Access Leagues:
     At  any menu, type GIVEMESCORPIO (all caps) for Scorpio League or
GIVEMETAURUS for Taurus League.

Alter Game Speed:
     At  any  menu, type WARPSPEEDMRSULU (all caps) for Hyper Speed or

Alter Gravity:
     At  any  menu, type FLYMETOTHEMOON (all caps) for Medium Gravity,
JACKIMFLYING  for High Gravity or BRINGMEBACKTOEARTH to restore Normal

Get $50,000:
     When  at  the Lieutenant Section Type I LOVE HANSON (all caps) to
get $50,000.

Free Business:
     In  the Gang Organizer, go to the city maps. Bring up the info on
any  business  and  let  the  mouse  hover around over the box until a
little  'Return  to  base'  tip  appears.  Click  there  and tada, the
business  is  yours.  If you want, you can sell it on the spot and the
cash  will  go  directly  into your assets. Or you can wait until next
week when you can send someone to run the business.

$3000 For Gangs:
     At the Lieutenant part of the gang organizer screen press D + A +
R + T to give $3000 to each gang.

Easy Properties:
     Extort  some  properties  (it will not matter if they want to pay
you  the  money). After that week, look on the map and double click on
the  property  that  was  extorted. A picture of the owner will appear
with  details  about  the shop. Move the cursor next to the picture in
the  "blank space" and the cursor will change. Click when this happens
and the property will become yours. Do not forget to send a man to run
the place the following week.

Free Items:
     Go  to the Lieutenant's page of the Gang Organizer, open the Cars
menu, and go to the "Black Market". Instead of clicking on the car you
want and waiting for the money clip to appear, quickly drag the car of
your  choice  from the "Black Market" page to the picture of it on the
Lieutenant's  side.  If  this  was  done fast enough, the item will be
yours,  with  no  money  being  subtracted. This can also be done with
guns,  but  does  not  work with recruited hoods. Note: Try this first
without having enough money for the object, as it takes some practice.
After  each  time this trick is used (whether successful or not), exit
the "Black Market" and return.

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