Level 1: Static


     1.  Fly  south east direct below the trees at the start. You will
find a lot of ammo.

     2.  Destroy  the  first  target and then fly north west along the
rocks.  You  will  get to a kind of canyon. Enter it and you will find
lots of missiles.

     3.  Now  fly  to  the  landing  place. From there fly south east.
Behind  a  group  of palms you will find a bassin of the valley with a
shield restore.

     Tip: After you have destroyed the second target, fly to the west.
Below the trees you will find some hidden shield recharges.

Level 2: Hot Cargo


     After  you  have unloaded the containers three times, fly back to
the  pipeline,  beam  back to the other sector and fly the way back to
the starting point. You will now find a new farcaster. Use it and pick
up  all  people in this secret area. One guy has to b e bombed free in
one of the power towers. Beware of the glider.

     Tip: Shot the ventilator tower to get another three container

Level 3: New Order


     1.  After  you have completed the mission, say you have found the
last  three  crashed guys, fly to the final landing place and then fly
south  and search the rocks for an entry to the secret place. You find
a double shield.

     2. The second secret place is right north form the landing place.
It is just a steel plattform guarded by a naughty glider.

     Tip: One of the temple look-alikes near to the final tower stores
a shield restore.

Level 4: Frost Bite (1 secret missing)


     1.  After  you have completed the mission, fly back to the second
sector,  a  new  farcaster  has  been installed. It will beam you to a
secret place.

Level 5: Thin Air


     1. Fly south along the rocks after you have destroyed the last target.

     2.  After  you have destroyed the large ship fly west up till the
end  of  the corridor. First you will find a ring with goodies, behind
that there now is a secret niche.

     Tip:  After  you  have  picked up the first guy, fly to the rocks
next  to  the  landing  place.  Some air mines will now crash into the
rocks.  Activate  the turbo before you let your passenger get out. Fly
as fast as you can to the upper right end of this sector.

Level 6: Insurrance

     1. Clear the second sector then fly back to the first sector. You
will  find  a  new farcaster that will send you to a secret place with
lots of swarmer ammo.

     2. Destroy all buildings in the last sector, fly back one sector,
and now you will find one wall craked down between two towers. Besides
some  air  mines attacking you you will find missile ammo and a shield

     3.  After  you  have cleared both secret areas and have destroyed
all  buildings  in  all  sectors,  fly back to the mission end landing
zone.  Now  fly  exactely in the wrong direction, this means the arrow
must  be  in  your back. A new corridor has opend up with a large ship
and lots of goodies.

Level 7: Fire and Ice (1 secret missing)


     1.  Blow  up  the two building complexes that look like a octopus
and  fly  to  the  south.  Now  there is a new open area with a secret

Level 8: Jump the Gun (1 secret missing)


     1.  Before  entering  the  third  sector search in the west for a
passage to a secret place. Lots of ammo there.

Level 9: No Escape


     1.  If  you  follow  the  escaping glider down the corridor, turn
right  and  then  turn  right at the next possibility again. This is a
secret place with some gliders and some ammo in it.

     2.  Right at the end of the course that the escaping glider takes
there  is  a  secret place on the right. Here you will find the "Chaos
Works" power up.


     The  escaping  glider  takes the same course every time. Learn it
and  follow  him with turbo on. The best weapons here are the missiles
and the swarmers. Use the missiles first.

Level 10: Cool surface (1 secret missing)


     1.  After  you  have  beamed  the second person on board, he will
update your map. Fly as far as possible to the north, where there is a
secret snow plateau with lots of goodies on it.

     2. After you brought the guy with the bomb to his desired pplace,
fly  to the west and fly along the 'gras' uo to the top untill you get
to  a  new  installed  farcaster. Shoot all bubbling plants and a well
armed area will open up on the bottom.


     After  you have rescued the last guy (the one behind the air mine
field)  he will tell you that the bomb he is carrying has already been
activated.  Fly  in  tubo speed to the south west, land the glider and
take  off  immedeately  and  fly  in turbo mode to the r ight and land
again.  Now  be  carefull  when  taking off, because there is a cannon
right next to the place on the left.

