Formula 1 Grand Prix

Practice and qualifying:

     Long practice sessions are most beneficial. Setting up is vitally
important  at  the  higher  difficulty  levels  and  in  long practice
sessions  you  get fewer cars on the track so you get a better idea of
how your car is performing. Always use the set-up option to adjust one
option at a time to see how performance and handling are affected.

     The gears are the key to acceleration. Once you're happy with the
wings  you  can  adjust  the  ratios to give you an advantage over the
majority  of  cars.  There  are  advantages  to  both  long  and short
qualifying sessions. A five or ten-minute session means everyone tries
to  get  on the circuit at once and at best there is only time for two
qualifying  sessions.  The  fastest  drivers might not get the fastest
times because they are likely to get stuck behind the slower drivers -
this  might  work  for or against you. You just have to get out on the
track  first  and  clock  a  good  time.  In a long qualifying session
everyone gets a much better chance.

     Watch  how  the  other  drivers are performing on the accelerated
time  view  and spot the best ones. After you've got a good qualifying
run  watch  how the other cars deal with the bends chicanes and slower
drivers. When you've learnt the best tactics and are out qualifying in
earnest  watch out for cars which have finished qualifying and heading
back  to the pits because they won't be too bothered about letting you

Driving Tips:
Carry on reading ....

Choosing tyres:
     Not  surprisingly  it's  important  that you get the right tyres.
Qualifying  tyres will definitely survive one lap and may even survive
a  second. Generally A and B tyres are for experienced drives while Cs
are best for most drivers.

     A  and  B tyres should last the entire race providing your set-up
is  right  but  if  you danage a wing and have to enter the pits for a
replacement you lose your advantage.

     C  tyres  are perfect for slow circuits and long races. With them
you should only have one pit stop in a long race.

     D  tyres  are  good  for races under 20 laps - any longer and you
have too many pit stops for you to have an advantage.

     If  you're  not  good enough to make first place on the grid just
put  your  foot down and get going. If you're further back you have to
know  the  circuits and take every opportunity to overtake other cars.
For  example at Montreal thgere;s a hairpin bend immediately after the
pit  straight.  All  the cars bunch up along its outside edge and then
cut across the apex. You can gain several places by zooming around the
inside line - just make sure you stay on the track.

     On  the  straights  you  can take advantage of slip-streaming but
don't  take  unnecessary  risks  which  could put you out of the race.
Don't  be  afraid  to back off if you get too close when approaching a
corner  - better safe than sorry. Bide your time on slow circuits when
there are few places to overtake.

Back markers:
     These  slow-coaches  refuse to let you pass so you've just got to
put your foot down and try to get past as soon as you can. If possible
make your move just before a corner so that any cars following you get
stuck  behind  the  back  marker  and  you  can  get further ahead and
hopefully on to win the race.

Spin gear:
     If  you  spin  off the track your wing mirrors won't show you all
the  cars coming up behind you. Select spin gear and then switch to an
external  view  so  you  can  get  safely back on to the track without
having to worry about being hit by another car.

Cheating in qualifying:
     If  you  have  selected  two cars concentrate on one as your main
driver  and  make  sure  you  secure  a good qualifying time. With the
second driver trundle round the circuit the wrong way and when you see
a  PC  controlled  car  crash  into it. This is a recognised technique
among  certain  well-known  F1  drivers. Try to cause a big pile up of
cars  in  the same place. This confuses the marshalls so it takes them
longer to clear up the mess and the more powerful cars are less likely
to  secure  good qualifying times. It's all good dirty underhanded fun
and if it helps you win the race ...

Cheating at Spa:
     Don't bother qualifying and start the race in 25th position. Head
into  the  put  lane when the race starts. Turn the pit-call light off
and  put  your foor to the floor. When you exit the pits you should be
in  first  place.  The  only trouble is that the second car is still a
back marker so you have to work hard to move it up the field.

Cheating with chicanes:
     Cars  don't  get  damaged  when they bounce over the ground which
means  that  you can gain seconds by driving straight over chicanes at
tracks  such as Montreal Hockenheim and Monza. Fly through the chicane
at  high speed and when your car lands on the grass drop down a couple
of gears and accelerate away.

     You  can  gain an advantage by pushing back markers into the path
of  other  cars.  Get  right  alongside  the car you want to nudge and
strike a glancing blow but try not to get your wheels tangled with the
other  car's.  Should this occur spin wildly off the course explode in
an atractive ball of flame and take up needlework instead.

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