There  are  some gaps in level 3 as I took the shortcut after not
knowing what to do. Currently I'm stuck on level 6.

     Level  1:  Intro  (demo)  First  you have to deactivate the force
field  and  let  Mendell walk over the edge. Now you have two choices:
towards  a blue bridge and an upside down helicopter (mower). Take the
first  (easy) choice. Align the sliding blocks to make a bridge. After
Mendell walks onto the last piece press the switch and return.

     A green bridge has appeared, but you need to deactivate the laser
bars.  Go  towards  the  mower.  With  a bit of luck Mendell will walk
towards  the elevator to the second level. You can either make Mendell
jump  or  change  the direction of the mower which is mu ch easier. On
the  second level (down) the same mower. Returning you'll discover the
laser bars are gone and Mendell will be teleported to Level 2.

     Level  2:  Chessboard  Mendell  will  have to get past 6 rotating
sliding  cubes,  but  don't touch the wall elements. Next Mendell will
have  to  bridge  chessboard  sliding  blocks.  Halfway  he'll have to
continue  a  level  below  Press the wall to deactivate it and le t it
move  Mendell down. Cross a few blocks and make Mendell jump to return
to  the  upper  level.  Another  chess  bridge will follow and it will
return you to the cubes.

     Past  the  6  cubes  you  will  have  two  choices, but the brick
conveyor  belt  (left)  isn't  active.  Turn  right  towards the chess
sliding  blocks  with  a  deadly moving pyramide. Bridge a gap like in
level  1,  but  don't  let  the  piramide touch you. A double piramide
bridge  will  follow.  Next is a serie of teleporting conveyor blocks.
Pressing  a  block will teleport Mendell, even if he is falling in the

     This is nearly impossible to do so, but it will return Mendell in
the  end  to  the  brick  conveyor  belt.  Make a continuous bridge by
clicking  its  pieces. Halfway Mendell will drop a level. Continue and
at  the end Mendell will be teleported to green acid wat erfall. Press
the  levers  to  let  Mendell cross. The green flying object will give
Mendell  a  green acid suit. So if Mendell is walking towards it press
the right lever.

     Level  3:  Air attack There's a shortcut if you activate the huge
white  elevator twice and take the proper green bridge. But follow the
game and you'll meet an ufo. Destroy its missiles by clicking on them.
I've destroyed a dozen or two without any results . < gap > Return and
press  the  switch.  The  huge  white  elevator will take Mendell to a
passage with each two green bridges.

     Follow  the green conveyor belts a couple of levels down and meet
the  blue sliding wall blocks after crossing a green bridge. Turn left
and  let  the  last block slide you down on another green bridge. Same
problem,  but  it  doesn't  matter if you turn left or right. Left you
probably  see  your  target better. It's a blue floater a level or two
below,  which  will  transport  Mendell to the huge white elevator. It
brings  Mendell  to the ufo site again. The white elevator will return
you  the  2 green bridges. Now choos e the one which will lead Mendell
to the end of the level.

     Level  4:  Lava  pool  Bridge the lava pool and let the red plate
jump  Mendell to a ledge Three red plates later and Mendell walk sover
an  edge onto a green ledge near a lava pool. take the right exit to a
spiral stairway with red treads. When a tread is unl it you can change
the  direction,  when  lit it can make Mendell jump. Make Mendell jump
and  turn  the stairway tread under him. There are 6 stairways and the
last  one is the most difficult as you have to move from tread 2 to 4.
At  the  top  press  a  button and everything is lowered into the lava

     Continue  to  the  lava  waterfall and now Mendell must go to the
bottom  level  using wall bridges on both walls. Some wall bridges are
useless.  Near the bottom move the wall bridge to let Mendell drop and
quickly  again  to  give  him  a little push so he'll land on the exit
below.  Continue  to  the green/red lever and press it to create a red
board. Now let Mendell walk towards it and move the block up.

     Now  move  the  wall bridge and let Mendell walk onto it. To make
Mendell  continue  lower the first block and activate the other 2 wall
bridges.  On the last bridge activate the bridge below and let Mendell
walk  onto  the  red  board.  Make Mendell jump and activ ate the wall
bridge. Let Mendell walk onto the second red board and continue so on.
There  are  31  wall  bridges,  6  red  and 6 yellow boards. Sometimes
Mendell  will  jump  slightly  sideways:  use it. On the 12th and last
board make Mendell jump for the last tim e and activate the above wall
bridges.  This  will  return  Mendell  to the lava pool with the green
ledge, which now is empty.

     Level 5: Ice water The green conveyor belt will move Mendell over
an  edge  at  the  end of a tunnel. Click the wall to move it back and
Mendell  won't drop on the cold water. There are a series of blue wall
blocks  towards him. Push each to let Mendell move t o the exit on the
left.  Continue  and  you'll reach a cold water pool. Mendell can walk
onto it for a second before freezing. Now make a silver dam by lifting
the  segments,  which  can  be  seen slightly under the water. After 6
segments  Mendell  will  walk  on  a  n elevator. Press the switch and
finish the second silver dam.

     Now  you'll  reach  two helicopter blades You can only change the
direction  of  them. Let Mendell walk on the first and move it counter
clockwise.  The  second one must move clockwise. You need Mendell near
the  centre  of the first one while the other sweeps hi m of the blade
to the left onto a green bridge. Continue to the end of the level

     Level  6:  Windmills Take the right elevator and open the gate to
continue  to the insides of a windmill. Basically it's the same puzzle
as  with spiral stairway except Mendell drops on the next tread. There
are 4 windmills to cross, but from the second wind mill you can choose
to  go  upside down as well. You'll skip the rotating bridge after the
second  windmill that way. The rotating bridge if a matter of aligning
the  segments  and  making  sure  Mendell can't walk back. The 'upside
down'  way is easier. After th e fourth windmill Mendell will find his
way back to the beginning and a wooden cube will roll in place.

     The  other  elevator will lead to a bridge with sliding segments.
Each  segment  slides completely under both wall sides, so be careful.
After  6  segment  you'll reach 2 more and another passage in the same
direction  you  came from. 4 Segments later and you'll land on a stone
elevator.  Activate  it  and  it  will lead you back to the beginning,
where the final wooden cube will roll into place.

     This will bridge the gap to the green conveyor belt. Mendell will
walk  through  a  green  waterfall,  drop  to a level below and face a
bridge  with  pulsating hot blue crystals. You can teleport to another
one  when  it  lites up. When it's deadly when its colour turns white.
Then  Mendell  faces  a  bridge with rotating segments. Press the next
segment  until  it  slows  down and align your current segment to that
one.  At  the  end there's a yellow floating object under the bridge's
end,  which  will  disappear  when  touched and reappears a little bit
later. Probably it's a marker like a lighthouse.

     Continue  and  see  the tiles behind you disappear. It's time for
some  more sliding bridges. The first one is easy, the next has a wall
monster  spitting sparks at you and the third lots of wall monsters.

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