Freddy Pharkas : Frontier Pharmacist

Complete solution:


Talk talk talk:

     At the start of Freddy Pharkas you find yourself standing outside
Mom's  Cafe  so kick off by walking inside. Go and talk to Mom and the
chap  in  the kitchen to get the low-down on the local gossip and then
touch the cans in the foreground using the hand icon.

     Leave  the  cafe  and  walk  into  the  saloon next door. Talk to
everybody to obtain more information and then leave the saloon via the
back  door.  You now find yourself in a yard. Pick up the small yellow
bottle  lying  on  the  red coach seat and the icepick embedded in the
barrel left of the door.

     Walk  out  of  the  yard  between the coach and the house and you
arrive  outside  of  the church. Open the curch door by clicking on it
with  the  hand  icon.  Go  inside  and  click on the candles. Use the
glasees icon to examine the right-hand open door and take the key.

     Leave and walk between the house and the windmill tower to get to
the  main street. Go into Chester Field's Mercantile Store and talk to
Whittlin'  Willy.  When  you're  told  to help yourself take the brown
paper bag lying on the counter.

Home sweet home:

     Leave  the  shop  and  walk  to the right of the screen until you
reach the school house. Take the ladder from the school slide and then
walk  back  to  the  left  until  you  arrive at the pharmacy. Use the
pharmacy key in your inventory to open the door and walk inside. Click
the  hand  icon  on  the  hatch  at  he counter and your girl Penelope
appears.  She's  got  a horrible disease that she wants curing so take
the  prescription  that  she gives you. Read it (using your inventory)
and walk out to the back of the shop.

     You  now  need  to  use the Modern Guide to Health and Hygiene to
prepare  the  correct  compounds.  This  puzzle  section  of  the game
comprises  the copy protection system that Sierra has used. As such we
can't give you the solution because that would encourage piracy. Refer
to the version you got with the game.

Pick 'n' mix:

     Click  on  the shelves with the hand icon to make Penelope's cure
using  the  graduated  cylinder to get all the quantities right. Click
the  cylinder  on  a  medicine bottle. Cork the bottle and it's ready.
Take it out to your loved one who's still festering away in the shop.

     As  soon  as Penelope leaves the shop in comes Mom who also has a
prescription. Repeat the process as with Penelope to produce her cure.
When  Mom  leaves  Sadie  of  local  brothel  fame walks in. She has a
work-related  disease  that she wants sorted out but unfortunately you
can't  read  the  doctor's  handwriting on the prescription. Leave the
pharmacy  and  head  left  towards the saloon where the doctor usually
hangs out.

Doctor in a spin:

     When  you arrive at the saloon pick up the doc's whisky glass and
use  it  in  your inventory with the illegible prescription - move the
glass  around to read the writing. Speak to the doc and he informs you
that the prescription is wrong and gives you the correct one.

     Go  back  to  the  pharmacy  but  don't  make up the prescription
straightaway.  Go  into  the back room and head upstairs. Click on the
drawer  of the bedside table. Use the look icon and then take the key.
Click  on  the  trunk. Look inside it and take your cowboy outfit. Now
click  on  the dresser. Open and look in the drawer and take the claim
ticket before walking back downstairs.

A pain in the bum:

     Look  at  the small key from the bedside table and then use it on
your roll-top desk to open the desk drawer (you have to use it twice).
Look  in  the drawer. Take the letter and read it. Now make up Sadie's
prescription  and  put  all  the  papers in the prescription box. Give
Sadie her cure and wait for Smithie the Blacksmith to walk in.

     Poor  old Smithie has a sore backside and needs prescription G to
cure  it.  Luckily  you  have  some  at hand which you can find on the
left-hand  side  of  the display counter in the main part of the shop.
Give  him the little blue box that the preparation G comes in and take
the  cash  that he gives you in return. Just before the end of Act One
the  sheriff arrives and gives you some earache about fire prevention.
After he's got that over and done with save the game.


