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Мини-обзоры посетителей об игре Global Operations

Автор: Scotty_Havoc
This is a team shot 'em up with a few tactics. It is reminiscent of teams games such as Rainbow 6, but on a lesser scale. The graphics and characters are kinda budget and the levels are kind of boring. If you like these sort of games you would be better off getting something like Battlefield 1942 or Black Hawk Down. Most things made by Novalogic would make you happy.

Автор: Specialist
"Global Operations" is by far the most entertaining game I've ever played. Most of the weapon models are spot on accurate. The mp5, m4, mp5k, LAW, g11, g36 are animated perfectly and some of the sounds are very realistic, the p22 for instance, the glock 18 and the loud popping m12s.

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