Gold of the Aztecs


     1)  Caught up in the tree by your parachute, simply press fire to
cut yourself free. Once on the ground, immediately walk right and exit
the area. You don't have to kill anybody.

     2)  Take  a  couple  of steps into the screen and then somersault
over  the bowman and his arrow. Alternatively, you could shoot him but
this takes more time. Leave to the right.

     3)  Stop as soon as you enter the screen. Wait until the bird has
swooped, then jump your way to the other side of the screen. This way,
the deadly plants won't harm you.

     4)  Take one stride into the screen. Shoot the snake that emerges
from the tree then point your gun at the floor. Shoot the three snakes
that sneak through the fauna.

     5)  Shoot  the armoured guardian of the bridge twice in the head.
When  his  sword  falls to the ground, walk along the bridge. You must
somersault off the end of the screen.

     6)  Stand completely still. A large bird will swoop close by, but
it  won't  actually  harm  you  if  you remain motionless. Once it has
passed, walk to the end of the screen.

     7)  Here,  you  have the option of either shooting the unfriendly
natives  or  somersaulting  over  them. Both are equally effective and
allow you to progress onwards.

     8) Draw your gun immediately and shoot the monkey directly ahead.
Next,  concentrate  on  disposing  of  the natives. Once this is done,
press on into the next screen.

     9) Shoot the tribesmen who insist on giving you a hard time. Fire
a  volley  of  bullets  and  walk onto the next screen uring them as a
shield to protect you against further attacks.

     10)  When  the  panther  bounds  towards  you, kneel and shoot it
quickly. Once it's defeated, pull the mounted lever, collect the gold,
and return to the doorway that is three screens back.

     11)  Reach  the  ground  and face to the left. As soon as the hot
cinder  disintegrates,  jump  across  the large gap and climb down the
ladder onto the next playing area.

     12)  Leap  quickly  off  the platform to the right. Turn left and
then  jump.  Turn  and  face right, then very quickly jump up onto the
rope. Climb down to reach new locations.

     13)  Swing  across  the  ropes to the one on the far right. Don't
worry  about  the  bat  as  it  will  not become aggressive unless you
approach it. Climb down to the next screen.

     14)  Travel  left,  walking off the ledge that you landed on when
you  fell  from the rope. That bat will not move. You will now land on
another ledge on the playing area below.

     15)  Tread  on the bridge then retrait. the bridge will fall into
place  on  the screen below. Climb down the ladder, jump across, knock
the key and collect it. Continue down the ladder.

     16)  The  bats  on the left will fly away. Leap across the flames
and  grab  hold of the rope. When the remaining bat moves, climb down,
grab the other rope, and descend.

     17)  Get  onto  the  ledge,  turn  right, draw your gun, and keep
shooting.  The  nearest bat will fly into your line of fire. Jump onto
the horizontal rope and move across.

     18)  Fall  off  the  end  of  the rope. Stand still and shoot the
scorpions  that  wander  back  and forth. Then collect the jewel, jump
onto the rope, and shift along to the right.

     19)  Walk  to  the  edge  of the platform and jump onto the first
rope.  If  you  climb  down  quickly  enough, you won't be attacked by
snakes that twist around the ropes.

     20)  Clamber  across  to  the  farthest  of all the ropes without
pausing  for  absolutely any reason. Now leave the rope climbing for a
while and walk onto the next screen.

     21)  Climb  onto the nearest rope. Swing across to the right-hand
side  and then head for the ladder, being careful to avoid the falling
cinders. Simply climb up the ladder.

     22)  Reach  the top of the ladder. This is a quiet position where
you  can  savely  take time to reload your gun. Once this is done, you
can leave the screen to the right.

     23)  Watch  out  for the falling slab of rock. Another will crash
down  when  you  approach  the  green plant, so beware! Use the key to
shift the wall and then move on.

     24) Take one stride into the cavern. Shoot the snakes that appear
from  behind the pile of rocks. Once all of the three snakes are dead,
you can proceed without caution.

     25)  Take  another  single stride. Shoot all the loose rocks that
hang  from  the ceiling, then jump across the small gap to the rope on
the other side and climb down.

     26)  Shoot  the  flying insect, then move to the very edge of the
ledge.  Jump  onto  the lily pad, and keep the momentum going to bound
across all the other soft, soggy pads.

     27)  Keep  jumping right until you reach the last lily pad. Here,
you  must  change  to  jumping  upwards  until you grab the rope. Haul
yourself up, and exit to the right.

     28)  Don't  stop! Walk all the way to the rope, and climb down it
to  the  floor  below.  Move left, collect the ring along the way, and
travel onto the following playing area.

     29) Stand on the pier and jump onto the rather rickety raft. Turn
immediately, crouch, and shoot the killer fish that breaks through the
surface of the water. Reload your gun.

     30)  Shoot  the  four  rocks  in  the  water, otherwise they will
tragically  sink  your  raft. Again, you must relaod in preparation of
what awaits on the following screen.

     31) Unleash all your bullets in the direction of the giant squid.
When  you hit its eye, the blood will pour, and it will cease to live.
You are now safe to continue onwards.

     32)  Shuffle  to the back of the raft. Jump up when the crocodile
attacks.  After  that, shoot all the stalagtites above, otherwise they
knock you into the water where you will drown.

     33)   Duck  down.  Once  the  grinning  monster  lurking  in  the
background has tried to grab you, get back to your feet and prepare to
disembark on the following screen.

     34)  Jump  onto the rope and slide across to the first rock. Land
on  it,  shuffle back twice, and jump across the rocks. Climb onto the
horizontal rope and sidle along.

