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     QUESTION:  How  do  I  make  camera  angle changes during Instant
Replays  affect  camera  angles  during game play? ANSWER: The default
camera  mode  can  only  be  modified while a play is in progress. The
default camera mode is the one that will be recorded to tapes.

     QUESTION:  You cannot put an injured player on the Disabled List.
ANSWER:  Players  can  only  be put on the DL when they are considered
seriously  hurt.  Check  the Team News to see the extent of a player's

     QUESTION:   Can   I   get  a  printout  of  all  the  statistical
abbreviations  used  in the game? ANSWER: The DATAIN help document can
be  printed  to  paper  or file. It includes a complete listing of the
data entry fields.

     QUESTION: How can I make the stats screen in the association menu
display  all  batters'  averages?  (They  do  in the Team stats menu.)
ANSWER:  This  is  set  by the Qualifiers option in the Select Players
dialog box. Players without sufficient playing time to qualify for the
League  lead in batting categories will not have their batting average
computed  unless  the  'All  Players' option is ch osen instead of the
'Qualifiers' option.

     QUESTION:  How  can  I  change the stats of individual players to
reflect  their real stats? ANSWER: You may edit individual players any
time  they are on a team. Simply go to the Team/Roster screen and Show
either  the Position Players or Pitchers roster. Then double-click the
player name to access the Player Data Edit screen.

     QUESTION:   How   can   I   save   different  'views'  or  column
combinations,  so  I  don't  have  to  go  through the 'Change Column'
procedure  to  view  different sets of stats? ANSWER:You cannot. While
you  may  customize the view of statistic information with the 'Change
Column' procedure, these changes may not be saved as default settings.

     QUESTION:  How  can  I  see  a 'League Leaders' report similar to
FPSFB   Pro?   ANSWER:   Go   to   Association/Statistics  and  choose

     QUESTION: How can I get the players to run out their ground balls
instead  of  head  for  the  dugout halfway down the baseline? ANSWER:
Players  will not run through a base unless they are within 20 feet of
that base when the putout is made.

     QUESTION:  How  can  I  speed  up  the  simulation?  ANSWER:  The
simulation  engine  for  this  game  is very resource-intensive. Every
movement  of  the  ball  in  the stadium must be simulated, with wind,
weather,  air  resistance,  spin and force vectors applied to it. This
results  in  an  astronomical number of calcu lations to recreate even
one game.

     With  Football  Pro  '95,  there  is  a 'FASTSIM' mode where game
results  are  generated  without  stats, but that is not an option for
Baseball  where stats are much more important. To maximize performance
of  the  game, use MS DOS SmartDrive disk caching and avoid using disk
compression  or software shells. Other than technical solutions, there
are no ways to speed up the simulation.

     We   suggest   you   balance   shorter   seasons  and/or  smaller
associations  between  player  development and season replay needs. If
player development is a prime concern, go for an association size that
will provide you with the most seasons in the quickest amount of time.

     QUESTION:  Why  do  wins  that  should  have gone to the starting
pitcher  go  to  the  closer? ANSWER: Rule 10.19 covers the wining and
losing pitchers. Section (a) states:

     'Credit  the  starting  pitcher  with  a  game won only if he has
pitched at least five complete innings and his team not only is in the
lead  when he is replaced but remains in the lead the remainder of the

Section (c) states:
     'When  the  starting  pitcher cannot be credited with the victory
because of the provisions of 10.19 (a) or (b) and more than one relief
pitcher  is used, the victory shall be awarded on the following basis:
(1)  When, during the tenure of the starting pitcher, the winning team
assumes  the  lead  and maintains it to the finish of the game, credit
the  victory  to  the relief pitcher judged by the scorer to have been
the  most  effective;  (4) The winning relief pitcher shall be the one
who  is  the  pitcher  of  record  when  his team assumes the lead and
maintains it to the finish of the game.
     Do not credit a victory to a relief pitcher who is ineffective in
a   brief   appearance,  when  a  succeeding  relief  pitcher  pitches
effectively  in  helping  his  team  maintain the lead. In such cases,
credit the succeeding relief pitcher with the victory.'

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