Guilty: Innocent Until Caught 2

I. Walkthrough 1 (Ysanne Andropath).

Playing with "Ysanne Andropath".

     As  the  introduction  said we'll find out that Jack T.Ladd (JTL)
screwed  up  the  hyper-drive  of your ship. Now they have to stick to
Impulse Power but they have one problem... fuel shortage.

We begin on the bridge/cockpit.
     Take  the medical kit, and take the lunchbox. Use your lunch box.
You'll  find  a fork and a knife (take them). Use your medical kit and
take  the syringe. Talk to the ship's computer (Booba), it'll tell you
that you're near a planet registered as a mining colony.

     Use  the  console.  Press  the  survey button and you'll notice a
planet  called  LIXA.  Press  the  land  button and you'll land on the
planet.  Talk  to  booba  again  and  it'll tell you that there are no
readouts from the planet and it will give you a diagnostic cart ridge.

     Leave the bridge through the left door, then take the door in the
middle.  Use  the  control  panel  and  it'll  open,  and stand on the
elevator in the middle of the room.

(Watch the animated sequence)

     Go  to  the right. Enter the temple. In the temple go to the door
to  the  left  and  you'll find the computer. Take the disk out of the
first disk drive. Go out again, and go on the other door on the right.
You will see an elevator, stand on it. If you're bel ow go through the
door on the right. Take the pickaxe and exit. Take the elevator again.
Talk  to  JTL.  and  use 'I need you to go down in that elevator'. Use
your  knife  and  cut  the  rope  twice.  You'll  get a cable. Talk to
elevator  shaft  and  JTL will return. Take the cable and click on the
pickaxe. (Grappling Hook) (7.9%)

     Go  down  the  elevator  and  take  the  left exit. Then take the
grappling  hook and click on the Cavern Roof. (8.6%) Use the grappling
rope and you'll swing like Tarzan. Go to the left.

     You'll  find  a  corpse. Examine the corpse and you'll find an ID
card  from  a Mining Colony's Executive officer. Go back to the cavern
and  swing again. (10.1%) Go back up with the elevator. Go back to the
faulty  computer  and put the ID card in the PCMMMMXCI A slot. (10.8%)
TAKE at the secondary computer and you'll get a working circuit board.
(11.5%)  and  put  it in the MAIN computer again! (12.3%) Now, put the
empty  disk in the disk drive to the left. USE the console again. Make
sure  you  use  your ID card in the slot. If all goes well, you should
get "the log is being transferred to disk". (13.0%)

     Go  back  to  the  ship's bridge and take the disk to Booba. Then
talk  to  her,  use 'Can you read this disk...'. She'll tell you there
was  an  invasion  of  aliens from another dimension and that you must
close  the  portal  before it's too late. (13.7%) Talk to Bo oba again
and choose 'We must stop this alien invasion'. Now Booba will tell you
that she can track down the source of it, and she'll add the 2 planets
to your ship's console. They are called 'GELT' and 'BROYGUS'.

     Click on GELT and then click on TAKE OFF. Space again. Then click
on LAND. Go to the Elevator and enter the planet.

     Talk to the hostess (Lucky Star Casino) and you'll need to find a
way  to get in the casino. Choose 'about this Xanvier Zeb...' and then
you  say  'I'm  actually  his  wife...'  Now you can enter the casino.

     Enter the second floor (door on the left). Talk to the concierge.
If  you  talk enough, you'll find out that the window cleaning company
is named 'SMEAR 'N' CLEAR'. You'll need to know this!

     Enter  the  third  floor (door on the right). Talk to Ruthie. You
may  talk  with  the boss about your gambling authorization. Your ship
will  be  impounded for the aliens as a business deal with Tennant. In
the  meantime  you'll get full access to all facilities. (15.9%) Leave
the office, and go down to the first floor (door on the right).