Level 11: AKA Future Strike


     1.  Before  you  use  the now unlocked farcaster and fly long the
rocks as far as possible to the south. He a secret place is located.

     2.  The  second  secret area is about north west of the farcaster
with the three turrets and is guarded by some gliders.

Level 12: Mudskipper


     1.  After  you  have killed the second large ship fly all the way
back  to  the  south. A secret area is now accessable and you can find
the  Chaos  Works power up here. Attention: This place is well guarded
by another large ship and an air mine field.

     2.  Destroy the last target and the fly left and you will be in a
battle  with a black large ship. Fly into the area behind the pipeline
and here is another secret place.

     3.  Collect  all containers, but before returning to base fly all
the  way up to the north on the right side of the river. You will find
a  new  farcaster.  Use it and pick up the guy in the secret area. Fly
down  south  in  that  place  and  bring  the man to the sh ip. But be
carefull. After he has entered the black ship, he will begin to attack
you. After the fight another ammo field is available.

Level 13: Melttown

     Secrets:  (these  are  hardly  to  describe,  since  there are no
usefull orientation points)

     1.  After  you  have  survived  the first air mine field and have
picked  up  Lt.  Stark,  don't follow the arrow now, but fly on to the
north  west. You will get to a turret. No fly along the brown rocks to
the  south west untill you reach a steel platform with th ree temples.
Blow  up these temples and now search for a forcaster, that will bring
you  to  a  secret place. (I know, quite unpractable, but how should I
describe it?)

     2. After the rescue of Dr. Welby fly along the rocks on the left.

     3.  After you have killed the very large ship, discover the whole
area. In the south west you will find a secret canyon.

Level 14: Mission X (1 secret missing)


     Well,  I  am  not  sure,  if  you have the time to search for the
secret  places,  but  they  are  packed with shield restore and energy
power ups.

     1.  After  you have beaten the first large ship, a farcaster will
be installed two sections before that.

     2.  Perhaps  you  have seen the second door in the section before
all the sabotage trouble begins. This one opens after you have cleared
three sections of the sabotage area.

     3.  Didn't  find  it,  but  I am quite sure that it will open up,
after you have destroyed the second large ship.


     Well,  the  most  important  fact  in  this  level is the loss of
energy. First I lost my head an flew around like a crazy fly. But also
in  the sabotage sectores you first have to clear the entire sector or
use  the  switch to go on in the game. So stay cool, the re are enough
power  ups  and  shield  restores  placed  in  these sectors. Only use
effective heavy weapons, because you do not have both the time and the
energy for long battles.

Level 15: Watchdog


     1.  Clear  the third sector anf fly to the entrance of the fourth
sector.  Nor  turn  right into the opposite direction of the arrow and
fly  with  the  arrow in your back. You will get to an air mine field.
Behind that you will discover a secret area.

     2.  After you have destroyed all ground and air weapons in sector
four, go back one sector, where you will find a new farcaster.


     Be  carefull: When you get the order to go on to the next sector,
it does not mean that you have cleared the sector !

Level 16: Runaway (1 secret missing)


     1.  Guide  the  brabe  to  the end of the river, on the left side
there is a secret area with some goodies.

Level 17: One way out


     1.  There  is a room that closes the door behind you and you have
to destroy all enemies to open the door up again. Return to this place
after you have pressed the switch in the next sector.

     2.  Destroy the first large ship and shoot the walls right to the
tower with the purple points on it. Fly into the new hole and you will
get to an secret area. Shoot the bunkers in there.


     Be  carefull  after  you  have found the second secret place. You
will fly into an air mine field that did not exist on the way there.

Level 18: Tool of War (1 secret missing)


     1.  The first secret place is right south from the beginning, but
you will have to win the first air-land-battle before it will open up.

     Well,  this  is  the  result  of my first confrontation with Fire
Fight  and  the  secrets  that  I found by chance. No, that's a lie: I
tried hard to find all secrets, but I didn't manage it. If someone has
found  the  one  or  the  other  secret  that is not in my list , feel
invited  to  send them to the DIRTY LITTLE HELPER to complete the list

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