
lamp and drill. L. Shut shed door.

     Drop can in water butt. Get can. L. Drop oak block by door. Water
weeds  with  can. Drop can. Take knocker. Put it on the door and knock
three times. Take bell. F. Open books in order and add 10 to each page
number.  Move  picture. Unlock safe with combinati on gained from each
of  the books. Open it. Drop bell, bible and candle onto the ghost. R.
Put petit point on wall. Put pot lid on ginger jar. F. Drop lamp.

     Unlock  chest  with  drill.  Drop  drill.  Open  chest  and  take
figurine.  Take  phone and dishes. B. Take candlestick and ginger jar.
L.  B.  R.  R.  Open  van doors, deposit the 6 treasures and close the
doors. R. F. B. Open shed door. R. Take wine bottles. L. L. Ta ke milk
bottle.  F. F. Pour milk into cat's bowl and drop the bottle. Move the
cat-bed  and  the floor tile. Unbolt the kitchen door (all the bolts!)
and open it. F.

     Arrange  the  bottles  in  descending order of height so that the
orange  bottle  is 1, and the squat bottle is 5, and play the National
Anthem on them (2231234454323212). Leave the bottles and take the doll
and picture. B. Open oven and take jug. Take salver and silk painting.
B.  R. Put the pictures on the wall. Open the clock and take the vase.
L.  Take  wall  plaque  and  picture.  B.  R. R. Deposit the treasures
(remember to close the doors afterwards!). R. F. F. R. F. R. Take both
parts of the jardiniere. F. B. Take the 3 pictures. L. Play gramaphone
and  take  sylvac dog. B. R. R. Deposit treasures again. R. Take ball.
F.  Take  tub.  F. R. Take blue punch card. F. R. Take chamber pot. F.
Turn  on  lamp.  L.  Open  wall cupboard and take lead spider. F. Drop
tennis bal l. Take robot.

     Move  Oz  poster  and get red punch card. F. Drop tub on mortuary
table  and  take enamel bouquet. Drop robot on table. Drop chamber pot
on  table then take small key. Take green punch card. F. F. F. Turn on
safe  and  insert  punch  cards in slot (red, green, blu e). Take wall
mask  and  coal  bag.  R.  Drop bag to break it and take amber. B. Put
spider  in  web.  Take tang horse and jack. R. B. L. L. F. R. F. L. F.
(This  sequence  of  moves  is  derived from the first 'phone number -
which  shows the number of letters in the direction name for each move
-  and  gets you to the secret room in the cellars.) F. L. B. B. B. R.
B.  (This is from the second 'phone number and gets you out.) Turn off
lamp. R.

     Unlock cupboard with key and open it. Take towel. L. Unlock small
cupboard with key (on side of sofa). Open bedroom door. Open cupboard.
Take soap. Drop it and the towel in the doorway. Take teddy. F. L. Put
jack  in  box  and  take  the  jack-in-the-box.  B. F . B. L. B. R. R.
Deposit  treasures.  R.  F.  Take  oak  block.  F. R. F. R. Take glass
centrepiece.  L.  F.  Take mirror. Open bedside cabinet and take scent
flask.  L.  Drop  oak  block by Ottoman. Take bronze horse, mirror and
disc. B. F. B. L. B. R. R. Deposit tre asures. R. F. F. R. F. R. L. F.
Take  shoe. L. Take bowl. B. F. B. L. B. B. Close shed door. Drop bowl
in water butt. Take bowl. L. F. R. F.Turn lamp on. L.

     Open  wall cupboard and take gold spider. L. Take car and poster.
F.  Drop shoe in box. Take box and gold locket. R. Drop box. Take show
and  put  it in the box. Drop bowl. Take fish and put it in bowl. Take
bowl.  Open  cabinet  and take scent bottle. L. Drop bowl on table and
take  trophy. B. B. L. L. F. R. F. L. F. F. L. B. B. B. R. B. Turn off
lamp.  B.  L. B. R. R. Deposit treasures. R. F. F. R. F. Turn lamp on.
L. L. Take Madeira, sherry, onion and snuff bottles. R. L. L. F. R. F.
L. F. Take robot and chamb er pot. F. L. B. B. B. R. B. Turn off lamp.
B.  L.  B. R. R. Deposit treasures. R. F. F. R. F. Turn lamp on. L. L.
L.  F.  R. F. L. F. Take polychrome figure. F. L. B. B. B. R. B. B. L.
B. R. R. Deposit treasure. The end!

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