     You've  entered the casino. Talk to the croupier. Talk to gambler
and  choose  'Keep  on  talking babe...', then ask for some chips, and
he'll  give them to you. (17.3%) Now you can play, and ask for as much
chips  as you want... (He'll also give info of suspic ious cheating in
the  casino,  get  a  clue?)  Now  during  the blackjack game, steal 2
IDENTICAL  cards  (take  MY  CARD).  (18.8%) Then go to the boss again
(Tennant) on the top floor, talk to the lady first and you'll tell her
you  have  evidence of cheating in the casino. She'll let you in. Then
talk  to the chief and you'll get your ship back (whoah), but he won't
tell you where the beacon is (damn). (20.2%)

     You want to go back to your ship, but you still need the location
of  the beacon, and you're not leaving untill you've got it. So you'll
go  back to Tennant's and talk first to the receptionist. And tell her
that  you  work  for the window cleaning company. ( 21.0%) She'll give
you  the key of the window. Go inside and use the console, you'll find
out  the  whereabouts  of  the  beacon.  Now use the window key on the
window. (21.7%)

     Walk on the ledge. Now you're on the top of the building. Use the
beacon, and go back down. (23.1%) Go to your ship and use the console.
Click  on  data, to display the planets, and then click on co■rdinates
(603704).  Use the panel with the numbers to ente r these co■rdinates.
Click  on  Take-Off.  Click on the other planet (BROYGUS) and click on
land. Exit from your ship. (23.9%)

     Follow  the  animated  sequence.  Go to the right and talk to the
Colonel.  Pick  up  the stick. Use the flagpole to get the flag. Go to
the right again. You'll get on a oasis. Take the stick and click it on
the fruit in the tree. Use the empty syringe on the f ruit. (26.8%) Go
back  to the left twice and go below. Go to the right. Use the flag on
the  oildrum  as a wick. (27.5%) Go back to the colonel, and watch him
closely,  you'll  see  that he puts off his spectacles once a while...
grab em fast! (28.2%) Then, he ad for the place with the oildrum again
and  use  the  spectacles  on  the oildrum. She'll light it up and ...
kabooom...  You'll see that the guard at the tank has left to check it
out.  (28.9%)  Use  the  full  syringe  on his cup of coffee and he'll
faint. (29.7% )

     Use the tank. Once inside the tank, use the console (fire system)
and  you'll  notice  that  the  safety is still on... Now, examine the
window  of  the  tank  and  you'll see that Jack Ladd will come to the
resue  and fix the problem... Use the console again! Now, you'll see a
red  triangle  on  the  monitor,  that's  the  enemy  tank you need to
destroy.  Use  the  Turret  movement  system  (arrows!) until that red
triangle  is  EXACTLY  inside  the  green  square. Then press the fire
button  (it's in the middle of arrows). Once don e, use the door again
and  the  soldiers  will  thank you. (32.6%) Go a screen to the right.
Yeah,  the  other  beacon,  use  the  beacon  and you'll get the other
co■rdinates. Head back into the ship (33.3%)

     Use  your  console,  use  Survey,  Data,  co■rdinates  (other  is
525681).  Take  off. Then the ship's computer will tell you that she's
picked  up a distress call from colonists. She'll put the data on your
console.  Use  Survey  and  pick  the  fourth planet, use data (LOWE'S
PLANET). Land there. And exit your ship. (34.0%)

     On   the   planet,  talk  to  Narm  N'Palm  and  ask  some  stuff
(I.X.M.F...) then talk to the colonist's leader. Then follow the small
sequence.  (35.5%)  Go  to the left (Tents) and then to the left again
(Jungle).  Pick  up  pack  of  flares,  the  automatic  rifle  and the
ammunition  clip.  (36.9%)  Take the Ammo clip on the rifle BEFORE you
enter  the  cave.  Talk  to  Jack  Ladd again about the caves and Narm

     Enter  the  caves, but make sure you click fast on USING rifle...
the  caves  can be a bit confusing but wander around until you come up
this hughe creature called the spawner, then shoot FIRST the limbs and
then the head... (40.5%) You can always lit a flar e (use flare) as it
gives  you  points. (+0.7%) Head back outside. Follow the sequence. Go
back to the ship.

