Use of buildings.

     The Barracks are used for both taxes and recruitment. Setting tax
levels  high, will enable you to afford more for your army. High taxes
though will also decrease the amount of people joining up voluntarily.

     The  Drill is needed to obtain sufficient stone and metals. Don't
place it too close to civilisation as they won't be very happy.

     Houses  are  an  obvious necessity for people to live in. As your
inventions progress and new ideas discovered, the variety of household
buildings will increase, allowing for families etc.

     Shops  provide a source of income and a way of getting rid of any
surplus  goods  from  your warehouse. You can also sell goods to other

     Taverns are a good source of boosting morale and more importantly
attracting  outsiders.  These  outsiders will offer you information on
the location of the precious jewels, at a price of course.

     Temples  are  a necessity for the storage of the precious jewels,
of  which seven are needed to complete the game. Also available in the
Temple  is  the  ability  to make an offering to your preferred deity,
serving to boost morale.

     Warehouses  are essential for storage of raw materials for longer
than one season. Without materials you are unable to build anything.

     Wells  are  obviously an essential source of water, and is needed
if your going to survive.

     The  Workshops  are  another  essential  buildings.  Used  by the
Inventors  and  Blacksmiths  to  design  and produce all your weapons,
vehicles etc.

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