Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers

     This  is a step by step answer to solving Gabriel Knight game. If
you want to figure out the puzzles for yourself, but are stuck on what
needs to be accomplished DO NOT READ THIS. Instead read the Hints list
first, and only refer to this when completely s tumped.

Day 1
     1.  Bookstore  --  Read paper, take tweezers and magnifying glass
off  of  table,  read  books on shelves (there are 3: a German-English
dictionary,  a  book  of  German  poetry,  and  a  book on snakes). 2.
Dixieland  Drugstore  --  look  at ad on counter, question owner about
voodoo  murders.  3. Bookstore -- Ask Grace for messages. 4. Grandma's
House -- question Gran about Knight family. 5. Grandma's Attic -- take
Father's  sketchbook,  open  sketchbook  and look instead. Look at the
clock  on the trunk. To open clock you turn the hands on the face to 3
o'clock  and  the  dragon  to  the  12 (Three dragons from the poem at
mid-day).  Use  the key, ta ke the picture and letter from the drawer.
Read  the  letter  and  look  at  the  picture.  6. Grandma's House --
question  Gran about Heinz Ritter. 7. St. Louis Cemetery -- copy marks
on  tomb  into sketchbook. Ask caretaker about cemetery and St. John's
Eve.  Explore the cemetery. 8. Bookstore -- ask Grace for messages. 9.
Police  Station  -- ask desk sergeant for photos, then ask for Mosley,
then  ask about the crime scene 10. Jackson Square -- find the mime in
upper  left  corner of park. Walk close to him and he will follow you,
but  avoid others or he will follow them. Take mime to motorcycle cop.
When  cop chase mime, use his radio to find the crime scene. 11. Crime
Scene  -- copy pattern in sand to the sketchbook. Use magnifying glass
on  grass  around  tree, then use tweezers to pick up snake scale. 12.
Bookstore -- ask Grace to do research on Malia Gedde.

Day 2
     1.  Bookstore  --  read  paper.  2. Voodoo Museum -- ask Dr. John
about  voodoo,  historical  voodoo,  current  voodoo, Marie Laveau. 3.
Moonbeam  Residence -- ask about snakes, St. John's Eve, animal masks.
To  get the snake skin from the cage, ask about Grimwald, then ask for
a  demonstration  on how to handle Grimwald. While she is dancing take
the  snake  skin.  Compare skin and scale you found at crime scene. 4.
Police  Station -- ask desk sergeant about Mosley. Before going in the
office  turn  the  thermostat  (repair  man  was  working  on when you
entered) above the copier up as high as it will go. 5. Mosley's Office
--  ask  about patterns, and patterns from other crime scenes. Ask for
cup  of  coffee.  When Mosley is out of the office take his badge from
his  coat.  6.  Police  Station  --  ask Officer Franks for the Voodoo
Murders  file.  Look  at file, then place it in basket on the desk. 7.
Mosley's  Office  -- ask Mosley about photographs, check your hair. 8.
Police  Station -- take file from basket and copy it. Put file back in
basket.  9.  St  Louis  Cemetery  --  ask about Marie Laveau and other
marked tombs 10. Gedde Estate -- use Mosley's badge to gain entry. Ask
Malia  about  herself,  the  lake,  then flirt with her. 11. Dixieland
Drugstore  --  ask about animal masks. Ask about Madame Cazaunoux. 12.
Bookstore  --  ask Grace to do research on Madame Cazaunoux. Open cash
register  and  take  gift  certificate.  13. Jackson Square -- Talk to
artist  in  upper right corner. Watch him. When he loses his painting,
go see hotdog vendor in lower left corner. Give hotdog vendor the gift
certificate,  give  the  hotdog to the dancing boy, and get the boy to
get  the  painting  from  between  the  bars  at  the statue. Give the
painting to the artist, then give him the pattern from the crime scene
and the copied patterns from the file.

