Fighting Vipers

The Fighting Vipers Picky FAQ

by Jason "Deal With It" Jamieson
made 1-22-96 

     This  FAQ  is  the  the  direct  property of Jason "Deal With It"
Jamieson  and  if  I  find it defaced anywhere else on the internet, I
will  get pissed and find any FAQ's that he/she wrote, deface them and
post  them  anywhere  I  can put them. Heed my words, or I will punish
you,  because  I  am the law...Oops, I got carried away in the moment.
Anyway, you get the idea.

 Picky's guide| 

     The  game  Fighting  Vipers  reminded  me  quite  a bit of Virtua
Fighter  with  rings, and the ability to knock the opponent out of the
ring at the end of the fight. It looks and feels like Tekken2, though.

 Picky's current list of moves & combos | 

Board slap: B, F, F, P
Upper hi-spin: U/F, P+K+G
Wall smack: P+G up close to wall
Backflip: U/B
Triple stomp: D+K,K,K
Double stomp: D+K,K
Single stomp: D+K
Slide under crotch: While blocking, D+P+K+G (B+K for a muel kick)
Knee: G+K
Air glove: (Opponent is in the air) F+P+K+G
Dash air: F, F+P+K+G
Ring Leap: U2, P  (U+P to dive)
Overhead throw: F+P+G
Sweep kick: D+K
Jab punch: F+P
Super slide: while running, D/F+K
Downed attack: When enemy is on ground, U+P
Frankensteiner: In air on opponent, D+P+K+G
Jump off ring: Do a backflip (U/B)+P or K
Ground board: When opponent is down, D+P
Kung Lao throw: B, F, P+G
Release Armor: B,F,B,F,P+K+G
Tackle: P+G near wall
Double knee: B,F,K
Air grab: in air, B+P+K+G
Back Suplex: behing opponent, G+P


Super knee: B+K (Counter)
Super uppercut: B+P (Counter) 

 Combos | 

P,P (Left Right)

P,P,P (3 hit board slap)
P,D+K (Punch/sweep)
P,K (P/K combo)
P,P,K,K (2 punch, high kick into roundhouse)
P,P,K (2 punch, high kick)
P,P,U/F+K (2 punch, flip stomp)
K,K (high kick into roundhouse)
K,K,D+K (high kick into roundhouse sweep juggle)
D/F, P, K (Uppercut into roundhouse juggle) 


F+P,P,P (2 punch into head smack)
P,P,K,G+K (2 punck into high kick into knee)
F+P,P,K (2 punch into flip throw)
SU, P,P,K,K,D+K,D+K,K,K, (Super uppercut into 2 punch into 
high kick into roundhouse into sweep juggle into triple stomp) 

 Picky Vs... | 

     Bahn:  No  real  pattern  here.  Wait  for the attack , Guard and
counter.  Easy as pie. This would be the stage where you practice your

     Grace:  I  found her hard. First off, BLOCK LOW!! She will almost
always  go  for  a  sweep. Block low, then counter W/A P,K combo. That
will  knock  her  off.  Then  continue  the  pattern.  When she starts
blocking, switch to a different combo. She should be easy as well.

     Picky:  Be  ready  with  the quarters. He is rather annoying with
that  crotch slip move. If he does it, turn around as fast as you can.
Whenever  he goes for a super, hold B+G and when it is launched do the
super  of  your  choice  OR  do  a  wall throw. Be prepared to do some
jumping  on  this  guy, since he will just do a crotch slide on you to
piss you off.

     Tokio:  He  has  a  couple of nice secrets to him. He will almost
always  do  a  sweep combo on you. Just duck and guard. When you get a
free  chance, do a super on him to wear down his armor. When his armor
is gone, 2 super knees will do the trick.

     Sanman:  He  is  cumbersome. He will try to do his Fetus throw on
you. If he tries, dash away, dash in and do a wall throw in him. If he
gets  out of it, go for a super. If he dodges that, do a simple combo.
He is another hard one.

     Raxel:  The  guitar  pickin  lobo  is a little tough, but not too
much.  Just  start  out  with  a  wall throw and you are off to a good
start.  Keep  throwing  him  any way that you can. He shouldn't be too

     Jane:  She  is  rather tough. Go for different level combos. This
will throw her sense off balance so you can do a super on her.

     Candy:  Go nuts. Attack her any way you can. If she blocks, block
and super. Real easy.

     B.M.(Big  MotherF): He is one tough mother, so be persistent! Hit
punch  as  rapidly  as you can!!! If he throws a super, counter with a
super. Remember... Be persistant!!

 Updational fortitude for Picky| 

 I need combos damnit!  I have all his special moves!!!! 

Finished.  For the time being.
Deal With It!

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