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Мини-обзоры посетителей об игре Gazillionaire

Автор: Phred the Elder
Have owned this game on CD for DOS for over 10 years and still play about 3-5 games a week with the wife. (Sound does not work on XP or later, unless DOSBOX installed and correctly configured). Basically, it is a simplified Buy-and-Sell game that reminds me of the Whittman Stock Market game of long ago. I enjoyed the humorous computer characters and products. Buy low, sell high, and watch out for Hoffmeister... Much more fun than most business simulators I have played. Highly recommended!

Автор: CompactDisc
Gazillionaire is a great game to play, I run it on XP and Vista, the sound works fine. I've owned the game for 10 years now, I still enjoy it, it's worth the little money to spend on it.

Автор: Snooks
I enjoy Gazillionaire. It's a hoot. Being a financial planner, I do think the way stocks work in this game could be better. It seems that for a long game, the thing that determines the winner every time is guessing which stock will be the big long-term winner and plowing all your money into that stock. An educational game ought to instill the value of diversification more.

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