Day 3
     1.  Bookstore -- read paper and get messages, then other messages
from  Grace.  Ask for Wolfgang Ritter's number. Call Wolfgang. Call to
find Madame Cazaunoux (555-1280). Call Animal Hospital (555-6170), ask
for  Madame  C. Then say you are worried that Castr o missed his dance
lessons.  Take hair gel from medicine cabinet. 2. Police Station -- go
to  Mosley's  office and listen to interrogation. 3. Jackson Square --
talk  to  artist  in  upper  right corner. Go to upper left corner and
watch  the  gypsy.  When see begins to dance, go to her and dance with
her. Pick up her scarf. Look at it with magnifying glass. Use tweezers
to take scale. Give the scar f back to the gypsy. Compare the scale to
the  one  from  the  crime  scene.  4.  Tulane University -- listen to
lecture.  Go  see  the  professor  in his office behind the stage. Ask
about  cabrit  sans  cor,  veves,  Damballah, and Ogoun Badagris. Give
professor  the pattern from the artist. 5. Cathedral -- go to the room
to  the  right of the altar. Take a collar and jacket from the closet.
6.  Cazaunoux  Residence  -- put on jacket and collar. Use hair gel on
hair.  Knock  on  door.  Ask  Madame  C.  about cabrit sans cor, human
sacrifice,  voodoo  queens,  and voodoo hounfours. Use clay from crime
scene  to make impression of snake bracelet. 7. Bookstore -- ask Grace
to  research  veve  pattern.  Sell  Bruno your Father's painting. When
Grace  interrupts,  tell  her  to  mind her own business. 8. Dixieland
Drugstore -- buy crocodile mask and get gamblin oil. 9. Napoleon House
-- ask bartender about patrons, voodoo, Sam & voodoo. Give Sam gamblin
oil.  Give  Sam  the  clay mold. 10. Grandma's House -- ask Gran about
Wolfgang Ritter. 11. St. Louis Cemetery -- visit the Gedde tomb.

Day 4
     1.  Bookstore  --  Read paper, read newspaper clipping Grace gave
you.  2.  Jackson  Square  --  visit  gypsy  listen to her warning. 3.
Overlook -- observe Crash talking to drummer. 4. Moonbeam Residence --
give symbols to Magentia to translate. 5. Cathedral -- question Crash.
Show  him  the snake bracelet when he doesn't cooperate. Ask him about
drummer  and  voodoo hounfour. After Crash dies, look at him, open his
shirt, and copy tattoo.

Day 5
     1.  Bookstore  --  read  paper,  read Wolfgang's journal, and ask
Grace  to  research  Rada  drums.  2.  Tulane  University  --  look at
Professor,  take notes from desk, read notes. 3. Voodoo Museum -- when
grabs  you, turn on the fan to escape its coils. The switch is located
on  the  wall just left of the entrance to the museum. 4. Bookstore --
use  the  tweezers  to  pick  up scale in ashtray. Look at scale under
magnifying  glass,  then  look at scale from the lake the same way. 5.
Police  Station  -- ask Mosley about case. Ask him to reopen the case.
Tell  Mosley  about  Professor  Hartridge  and Crash. Show him the two
scales  from  the  museum  and the crime scene, show him the newspaper
clipping, and the marks from the tomb.

Day 6
     1.  Bookstore  --  Read  paper.  Take  envelope and read note. 2.
Jackson  Square  --  listen  to Rada drummer. Translate message, "Call
conclave tonight swamp". Convince the beignet vendor to go back to his
old  route.  Save  game  at  this point in case you mess up. 3. Police
Station -- Have Mosley's office key ready. When sergeant leaves, quick
go  to Mosley's office and use key on door. 4. Mosley's Office -- take
tracker  and  transponders from lower left desk drawer. 5. Cemetery --
Leave  message  on  tomb  using brick,"DJ Conclave tonight bring Sekey
Madoule".  6.  Voodoo  Museum  --  place  a  transponder  in the Sekey
Madoule,  the  little coffin by the door. 7. Bookstore -- get Grace to
copy Crash's tattoo onto your chest. Tell her its for a costume party.
8.  Swamp  --  Using  the  tracker,  find the conclave meeting. Before
entering  meeting, put on crocodile mask. Answer Dr. John's questions:
1) Damballah and 2) Ogoun Badagris.

Day 7
     1. Bookstore -- call Wolfgang. Take flashlight from stand by bed.
Read  paper.  2.  Gedde Tomb -- open the center coffin. After you wake
up, open the coffin again and take Mosley's wallet. 3. Bookstore -- go
to  bedroom.  Open  Mosley's wallet. Call Travel Agency (585-1130) and
book  flight  to  Germany using Mosley credit card. 4. Get on plane at
the  airport.  5.  Castle  --  explore  the castle. 6. Bedroom -- read
inscription  above  door  by  the  bed.  7. Chapel -- look at the wall
hangings,  altar,  and  stained  glass window. 8. Entrance Hall -- ask
Gerde  about  inscription,  Wolfgang's library, the wall hangings, and
the  initiation  ceremony.  9.  Perform  ceremony. 10. Bedroom -- take
bedpan. Open case on wall and take scroll. Open window and use snow to
wash  hands.  Take  scissors and use to cut hair. 11. Entrance Hall --
take  knife from wall by stairs. Take salt shaker by Gerde. 12. Chapel
--  place  bedpan  on altar, add salt to pan, cut arm and add blood to
pan, kneel and pray at altar (use altar), read scroll.