     Use  the console. Take Off. Use console, and now use triangulate.
You'll  find  a  new  planet.  Talk to Booba, and after that she'll be
infected  by  a  virus, so you must land on the nearest planet to give
her  time  to  reboot.  Only  one  problem  you  can't use the console
anymore.  Go to the elevator room. Use the airlock control panel. Then
use  the  fork on the panel. You'll get access to the airlock. (42.7%)
Enter  it  and you'll be in space. "swim/fly" to the PANEL (up right),
it's  a bit below the radar and above t he cockpit. Use the panel, and
it  will  deactivate  Booba. (43.4%) Return to the ship's cockpit. Use
the  console.  Survey  the  area, and click on the new planet (HAVEN).
Land. Head down to the planet.

     Go  to  the right. Enter the ruines. Then take the second door in
the  middle  on  your  right, until you come to a high priest. Talk to
him.  (Artefacts, lights...) Head down outside (left), and walk to the
other screen on the right. Stand on the strange platf orm. You'll drop
down  into  a  holy chamber. Jack will take advantage of this and will
eat  the  sacrifices.  Follow  the  sequence and you'll both end up in
Jail. (swell) (45.6%) Walk to the Window, and you'll jump out. (50.0%)
Go  to  the  right, into the wine c ellar, then go again to the right.
Take the bag of yeast. Go back to the left and use the bag of yeast on
the vat. It will explode and the will ruin the monks clothes, he'll go
for  a  swim  and  follow  him.  Take  his Robe. (56.5%) Use the robe.
(58.6%)  Take  the flower. (60.8%) Go to 2x right, and go up. Take the
first  door  on  the top. Enter the door and talk to Jack. You'll tell
him you'll create a diversion. Use the flower and you'll get 5 petals.
(71.7%)  Then talk to him again about a trail of diversion. Go back to
the  swimming  monk and put a petal on that place, now go to the right
and put in each room a petal until you've reached the cell. Now, enter
the  cell  and exit it again, they'll capture Jack and he'll jump into
the  light...  (will  this  be  the  end of him). Go back to the ship.

     Talk  to  Booba  again,  and  follow  the  sequence. Head for the
elevator, but now enter the docking station..

     Go into the door with the red light, then head downwards. Pick up
the  Plug.  (76.8%) Go to the left. and to the left again, talk to the
Grubby Little man. He'll give you a shattered transatron. (79.7%) Take
the  electrical cord and use it with the plug (82 .6%) Go to the left,
and talk to jack. Then, take another electrical cord. (85.5%) Use this
cord  again  on  the  other  cord  with plug to have a long extension.
(88.4%)  Go  to  the  place with the Rubble in front of an exit and go
below, you should find an electromagnet... Now use the electrical cord
on  the  electromagnet  to clear away the rubble in front of the door.
(91.3%) Enter the door and take the Shard on the floor, Use this shard
on  the  shattered  transatron  (97.1%)  Great,  now  use  the working
transatron on the Dimensional Anomaly (right side)!...

     Wow, you saved the galaxy... The end! (100%)

II. Walkthrough 2 (Jack T. Ladd).

Playing with "Jack T. Ladd.".

     After  the  intro  sequence,  use the (light) switch just next to
your cell door on the middle right side. use it until it's broke. Then
talk  to  the  droid  passing by about the broken light. Pfeuw, you're
out. (1.4%) Take the food pellet, and Funnel. (2.9%) G o to the second
screen   on  the  left  where  the  reactor  is,  and  take  the  fire
extinguisher.  (3.6%) Now go back to your cell and take the other door
(first  door)  on  the  left.  Then  take the middle door until you've
reached the room with the airlock... Take th e cloathanger. (4.4%) Use
the  cloathanger until you got a twisted wire. Go back to the reactor.
Use  the  extinguisher on the thermostatic shield. (5.8%) Then talk to
the robot. She'll warn Ysanne about the hyperdrive. Now go back to the
cells  and  then go to the bridge/cockpit. Take the Cuddly Toy and the
pass  card! (8.0%) Go back to the reactor. Now, you'll see that Ysanne
has  left  the panel open. Take the panel (hyperdrive). (8.8%) Now use
the  food  pellet to get a chewed pellet (9.5%) Go back to the airlock
room.  Use  the  pass  card  on  the  control  panel.  (10.2%) Put the
hyperdrive  in  the  airlock.  Follow  the  sequence.  (11.0%) Use the
elevator  platform  to get on the planet. Follow the sequence. Go back
to  the  ship.  Go to the bridge. (left ) Talk to the ship's computer.
(Booba).  Go  to the reactor. Take the gas canistar. (11.7%) Go to the

