To  find  the  abort  codes  for  a nuclear warhead and find rent
money.  FoxHunt  is  an interactive movie game. You, the player, watch
the  movie  and  actually  alter  the  story line. When the hero, Jack
Fremont,  approaches  an  obstacle,  quickly respond with the cor rect
action  and proceed. Otherwise, your game may end on a most unpleasant
note.  There  will  be short segments where you cannot interact, so be
patient  and  pay  attention  to detail. Inspect all scenes carefully,
many  hold clues and necessary items. Also, b e sure to save your game
periodically.  This  way,  you  can  backtrack  any  mistakes  without
completely restarting.

Disk 1:
     Jack's  apartment- after looking around, within the alloted time,
make sure to collect the video book and some keys. The keys are hidden
in  the  chair. Just as your timer expires, Fat Freddie will enter the
scene.  It is not necessary to defeat him. However , remembering which
window he escapes from is a valuable piece of information.

     Back  room of Flower Shop- Jack wakes up from a knockout shot. He
must  find  the  taco  (spy  weapon)  and the CIA identification card.
Attempting  to  use  the computer or taking too much time will trigger
the end of the interactive portion of the scene.

     Jack's Apt. Pt #2- Make sure to pick up the knife (if you haven't
done  so  already)  and the bullet that is found on the table. You may
encounter  Fat  Freddie  once  again. When Frank enters the room, Jack
will  escape  safely,  if  he  exits through the same wind ow that Fat
Freddie did. Hospital Scene- Jack needs to find his way to the exit on
the  first  floor.  Starting  on  the  3rd, follow the hallway without
turning unnecessarily. When Jack reaches a 'T' intersection, turn (L).
Now,  follow  the  hallway  into  the  wa iting elevator. From the 2nd
floor,  turn  (R)  at  the  first  fork and keep following the hallway
without  making  any unnecessary turns. This will lead you directly to
the  next  elevator.  On  the 1st floor, continue straight through the
first intersection, turn (R) at the next, (L) at the next, and proceed
easily to the exit! Note: In Strategy Mode, there are only two floors.

     Venice  Stores/Fleurde  Spy-  Do not go directly into the waiting
car.  Inspect  a  nearby  vacation poster and note the number of grass
huts  in  it. Now, turn around and move forward into the 6 Hr. Express
delivery store.

Disk 2:
     Depending  on  your  previous  actions, Jack may go to either Las
Vegas or Aspen. Las Vegas- Jack must first battle some show-girls. The
first  two  can be defeated by doing nothing more than blocking. Punch
the  third  show-girl  once,  then continue with kicks o nly. The last
show-girl can be defeated by a simple block. Attack or block them when
they  begin  moving  or  when  their facial expressions change. Before
leaving  Las Vegas, you must go to another 6 Hr. Express store. Aspen-
Follow  the ski hut sign that corr esponds to the number of grass huts
that  were  in  the vacation poster outside the hospital. Move through
the  ski  gates  in  a  (L)/(R)  pattern  and  don't  miss more than 2
snow-boarders  if you want to pick up the gold medal. Immediately find
another 6 Hr. Express store.

     Note:  In  Strategy  Mode,  Jack  will always get the gold medal.
However,  you must still do well to reach the 6 hr. express. Las Vegas
pt  #2-  In  the  segment after speaking with Chauncy, you are working
against the clock. Find a blue feather, a bullet and a k nife (not too
important). The blue feather is placed randomly, the knife is inside a
red  book  that is hiding underneath some underwear, and the bullet is
found  in  a  bra.  If  you  are taking too long, continue through the
curtains  and  up  the  ladder to reset your time. Once up the ladder,
pick  up  a  gambling  chip and proceed to the rack of gambling chips.
Move  the  chips  to reveal some powder. Move the powder to reveal the
clue that tells which deck of cards to choose later on.

     Playing  Black  Jack-  Watch the clip from the video book, paying
attention  to  the man's actions. The CIA guy will instruct you on the
first  two hands. The third one is up to you. If the Wolf performs the
identical  movement  as  the  man  in  the  video  book, tak e a card.
Otherwise,  stand.  Winning 3 hands will take you to disk 3 ! Note: As
long  as the knife was attained in Jack's apt., you will automatically
move to disk #3, but you will have no money.

Disk 3:
     Fighting  in  the  final  stages- This is a difficult part of the
game  and may take a while to get through. You must battle both Alans,
some Russian wrestlers, a caveman, and Frank. When battling the Alans:
If  they begin to swing, block. If they wait (dumb b oxing type pose),
punch  or  kick. They are the toughest. In case you haven't noticed by
now,  Jack  is  really  good at kicking his opponents. The rest of the
battles  can be won by Jack's flurries of round-houses and leg sweeps.
Fox Hunt video game-- Shoot th e duck, not the foxes.

     The  chase in the tubes- The object here is to shoot the bad guys
ahead  of  you  and to avoid the gun-fire from behind. The trick is to
manuever the guys from behind you to in front of you while spinning to
avoid  their gun-fire. To get behind your opponent: turn down the tube
with the white light luminating from it, watch which way your opponent
turns, and follow. Now, shoot and destroy. Keep this up until the Wolf
is caught! You can now watch the Final Ending!

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