The Gene Machine

The story begins..

The Railway Station

     You  arrive  at  Blackfriars  railway  station. Walk along to the
right  of  the  platform  and  talk to the paper boy. You cannot buy a
paper  just  yet  but you now know he is selling the "Sporting Times".
Leave  the  Station and once outside talk to Mossop, your man servant,
about how to get home. He suggests a cab. Walk to the left and use the
cab. A map of London appears. Click on Piers house. Once outside Piers
House enter to the left.

Piers House

     Listen  to  the  talking cat's story about the Gene Machine. Walk
into Piers lounge (I suppose it should be called a Drawing room). Pick
up  the cigar case on the table next to the sofa. Pick up the old copy
of  the "Sporting Times" on the sofa. Go to your in ventory and search
your  wallet. Do this until Piers says there is nothing more of use in
his wallet. A calling card, Club membership card and some money should
now  appear  in  your  inventory.  By the front door to the house is a
letter. Pick it up and searc h the letter. Search the letter again and
then  read it. Walk to the left and enter the room to the right of the
stairs  (Mossop's  room). Pick up the Syrup of Figs and the whisky. Go
up  the  stairs  and  pick  up the key on the table next to Piers bed.
Return  to  the lounge and enter Piers study. Use the key on the chest
of  drawers.  Search the open drawer to get the deeds. On a table near
the desk is a so called "Worthless Artefact" pick this up. Leave Piers
house  and  take  the  taxi (which incidentally is an a bbreviation of
Taximeter Cabriolet). Go back to Blackfriars Station.

Back at Blackfriars Station

     Enter  the station and talk to the paper boy asking for a copy of
the  "  Sporting  Times". Give the boy some money to obtain the paper.
Exit the station and use the cab to go to Mirabella's house.

Mirabella's House

     Enter  the house and talk to the senile maid. Mirabella is in the
garden. Exit the house and walk to the left. The garden is through the
archway.  Before going in to the garden pickup the catnip plant to the
right  of  the  arch.  In  the  garden move to the lef t to Mirabella.
Listen  to  her  earbashing.  Talk to her and ask if there is anything
that would make her happy. Go back in to the house and ask the maid to
make Mirabella some tea. Exit the house and use the cab to the docks.

The Docks

     Talk to the Harbour Master and exhaust all the questions. Talk to
Mossop  about  meeting people of "Dubious Reputation". This puts a new
location on the map.


     Talk  to  "Ripper".  Enter  the  pub  to  the  right. Talk to the
labourer  and  give  him  your  handkerchief. He returns it covered in
grease.  Move  across  to the right of the bar. Listen at the door and
then go in. Talk to the forger. Leave the pub and go in to the brothel
on  the  left.  Talk  to the receptionist. You cant go in yet. Get the
taxi to Royal Scientific Institute.

The Royal Scientific Institute

     Enter  the  Institute  (obviously modelled on the Natural History
Museum  in  London)  and walk over to the left to the Curator. Talk to
him  and  give him the "Worthless Artefact". He will now let you pass.
Enter  the next room. Pick up a "Punch Card" from near the slot on the
analytical  engine. Put the punch card in the slot and pick up another
card. Exit the RSI and go to Mirabella's.


     Enter  the  House. Talk to the maid. Pick up the teacup and cake.
Put  the  cake in the cigar case. Use the greasy handkerchief with the
teacup  and give it to Mirabella (who is still in the garden). Talk to
Mirabella and exhaust the possibilities. Still no r ing. Take a cab to
the "Highborn Club" (you cant get there if the club membership card is
not in your inventory. If necessary search your wallet again).

The Highborn Club

     Walk  to  the  left  and  enter the club. Take the snuff from the
table  near  the  butler.  Add the whisky to the snuff. Enter the club
room.  Talk  to the Earl and look at the calling card on the floor. Go
to  the  butler  and add the syrup of figs to the port he is carrying.
Talk  to him to remind him to take the port to the Earl. When the Earl
has  rushed  to  the toilet pick up his calling card. Talk to the club
members. Exit the club and take a taxi to Buckingham Palace.

Buckingham Palace

     Talk  to  the guards and show the Earls calling card to the them.
Walk  in to the palace and walk right until you get to Queen Victoria.
Talk to the Queen exhausting all the possibilities. Pick up the letter
of  recommendation  and  leave  the  palace.  Take  the  taxi  back to


     Enter  the  brothel  and show the letter of recommendation to the
receptionist.  Walk to the open door at the top of the stairs. Talk to
the  prostitute  and  say  you are the director of what the butler saw
machines. Pick up the camera. Get the taxi back to the Highborn Club.

