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Мини-обзоры посетителей об игре GTI Racing

Автор: Arrow_Strider
What to say? Nice graphics, good physics, Techland is really pushing itself up with GTI Racing and his Chrome 2 Engine. In the Game "Chrome" and "Chrome Specforce", we saw they got good ideas, but map planning and the lack of intuitive systems was turned these ones a little hard to get through, we usually "stuck" in areas we couldn't even suspect about what we could do... So, what's the next good step for Techland? Build and release a new "Chrome-Like" FPS (First Person Shooter), using the Chrome Engine 2 presented in GTI Racing! The Graphics Quality of this game is superb in ways of Great area maps and the vegetation is really good! A FPS in this engine, if well done, could be a great success, and attend to players with not so great hardware specs, and at the same time, be pleased by the nice graphics addicts around. GTI Racing features VW Cars and done a real nice job in putting these cars on the game. Although paint and body customizations could be more variated, a great game after all, it's fun, worth playing.

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