     35)  Cross  waterfall  and onto next screen. Return back to here,
drop  on platform, down the rope, collect the treasure, go back up the
rope, and right once again.

     36) Move over to the place just above the ledge on the right-hand
side  of  the  screen. You must then drop onto the ledge below, clutch
the rope, and pull yourself up.

     37)  Go right and collect the treasure. Return to this screen and
walk  left. When the rats attack, kneel and shoot them all. Then climb
down the ladder of skulls.

     38)  Turn to the right at the bottom of the ladder, You must then
leap  across  the  molten  lava and land on the rocks, making sure you
avoid the lava when it spurts upwards.

     39)  Keep  leaping  from  rock  to rock until you reach the other
side.  Once  you  have  finally  succeeded in crossing, climb down the
ladder to the next playing area below.

     40)  Walk to the left, being careful to avoid the swams of flying
insects  that  will  kill you upon contact. Wait until they are at the
top of their flight circle then proceed.

     41)  Stand  in front of the pillar. When the head fires two quick
consecutive  bursts,  walk  across  to the collection of statues. They
will act as a ladder to the screen below.

     42)  Here,  you  can  either  walk left to safety, or collect the
treasure  in  the  corner  to the right. The head uses the same firing
pattern as before so it shouln't pose a problem.

     43)  Walk  straight  across the screen. Look out for the horrific
animation  sequence where the girl loses her head! This sacrifice will
lead to a demon chasing you.

     44)  Walk  directly to the rope in the centre of the screen. Pull
the rope and then dash off to the left. A wall will rapidly descend to
temporarily block the demon.

     45)  Shoot two bullets to break the ropes to the left. Somersault
over  the  bridge,  shoot  the  remaining rope, and leap onto the next
screen. You have to be extremely fast!

     46)  You  can  free  the  caged fairy by shooting the rope. There
doesn't  appear  to  be any particular reason for doing this. You must
then leap over the pit and onto the next screen.

     47)  Walk  to  the  far  end of the screen, turn around, and then
shoot  the  barrel  of dynamite for a spectacular explosion that halts
the demon. Leave by moving off to the left.

     48)  The  hole  in  the  centre of the floor is the only hole you
should  fall down. This will take you to another part of the adventure
where the demon will no longer chase you.

     49) The man will set alight when you approach him. Shoot the slab
of rock where the water falls from to douse the deadly flames. You can
now climb down the rope.

     50)  The  safest and quickest way to tackle the next screen is to
clamber onto the heightened walkway and to then simply walk off to the
right. Couldn't be easier, really!

     51)  Take  two  strides  and then jump to avoid falling through a
trap.  Go  down the rope and edge as far to the left as possible. Jump
to the left to continue the correct way.

     52)  Collect  the chalice which is easy enough to do. Fall off to
the  right but don't just carry on, for now you must jump twice to the
right to avoid the hidden traps.

     53)  Shuffle up to the edge of the ledge and pull the lever. Jump
over  the  mantrap on the floor and stride into the elevator. Pull the
lever to the right of the lift.

     54) You can risk your life by going for the treasure to the left,
but if you want to continue without danger, walk off to the right. The
crossbow bolts will miss you.

     55)  Stand  on the lower moving green platform. Step off onto the
ledge  to the right. Step onto the upper moving platform and then onto
the ledge to the left, and up the rope.

     56) Shift along the horizontal rope and land on the large, moving
platform.  Turn  to  face  the  right,  move  along to the edge of the
platform, and leap off to the right.

     57)  You  will  find  yourself entering this screen standing on a
platform.  Grab  hold  of the rope and move yourself down and onto the
next screen. There is nothing else to this section.

     58)  This is another of the few screens that are easy to conquer.
There  is  nothing  complicated here. Move down the rope and then walk
onto the next playing area.

     59)  This  is  quite  a tricky section. You must jump between the
axes,  duck, and repeat this process until you have reached the end of
the screen and are in the open.

     60) When the second acid drop falls, jump over the first mantrap,
and  quickly grab hold of the rope. Clamber up the short rope and then
exit the screen to the right.

     61)  Watch  out for opening floors. You can see where they are as
the  floor  is  slightly  risen  in  the  dangerous  places.  Jump  to
succesfully avoid falling into fatal spike pits.

     62) The spinning axes can be somersaulted over but you must judge
the  correct  run-up  distance  and  your timing must be perfect. Once
over, journey right to the next screen.

     63)  Simply jump over the wooden spikes when they recede into the
floor but be wary of the distance each jump will take you, and prepare
to adjust your steps accordingly.

     64)  Walk  as  fast as possible across the screen, collecting the
treasure  as  you  go. It isn't necessary to collect all treasures but
they do boost your percentage score.

     65)  By  pulling  the lever in front of you the wall will quickly
lift  out  of  your  way.  Repeat  this process to exit the screen but
beware of the spikes that slowly shift downwards from the ceiling.

     66) Walk onto the following screen, pull the lever, and return to
the  screen  you  just  came from. Shoot the two sticks supporting the
boulder and then run to the right.

     67)  Race  to the rope and jump onto it. Hitch yourself up as far
as  you  can  go.  If you shot the supporting sticks, the boulder will
roll and smash through the mountainside.

        ..........MISSION IMPOSSIBLE ACCOMPLISHED ........

     68)  Being the best explorer of the nineties has its rewards! The
woman  swoon  over  you  and the treasures you collected will keep you
filthy rich for the years to come.

                       CONGRATULATIONS !

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