Highborn Club

     Talk  to  the members again. Mention making a wager. Say you give
silly odds. Say you can get to Dinsey Island. Give your house deeds to
the  members.  Give  the  current edition of the sporting times to the
members. They agree to make the bet.

Piers House

     Back at Piers house give the punch card to number 73 the cat. Now
go to the Royal Scientific Institute.

Royal Scientific Institute

     Use the new "improved" punch card with the slot on the analytical
engine. Talk to the professor. Leave the RSI and go to the Professor's
house in Harrow.

Professor's House (Harrow)

     Talk  to  the professor. He wants vitriol (concentrated sulphuric
acid)  ,  a remote controller and a ploughman's lunch (for the benefit
of  those  who  are  not  British  this is a meal of bread, cheese and
pickles). Exit to the left through the green doors. Pick up the remote
controller  to  the right of the statue and the vitriol to the left of
the  statue.  Give  the  remote  controller  and  the  vitriol  to the
professor and go in search of the ploughman's lunch in Whitechapel.


     Go in to the pub and talk to the barman. When he asks why you are
a  working  man  say  "I really don't know" then "What does a real man
drink?".  Pick  up  the scrumpy cider and drink it. Talk to the barman
again  and  pick  up  the  ploughman's lunch. Take the cab back to the
professor's house.

Professors House

     Give  the  professor the ploughman's lunch. Talk to the professor
and  exhaust  all the possibilities. Say you want to look at the earth
from  the  moon. Exit to the left through the lab to the space rocket.
Click on the rocket and move to it.

On the Space Rocket

     Pick  up the hammer, Spade and space suit. Hammer the oxygen pipe
to the right of where you found the hammer. Look at the porthole above
Mossop.  There  are 3 control levers. Set the right hand lever so that
the  pointer  on the gauge above no longer moves be tween 2 points but
moves  all  the  way round in an anticlockwise direction. Now move the
other 2 levers so that the moon appears in the centre of the porthole.
Piers  will  say  they are aligned correctly. Now click on the control
panel below the levers and p ut the oxygen pipe between them. Once you
have landed on the moon click on the door to exit.

On The Moon

     Once  outside  the  ship  click on the moon surface and place the
camera  there.  You  now  have a photograph. Follow Robert over to the
right  and  enter  the  cave. Try to exit through the door next to the
hole.  You  cannot get through. Look through the hole. Click on Robert
and  take  screen. You need to move him to the other side of the cave.
The In this new room dig the mineral area on the floor with the spade.
Search the hole produced to get the moon rock. Go back to the ship and
talk  to the professor. Ask what you will collect the cheese with. The
professor  gives  you an "extractor". Click on the moon rock and click
extract. Return to the ship. When the professor says that you will run
out  of  oxygen  use the vitriol on the moon rock. You now return from
the moon . All that for a photograph! Return to Piers House.

Piers House

     Give the catnip to 73. Piers catches the mouse. Go to Mirabella's.

Mirabella's House

     Give  the  mouse  to Mirabella. The ring falls on to the grass to
the right of Mirabella. Pick up the ring. Take the cab to Whitechapel.


     Go to the forger (through the door at the right of the bar). Give
him  the  old  copy of the sporting times. Now give him the ring. Then
give  the  old paper again followed by the new sporting times. Go back
to  Piers  House. Talk to 73 and return to Whitechape l to collect the
forged paper. Now go to the Highborn Club.

Highborn Club

     Give  the amended paper to the members. You now have a ship so go
to the docks.


     Talk  to  the  Harbourmaster. You need permission to get past the
blockade  so  go  and talk to Queen Victoria. Return to the docks with
the  Royal  Warrant.  Give  the warrant to the Harbourmaster. Show the
photograph. Talk to Harbourmaster and exhaust the possib ilities. Give
the "cigar" to the Harbourmaster. Walk over to the right and exit past
the labourers. Board the ship.