Day 8
     1.  Bedroom  --  take  key from settee at foot of bed. Use key to
open  door  with inscription above it. 2. Library -- look at bottom of
center  bookshelf  on back wall (your view). Take book. Look at top of
right  bookshelf  on  back  wall  and take book. Look at top bookshelf
opposite door and take book. Look at top of left bookcase on back wall
and take book. L ook at bottom of right bookcase on back wall and take
book.  This  book  you will keep and not put back. 3. Entrance Hall --
ask  Gerde  about  key.  Show Gerde book from library. Tell her to use
Mosley's credit card to book flight.

Day 9
     1.  Enter  Mound.  The  room  you  are in is room 6. The room are
numbered  clockwise.  Look at the plates with holes in them. Go around
the  mound  picking  up  all the plates you find. When you find a blue
snake  rod take it as well. You may want to set the speed o f the game
as  high  as it will go at this point (it seems to help). 2. Now place
the  plates  in the walls in order starting with room 4. The plates go
4,  5, 6, etc. in a clockwise rotation. The last plate you will put in
the  room  3. 3. Room 3 -- SAVE YOUR GAME. Use the rod on the plate in
room 3. The zombies will now awake. Run to room 4 (up clockwise) avoid
the  zombie. 4. Room 4 -- continue running up and avoiding zombies. If
you  do  not pause you can be past this zombie without doing anything.
5.  Room 5 -- To avoid this zombie: 1) Let it start to come at you, 2)
after  it  has  taken  about 2 steps, dart to upper left or right in a
diagonal,  3) then run behind zombie for the door again in a diagonal.
It may take a few tries to get this just right it does work. 6. Room 6
--  There  are  3 zombies blocking all entrances. To get to room 7 use
the  vines.  The vine you want to use is above and to the right of the
entrance  to  room 7. It is light brown in color and runs from the top
of  the screen almost to the bottom. 7. Room 7 -- Wolfgang appears and
holds  off  the  zombies,  while  you  take  the rod and use it on the
doorplate. 8. Tunnel -- follow tunnel. 9. Altar Room -- look at table.
Look  at  lid. Take rods on wall one by one and place them through the
holes in the lid. Use the rods. 10. Tunnel -- take knife and use it on
the corpse.

Day 10
     1.  Bookstore  --  read paper. Take envelope off of desk and read
note  inside.  Question  Mosley  and  make plan. 2. Cathedral -- go to
confessional on right. Look at knot hole in paneling. Use snake rod on
hole.  Leave  transponder and snake rod under bench. 3. Hounfour Entry
--  use pad by door to open door. Explore hounfour. 4. Enter all rooms
that  you  can  (NOTE:  Do  not stay in Dr. John's room very long). 5.
Offices  --  search  for  evidence  to  implicate  the hounfour (Black
notebook  in desk basket. Read this book when you find it.) 6. Malia's
Room  --  listen  and  watch.  7.  Storeroom -- take two robes and two
masks.  8.  Dr.  John's  Room -- here is the key to opening the locked
rooms. To get the key follow these steps: 1) Go to center of hounfour,
2)  Use  the Rada drum book and the notebook from the office to send a
message, "Summon Brother Eagle today hounfour", 3) Qui ckly run down a
tunnel  not  near  Dr. John's room, 4) quickly go to his room and take
key  on  wall, 5) get out fast and run down hall away from room, 6) do
NOT  go  back  to his room. 9. Go to locked rooms and explore. Grace's
room  is  the  one  with the two black hanging baskets. Save this room
till  last.  10.  Vault  -- take all the money that you can carry. 11.
Grace's Room -- look at Grace. Use talisman on Grace. Give Mosley mask
and  robe. Put on your mask and robe. Don't chit chat because Dr. John
will come for Grace and kill you. 12. Hounfour -- watch ceremony. When
Malia/Tetelo  goes  to sacrifice Grace, use the talisman on her. Throw
talisman to Mosley. When Malia/Tetelo tries to kill you, take the idol
and  smash  it.  You now have two choices you can 1) use the knife and
kill Mali a, or 2) take her hand and try to save her.

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