     Take  the  fuel can. Use the chewed pellet on the broken fuel can
to  fix it. Use the funnel on the repaired fuel can. (13.2%) Go to the
right.  Enter  the  temple. Take the Air pipe (Hose). Go outside again
and  to  the left. See the snowplough? Check it out an d you'll find a
fuel  pipe.  Use  the hose on the fuel pipe to get a can full of fuel.
(15.4%)  Go  inside  the  temple again, and take the first door on the
left  until you encounter a computer. Take the key. (16.1%) Go back to
the  snowplough  and  if  you look ha rd enough you should encounter a
panel  on  it. Use it and take the toolrack. You'll get a screwdriver.
Head  for  the unexploded missile (computer room). Use the screwdriver
on  the  missile.  (18.3%) Use the missile to de-activate the warhead.
Take the warhea d. (19.8%) Go down the elevator and go the room on the
right  with  the  rockslide. Put the warhead on the rockslide. (20.5%)
Use  the  warhead.  Go  back  inside (right) WOW. an entrance! See the
drilling  rig, look at it carefully. See the Refuelling tank. Use your
repaired  fuel  can  on it to fill her up. You'll also spot a keyhole.
Yep,  use  the  key  on  the  keyhole to start the engine. Use the gas
canister  on the gas outlet which is also on the machine. Now you have
a  full can. (23.5%) Go back to the ship and put the full gas canister
back  into the canister holder (reactor room). (24.2%) Talk to Ysanne.
Follow the sequence about the alien invasion...

     Head  for  the planet (Elevator/lift). Follow the sequence. Go to
the  screen  on  the  right. Talk to the colonel. Go back to where the
scooter  is  (ship),  and  hotwire the scooter using the twisted wire.
(25.0%)  Use  the scooter. (25.7%) Talk to Ysanne and the goal on this
planet  is to find and steal back the gyro. Go to the colonel, examine
the  small  tent (latrine) more carefully, take the guyrope. Go to the
scooter.  Use  the  guyrope  on  the  grille. Then use the rope on the
scooter.  Use the rope (He'll connect it to the scooter). (27.9%) Now,
this  one  was  hard to find. Head back in front of the ship where the
scooter  was.  Just a bit below the stairs you'll find a SPANNER. Take
it.  (28.6%) Use the spanner on the grille to losen the bolts. Use the
scooter. Walk inside and take the gyro back. (30.8%) Go outside and go
the  right.  Click  on  the tank. Watch the sequence. Now a bit to the
left  of  the door of the tank you'll find the ammo chambers, go a bit
upwards  until you find CONTROL chamber. Use it and he'll put it to ON
(green).  Watch  the  sequence.  Go  to  the right. Use the beacon. Go
inside  the  ship. Go to the reactor room and use the gyroscope on the
navigation  core.  (33.8%) Talk to Ysanne. Follow the sequence. You'll
now land on Gelt and Ysanne wants you to s tay on board...