On board the Ship

     On  boarding  the ship your inventory is cleared out. Don't worry
you  don't  need  these items anymore. Walk right and up the stairs to
the  bridge.  Talk  to the captain and give him the world map. Talk to
the captain again. The ship does not steam for long un til the engines
break  down.  Exit  the  bridge  and  walk  to  the right. Pick up the
boathook next to the crate and go in the door nearby. Walk to the door
on  the  right and pick up the bagpipes and a quill from the porcupine
(search it). Leave this room and en ter the door to the left. There is
a  porthole  in here that you cannot open yet. Go back on to the deck.
Walk  to the right and enter the room near the winch (Engine room). In
the  engine room pick up the oil can and screwdriver. Use the quill on
the  gauge  above the valve. Leave the engine room. Talk to the sailor
outside  the engine room. Every time you talk to him he spits. Look at
the  hole  near  the  winch.  Use the oil and then the boathook on the
winch.  Talk  to  the spitting sailor again. Go back to the ro om with
the porthole and open it with the screwdriver. Take the porthole glass
and  place  it on the hole near the winch. Talk to the spitting sailor
once  more.  Pick up the expectoration on the glass. Go to outside the
room  where you got the porthole glass . Look at the pipe there- it is
leaking. Go back to the engine room look at the valve and then use the
expectoration  on  glass on it. Go to the bow of the ship (the front).
Try to take the Union Jack (the flag). You cannot reach it. Ask Mossop
to  get  the flag for you. Return to the leaking pipe and use the flag
on it. Go back to the engine room again and look at the pressure gauge
. Use the bagpipes on the boiler. We are off again at last.

The Iceberg

     Enter the ice cave and board Captain Nematodes submarine.

On the Naughtiness

     Walk  to  the  right and talk to Nematode. When he leaves talk to
him again. When you arrive at Nematode's base exit up the ladder.

Nematode's Undersea Base

     Keep  walking  right until you come to a room with a rather large
organ in it. Use the organ. Read the letters. Exit right to Nematode's
bedroom  and  pick up the diving suit. Look at the bed and the picture
on  the wall. Read the letters again. Return to the submarine and talk
to  Nematode.  Exit  the submarine when you arrive back at the iceberg
and go back to the ship.

Back on the Ship

     Talk to the captain and give him the photograph you took from space.

On the Island

     Enter  the  jungle to the right. Keep going right until you reach
the  tribal  village.  Talk  to  the  chief. He want a gift. Leave the
village  and  pick  up  the ivy growing in the jungle just outside the
village.  Walk back to the beach and pick up the rock just next to the
jungle  entrance.  Go  back  in  to the jungle but this time go up the
steps  in the screen before the village entrance. Continue up the path
(nice  view).  At  the top take the red berries from the bush. Look at
the  water  nearby. Use the rock with th e ivy and then the berries to
make a trinket for the chief. Return to the village and give the chief
the trinket. Follow the guide to the serpent cave.

Serpent Cave

     Once  inside the serpent cave pick up the cutlass from the pirate
skeleton.  Look  at  the  floor  panel.  Go back to the area where the
animals  are  climbing  on  the ivy (just before the village). Use the
cutlass  on the ivy and pick up the animal. Return to the serpent cave
and  place the animal on the floor panel. Walk through the trap to the
next  room. Attempt to cross the lava- you cannot. Look at the plug in
the  ceiling. Go back to the lake above the village. Move to the lake-
Piers  automatically puts on the diving suit. Keep walking right until
you  find the plug. Pull the plug out and return to the lava room. The
lava  has  now cooled so that you can cross. Enter the next room. Look
at  the  crystals.  Pick  up  the  blue  crystal from amongst them (it
appears  as  c rystal rather than crystals). Walk in to the next room.
Look  at  the  pedestals.  Note  the  joke  an the floor plaque at the
entrance to Atlantis "Atlantis twinned with Pompeii". Enter Atlantis.


     Walk  across  to  the  right  and  use  the  oil  on the attitude
adjuster.  Use  the  attitude  adjuster  and descend. Walk through the
archway.  Enter  the  left  hand  door  and pick up the Atlantean rock
(again  for  our  non  British friends rock is a type of sweet sold at
seaside  resorts).  Leave  this room and enter the right hand door. In
this  room look at the model and pick up all the crystals from between
the  chairs.  Return to the room with the lettered pedestals and place
the  crystals  on the pedestals in the order pur ple, green, blue from
left  to right. Go back in to Atlantis to see Nematode. Talk to him to
obtain  the reef map. Go back to the tribal village and give the chief
the Atlantean rock. Click on the ship. On your return to the ship give
the captain Nematodes map. A long animation follows.

Dinsey Island

     You  end  up  in  a  cage.  Talk  to the henchman and exhaust the
possibilities.  Talk to the tentacle. Talk to the henchman again. Exit
to  the  right.  Pick  up  a  flare from the box on the floor. Use the
flare.  Use  the  switches  on the control panel. Talk to Dr. Di nsey.
When  Dinsey  stands  on the pedestal tell Mossop to throw the switch.
Return to the room wit the cages. Open the cages using the switch near
the  left  hand  door. Exit to the left to the flying machine. Use the
flying machine.

The End.

     Any   comments  to  Stephen  Perry  100414,2564  (CompuServe)  or   (Internet).  If  you  are  still  stuck
despite using this text. I may be able to help you.

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