The Grimoire

     This  is  not  the only possible sequence of events for finishing
the  adventure,  and  does  not  include much scenery or clue-hunting.
(Note  that  this  adventure does not include the Level 9 type feature
"go to ....", you have find the locations yourself.):-

     Go  to  the  top floor of library and examine the table. Take the
money. Go to the bus station.

     Buy  the  cabbage,  brush,  sandwich  and clove (of garlic). (You
should  examine  the  stall).  Alternatively  try buying the knife and
killing the greengrocer, then taking all except the corpse.

     Find  the  cat  (Furry Julie) either by waiting repeatedly, or by
exploring the locations before the manhole. She wanders through these.

     Give  the sandwich to the cat and get her. (You can only pick her
up  if  you  have  fed  her  and  not attacked her.) Go to the library
basement.  The  books  there,  if read, contain heavy handed clues. Go
down  the  hole,  which  closes,  trapping  you.  You should be seeing
through the cat's eyes. Go East twice (to the Satanist's chapel).

     Do  not  stay  in  the Satanist's chapel too long. Put all except
Julie into the coffin and get it. You can check to see that it has all
gone into the coffin. Go West twice, and then North.

     Examine  the  stream  (which  is  safe to drink from) and get the
flagon.  You  may  have to drop the coffin first. Don't drop Julie, in
case she runs off leaving you in the dark.

     Drink  the  ale.  (You  do not need the empty flagon, but it may,
like some of the articles on the stall, be used for mapping.)

     Go  to  the  underground lake (East) and either "float coffin" or
"put  coffin  in water". You will then be transported across the lake,
using  the  coffin  as  your  boat.  It  will  disappear, leaving your
possessions on the beach. Don't drink from the lake.

     Get  all  and go up to the crossroads. Do not attempt to go North
until  you have dealt with the Vampire, as the Werewolf will scare the
cat away.

     There  are two puzzles which involve doing something which has an
effect  several  turns later. There is no limit on the number of turns
taken,  but it may be convenient to perform the action(s) required, do
something  else, and come back later for the result. On the other hand
there  is no penalty for, for example, using "wait" (perhaps using "g"
for "again" to save typing) for 12 or more times.

     Firstly the clove of garlic which you got from the greengrocer is
a  bit  stale.  If  you  go to the riverbank (South then West from the
crossroads)  there  are suitable planting conditions, but it will take
time for the wild garlic to grow.

     Secondly,  and it takes some preparation first, you need to get a

     Get the can of creosote from inside the woodshed, then go out and
examine the woodshed, and get the woodworm. You will also need to find
and get the gloves found in the undergrowth outside.

     Leave  the  sacred  grove  area  and go West from the crossroads.
South from the track is a ruined cottage, with an enormous beam. Paint
the  beam  (you must have the brush and the can of creosote). You will
not  have  enough  creosote for all the beam. Drop the woodworm, which
will take a while to get through the untreated section. A stake is all
that is left.

     A  job  which  may be done while waiting, is to obtain the sacred
relic  of  St.  Mary  Magdalen. Go to the Oak tree in the grove. It is
hollow  and may be entered. Examine the acorns and leaves on the floor
inside  to  get  the  key  to  the  convent,  which  lies  East of the
crossroads. Unlock the door and go in.

     The convent is a maze. Go North (or East or South), then N, E, S,
W. "Kiss Mary" (it gets a bit Leasure Suit Larry-ish here I'm afraid),
and when she goes back to heaven, get all. Find you way out again.

     With  the saced relic, you can (by getting killed with it in your
possesion, and going to heaven rather than hell) find your way back to
the bus station. If you have lost the cat then so long as you have not
done anything to upset it, you should be able to find her in her usual
haunts,  and, via the tunnels (the coffin will be back in the chapel),
get back.

     To take on the Vampire, you need the cat, the stake, wild garlic,
the  cross from the convent, and a spade (found by examining the gorse
bushes  of  the  track,  if you are wearing gloves). At the graveyard,
dig.  Down,  is  the  tomb  antechamber.  South  of this is the burial

     In  the burial chamber open the sarcophagus (the lid will break).
Out  will  come  the  vampire  which  you  have  to  kill.  Enter  the
sarcophagus,  and  you will find that vampires have a better life than
expected; it leads to an appartment. You will need the sword.

     East  from  the  appartment  will  port  you  back  to the burial
chamber. Go North and then Up to leave.

     Before  you  attempt the werewolf, go to the garden (South of the
cottage)  and  examine  the  weeds.  With  the  useless dandelions and
daisies you find some aconite (also known as "wolf'sbane"). Get it.

     North  from  the  crossroads  are  the  downs, which are simply 4
similar  locations  in  a  square,  no tricks with twisted paths here.
There  is  a  better  than average chance of meeting the werewolf, who
will  scare Julie. If you are carrying the aconite you will be able to
pass. If you want to fight the werewolf you may, but you may well lose
and it is a needless risk.

     Beyond the downs are the mountains, and in the mountains you will
find  the  dragon's  lair. When you get in, don't waste time, kill the
dragon.  (You need the sword and you must have drunk the enchanted ale
from the underground stream). You may then take the Grimoire.

     Get  yourself  killed  (there  is a convienient cliff not too far
away,  or you could try paddling in the underground lake). Because you
have the holy relic, you go to heaven.

     In heaven, examination of the concrete post will tell you that it
is a bus stop. "Wait" for a bus, and because you should still have you
tee-shirt,  (examine  it if you like), the bus driver will let you on.
Soon  the  bus  will  take you to the bus station, and you can then be
first to return to your class with a Grimoire.

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