     At  the  start  of Act Two you find yourself standing outside the
Pharmacy.  Walk  to the left until you reach the closed up blacksmiths
shop  and  look at the wall to the left of the closed sign. You find a
leather  strap and length of rope which you should take. You also need
to  take  a piece of charcoal from the forge. Pick this up by pointing
at  it with the hand icon. You now have all the necessary materials to
make  yourself  a  gas mask. Within your inventory use the ice-pick on
the  bean  can.  Then use the charcoal on the bean can and finally use
the  leather  strap  on the bean can. This makes up the gas mask which
you  should  use whenever the game prompts you to do so. Save the game
now before you proceed.

Gas Leaks:

     On  your way back to the pharmacy you need to collect a sample of
horses  wind  for  analysis  back in your Dispensing Room. This can be
achieved  by  selecting  the  brown  paper bag from your inventory and
using  it on the horse just beneath its tail when it lifts the tail to
let  the  gas escape. The methane in the air is enough to have serious
consequences  on  the  inhabitants  of  the  region so you have to act
quickly  to  save  the  town. Once back in the Dispensing Room use the
bottle  of  elixir  in  your  inventory  with  the alcohol lamp on the
counter  and  then  light  the  lamp  with  the  matches. Move the gas
spectroscope until the centre of it is in front of the flame. Then use
the  brown  paper  bag  on  the  lamp. This produces a read out on the
spectroscope which can be analysed by comparing it with the flatulence
tintypes in Health and Hygiene page 39.

     Having found the correct cure make up the treatment following the
instructions  and put the solution into a medicine bottle and cork it.
Take  the  bottle  out of the pharmacy and select it in the inventory.
Use it on the horse trough in the main street. Save the town.

     Next you find yourself outside the pharmacy and a little boy runs
up  to  you to tell you there is a stampede heading for Coursegold and
that it's up to you to save the town yet again.

Stampeding Snails:

     Walk  left to the saloon and place the money in your inventory on
the bar. The barkeeper gives you a crate of beer which you take.

     Leave  the saloon and walk left past the closed blacksmith's shop
and  cross  the  bridge. The bridge looks dodgy and there is a warning
not  to  cross  it  more  than  three times but don't worry about this
because it doesn't fall down however many times you cross it.

     On  the  other  side  of  the river you see the stampeding snails
heading  towards you To divert their course use the church door key on
the  beer  bottles  in  your inventory and then use the bottles on the
abandoned  railway  line.  This  is all the persuasion that the snails
need to change direction.

     After  the snails have been dispensed with you have to rescue the
little  man  who has suddenly appeared on top of the anthill. This can
be  accomplished by placing the ladder from your inventory against the
anthill enabling the man to climb down. The little man is so eternally
grateful he agrees to work in the pharmacy for you.

     Leave the pharmacy and go back to talk to the bartender. He gives
you  a  clue about how the plot is going to progress from here. Return
over  the  bridge  and  collect  the ladder from the anthill. Save the

Where there's smoke:

     The  next  section needs to be completed quite quickly. Head back
into  town  and turn left up the road between the Assay Office and the
Schoolhouse.  When  you get to the Water Tower you should speak to the
people  there  and  then  you  need  to return to the pharmacy. Before
entering  you  find  several  sacks  of baking soda to the left of the
door. You need to take these.

     Go  into  the  Dispensing  Room and following the instructions in
Health  and  Hygiene  make up a solution of Bisalicylate Antitoxidene.
Take  this  back  to the Water Tower. Use the ladder on the right hand
side  of  the  tower  supports and then use the walk icon to climb the
ladder.  Pick  up  the ladder again and then use it to climb the tower
itself.  Within  your  inventory  use the hand icon on the rope and it
changes  into  a  lasso.  Use this on the metal pole on the top of the
tower and you are able to climb on to the roof. Crawl to the right and
you find a small hatch. Open the hatch with the hand icon and then use
the solution you created on the open hatch.