     Talk  to the ship's computer, and choose 'Ysanne is in danger...'
now  you'll have permission to leave the ship. Go to the lift/elevator
and  go down to the planet. Talk to the hostess. She won't let you in.
Talk  to  the  man  passing  by to find out about the collegues. Right
after this when he leaves the room, click fast on exit and you'll tell
the  hostess you're with the guy. (34.5%) Take the first floor/door on
the  right.  (casino) Talk to the second croupier to play this unusual
game.  You'll  loose  for sure and you'll loose the ship, hehe. You'll
arrive  at  the kitchen. (35.2%) Take the chef's hat on the table. The
right  form  is:  - Small Jug (Sweet broth) - Large Jug (Sour puree) -
Spices  (Bitter Mix) Then give the result to the chef. (37.5%) Talk to
the  concierge. Ask about the etiquette some more. Head outside to the
third  floor (top). Talk to the receptionist. (Miss Fjord) Talk to her
some more. Go inside the office. Talk to the boss (Tennant) abou t the
love  life.  Talk to Ruthie. Talk to Tennant again. (38.2%) Go outside
and  talk  to  Ruthie. Ask her to do you a favor of returning back the
ship. (love this part!)... Talk to the receptionist again, and go back
inside.  Talk to Tennant. Talk to Ruthie. (38.9%) Go to the casino. (u
must  win 40 credits=3times). Talk to the gambler on the second table.
After  this,  look  at  him  carefully, take his pockets to get credit
chips.  (5 credits) Don't worry, you can pickpocket him as much as you
want.  (40.4%)  Talk  to  the  croupier.  Use  the credit chips on the
croupier  to play. If you win then you can talk to the gambler to find
out  the rules. (It's actually simple but if you gamble then it's good
to  save  your game a lot). (41.1%) Go to Tennant. (receptionist first
).  Use the credits on Tennant. (41.9%) Head back in the ship. Talk to
Ysanne.  As  a  result  of  a distress call you'll land on a colonists
planet. Head for the planet. (lift/elevator)

     Talk to Narm. Follow the sequence. Talk to the colonist's leader.
Follow  Narm  to  the  left until you've reached the front of the cave
(Jungle).  Take  Narm's  Boots.  Use  the  Cuddly Toy on the BitePuppy
(dog).  Take  Narm's Boots to get his socks. (The odeur wi ll scare of
all aliens) (44.1%) Then go into the caves until you come up with Narm
and  the Eggs. (Can take long) Talk to Narm. Take an Egg. Give the egg
to  the  colonists  Leader.  Head  back  for the ship. (47.0%) Talk to
Ysanne. Talk to Ysanne again. Head d own to the planet.

     Follow  the  sequence.  Head  right into the first door. Take the
door  on  the  right  (middle  one)  and  talk  to the High Priest. Go
outside.  Talk  to Ysanne and take the door on top of the screen until
you  come to the chapel. Take the sacrificial Offerings. (49. 2%) Once
in  jail,  walk  to  window  to  escape. (53.6%) Enter the door on the
right. Go to the right again and take the bag of yeast. Go to the monk
(left)  and  use  the bag of yeast on the vat of wine. Follow the monk
outside.  Take  his  robe.  Use  the robe. Go to Ysanne. (she's in the
brown  door  after  you've  entered  the  top door and just before the
chapel).  Talk to her TWICE. Now go back where the flower was. (64.7%)
Use  the  flower  to  get all 5 petals. Starting from the spot you are
standing,  begin  with the fl ower itself and put a petal on the floor
in  EVERY  room  until  you enter until you've reached Ysanne. Go back
outside.  Follow  the  sequence.  Head  back  for  the ship. Go to the
cockpit/  bridge.  (77.9%)  Talk  to  Booba.  Once  you've reached the
corrupticon head d own using the docking-door instead of the elevator.

     Go  through  the  door  with the red light on top. Head downwards
(door  below  where you entered the room). Take the directory. Use the
directory to find out Narm N'Palm's I.X.M.F. number. (83.3%) Go to the
left. Then take the room on top/left. Talk to P'PauD 'P'Pau. Go to the
left  again  and talk to Ysanne. (83.8%) Go back to where you've found
the  telephone  directory.  Search for a console and use it. Go to the
right  door and talk to Narm to get the transatron shard. Go downwards
again  and then to the left. N ow this room go a bit down and talk the
door  below/right.  Take  the broken crystal on the floor (92.6%) Take
the  shard  and  put  it  on the crystal to get a complete transatron.
(95.5%) Use the Transatron on the Dimensional Anomaly. (98.5%)

     Wow, you saved the galaxy... The End! (98.5%)

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