Goosebumps: Escape from Horrorland

     This lists steps necessary to rescue everybody and get out of the
park.  It  does not explore every nook and cranny, nor does it collect
all  the  coins, most of which are in the underground tunnels, require
dealing  with  the  monsters  there,  and  are  apparentl  y otherwise

     After the opening video, you are in Werewolf Village.

     Go into the cafe and catch a roach, put in pouch. Exit cafe.

     Proceed  past fire station, down path, to Horrorland Plaza (movie

     Go  into  Museum. Take mop, put in guillotine, chop off mop head.
Take  mop  handle,  put in Vampire Eyeware display, take both pairs of
sunglasses,  put  in pouch. Proceed to twin statues with red eye rays.
Put  one  pair sunglasses on each statue. Take scarab between statues,
put in pouch. Exit museum.

     Go back to Werewolf Village. To put out fire, go to control wheels behind
fire station, click in quick succession left wheel, right wheel, middle wheel.

     Proceed  to  middle  of Werewolf Village plaza. Go into the butcher shop.
Open freezer door on left to free Lizzy.

     Werewolf  attacks.  Chase  ensues.  When  Lizzy says "Run to me",
click  upward  mouse  hand, "Over here" means to the right, "This way"
means  to  the left. After Werewolf is trapped upside down, move mouse
hand  around either side of screen to bottom of screen, g rab dangling
Mummy  Hand,  put  in  pouch.  Click  on  waiting  Lizzy to go back to
Horrorland Plaza. Lizzy captured again.

     Proceed  to Bat Barn. Click on pumpkins on right so they say "The
scarecrow  walks  at midnight". Bat Barn door opens. Go into Bat Barn.
Take  roach  from  pouch,  click on flying bats, they will go away and
exit  door to Bar Barn will appear. Return roach to po uch and proceed
on out of Bat Barn.

     Go  to  Valley  of  the  Lost Kings. Proceed to pyramid entrance.
Click  on  handprint  in  stone  on left. Take hand+scarab from pouch,
click  on  handprint with it, then return hand to pouch. Go to pyramid
door, which will open. Proceed into pyramid.

     Adjust stone wheels on left/right columns as necessary. (1 click,
left  wheel 2; 4 clicks left wheel 3; 2 clicks right wheel 1; 3 clicks
right wheel 2; 5 clicks right wheel 4).

     Proceed into Sand Room. Move symbols on 4 columns so each column,
top  to  bottom,  has  fire  (red) symbol, eye, blank eye, and "equals
sign".  Then  click  on  Indiana Jones hat, which will capture whip in
pouch and open door to Mummy room.

     Turn  around, open mummy case containing crow bar, take crow bar,
use  on  first  mummy case, and out pops Luke. Follow Luke out opening
into  tunnel. After dog drops bone, turn around and run through tunnel
to  avoid  following mummy. (Cursor keys may be bette r than mouse for
making  sharp turns.) Eventually, Mummy gives up and you are deposited
in Mummy-fighting room.

     To  kill  Mummy, take torch from wall, click on mummy repeatedly.
If  torch  goes  out,  relight  by  turning  around  and  clicking  on
fireplace,  then turn back to continue attacking mummy. After a minute
or so of this, mummy will die. Click on dead mummy's hand t o get ruby
ring,  put  in  pouch.  Proceed  through  stone  door  back to pyramid
entrance  hall.  Exit  pyramid. Proceed through covered bridge back to
far side of Bat Barn.

     Turn  and head for Vampire Village. Kill phantom tennis player by
clicking  with  whip from pouch. Proceed to Vampire Village. Put CD #2
in drive, hit Enter.

     Proceed    directly   across   Vampire   Village   plaza,   enter
coffin-shaped  door  on  left  to  Chem Lab. Go to experiment table on
right.  Enter  colors  Red,  Red,  Blue,  click  on switch on table to
restore Lizzy. Exit Chem Lab.

     Turn  around and proceed back across Vampire Village plaza, enter
Firepit  room  through  door on left. Take tongs from tool rack, right
rear.  Proceed  to  fire pit. Take ruby ring from pouch, put in tongs.
Click tongs-ring on fire pit. Watch. Put blinking rub y ring in pouch.
Exit Firepit room.

     Turn  and  proceed  back  across Vampire Village plaza, to end of
street  with  single  gated arch. Turn around once and re-face arch to
reveal  gate  guard.  Click  blinking ruby ring from pouch on guard to
open gate. Proceed to Dracula's Castle. Return blinking ring to pouch.

     Enter  Castle main hall. Enter door on left to Dining room, click
on  aluminum  cover to reveal Clay, trapped in table. You will then be
left outside Dining room door. Turn around and go through open archway
up stairs to Bedroom. Trap Count's Lady by dropping wall bed, on left,
on her. Exit bedroom.

     Watch  Lizzy  dance  with  Jeff  Goldblum, as the Count. Click on
glowing  parts  of  his coat until you get the gold Handle. Then watch
Lizzy zap Jeff. You will be returned to the Dining room to free Clay.

     Click  on  the  gizmo under the table, then put Handle from pouch
into right side of gizmo's door. Click on Handle.

     Picture  combination:  consider  picture boxes numbered 1,2,3 top
row; 4,5,6 bottom row. Click on 2, 1, 5, 3, 2. Clay escapes.

     Proceed  to  Coffin Ride by clicking on tunnel a few times. Click
on  group  of  coffins, then one remaining coffin to enter ride. Spend
ride  squishing  spiders  and  roaches.  You  are  left at entrance to
Monster Zoo.

     Click  on  skeleton at right, take ticket, put in pouch. Click on
stone  door  to  left  of  skeleton,  then red button, to turn on Zoo.
Proceed  to  burning  statue  on  left of walkway, give it ticket from
pouch; opens door to Zoo. Enter Zoo.

     Follow  passage  to left of kids to Spider. Feed Spider the roach
from  pouch.  Take  rope  under  Spider, put in pouch. Return to kids,
follow  passage to right of kids to 2-headed Gator. Click on left neck
and  Gator will giggle. While it is giggling, take magn et from behind
left  Gator  head, put in pouch. Return to kids. Follow passage behind
kids  to  Octopus. Put rope-magnet from pouch into Octopus tank, snare
gold  key  (good  magnet!), put in pouch. Return to kids. Use key from
pouch  to  open  locked  door  to  left  of barred passage. Put can of
Eat-Away  in  pouch,  throw switch in closet to open barred passage on
right. Proceed down that passage to another barred door.

     Use  can  of  Eat-Away on lock at left, then throw switch to open
this  barred  door.  Watch  the show. When done, turn and proceed down
arched  hallway  to  elevator,  taking  elevator  to Monster Attractor
control  room.  Turn to left, click on panel, play Simon, win 4 times.
Watch endgame.

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