     To  tackle  the  fire  walk to the Schoolhouse and use the baking
powder  on  the  see-saw.  Save  the game now. Get on to the swing and
click  the  hand  icon  on  it to make it go higher. Once the swing is
going  fairly  quickly  click  on  the  roof of the Schoolhouse. After
several unsuccesful attempts ending up in the swamp or the side of the
building you should find yourself standing on the roof. Click the hand
icon on the left of the see-saw to throw the backing soda all over the

     Walk left from here until you get to the junction before the bank
and  down  off  the  bottom  of  the  screen. On the left you find the
brothel  and  after listening to the sheriff's conversation go inside.
Pick  the  french  postcards  up  from  the table and speak to all the
girls. When Sadie tells you to follow her off the left of the screen.


     Save  the  game.  Leave the pharmacy and collect the horse manure
that  is  in  the  street.  Walk left to the barber's shop and talk to
Salvatore.  Give  him the claim ticket and the French postcards and he
gives  you your boots and some Nitrous Oxide. Leave the shop and go to
the  graveyard.  Pick  up  the shovel you find there and use it on the
grave  of  Philip  D Graves. Get a handful of the clay you just dug up
then  retrieve your safety deposit key from the grave. Take the key to
the  bank.  Give  it  to  the  man  behind the counter and collect the
contents of the box.

     Go  to Mom's Cafe next and take a free cup of coffee. Before yhou
go  out  of  the  door  again  leave the horse manure on the floor. Go
through  the  saloon  next door to the yard. Get the pie from the cafe
window-sill  and  go  back through the saloon to the sheriff's office.
Talk  to  the  sheriff  and  give him the coffee and pie. In return he
gives  you  some bullets and a cleaning kit. Inside your inventory use
kit  and the bullets on the guns and then they are fully operative. Go
to the area just below the cemetery and you meet Srini for some target
practice. Before you start the practice save the game.

Bending your ear:

     Next  go  to  the  store  and talk to Willy. Then use the clay on
Willy.  He then gives you instructions on how to mould an ear. Go back
to  the  Dispensing  Room  and try using hand on clay. Wax on clay and
hand  on  wax.  When  you  get a message about wittlin' go back to the
store.  Willy is not there but you can take the knife that he has left

     Go back to the pharmacy and before entering the back room pick up
a  medallion  from  the  right-hand side of the back wall. Once in the
Dispensing  Room use the knife on the wax in your inventory to make an
ear  and  use  the clay on the wax to make a mould. Light the lamp and
use  the  flame to melt the medalion in the crucible. Heat the clay in
the same way and then use it on the crucible. Use the hand icon to get
the ear out of the mould and then use it on Freddy.


     Head off to the saloon and speak to everybody there. Use the look
icon to get a close-up of the riverboat gambler's hand. When you see a
third  hand coming up from beneath the table click on it with the hand
icon. From behind the table shoot the left-hand side of the brass foor
rail  beneath  the  bar.  This  should  alleviate  then problem of the
riverboat gamber.

     Leave  the  saloon  by  the back door and climb the stairs on the
left of the yard. Place the Nitrous Oxide canister on the balcony rail
and  go  back down to the yard. Walk out of here between the house and
the  coach  and  then  walk through below the cemetery. Walk down from
here  to  the  gazebo  opposite the brothel. Enter the gazebo and from
here you have a clear line of fire at the Nitrous Oxide canister. Save
the game and return to the main street.

In one ear ...:

     You  find  yourself  being  attacked  by four armed bandits. This
should not prove to be a problem as they are quite happy to be sitting
ducks  in  a shooting gallery. Having dealt with this interruption you
come  across  your old enemy Kenny the Kid You should attempt to shoot
him  but you end up with a bullet wound in your remaining ear. Get the
neckerchief  from  your  neck  and  use  it  on  your  ear to stop the

     You  find  yourself  transported  to  the Schoolhouse just at the
moment  you  are  entering  it.  Save  the game as soon as you get the
chance.  When Penelope requests that you drop your guns do so by using
the  hand  icon on your belt and then grab the slate from the table on
your left.

     When  you find Freddy tied up in the cellar click on him with the
hand icon until he falls over. Quickly click on the silver ear. Select
it  in your inventory and use it firstly on the ground and then on the
ropes.  You  now  make  a hasty escape up the stairs but meet Penelope
once  again.  When she grabs a sword you should take the other and sit
back and watch a fight to the death. Kenny then returns. You then have
to use the ear on him and the game is complete.

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