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Мини-обзоры посетителей об игре FIFA 2006

Автор: D.J. -the Madman- L. Junior
FIFA 2006 is plain great and a heck of a lot better than Pro Evo Soccer. Okay, the graphics may not be as cool, but 27 divisions are loads of teams, from Barnet to Brazil, all fully licensed. Also, the profile adds a more unique and in depth single player mode to it and there are loads of challenges to keep you busy. If that wasn't enough there are also masses of tournaments and really in-depth and realistic manager mode. The commentary and player details are also realistic. If you're into music you won't be disappointed. The playlists are great. All in all this a brilliant, realistic and addictive game: SIMPLY UNMISSABLE!

Автор: GOX1991
Yeah, FIFA 2006 is a good game... but:
  1. The career mode is bad! Who cares about the coach? It would be better a custom character career to become a legend.
  2. The game engine isn't very real, I've never seen any real match where 9 players run after the ball, they don't respect their positions. And sometimes you have to confront like 8 defenders that are running after the ball. That's not right, that's not real - that something that happens in a school match.
  3. The rating of each player decrease for inactivity. How can a superstar decrease from 95...96 70 in 1 or 2 matches?
  4. The technique of the players doesn't work very well - it's not lucid, it's very slow.
  5. Free kicks are bad!
  6. Some of the moves like fake shoot seems like a street fighter moves. WTH! It's a football game (that's the name of the sport all over the world).
  7. Custom players editor isn't very good.
  8. You can't play career mode in multiplayer...and that is bad! It is supposed to be a team game.
  9. There's nothing, but a newspaper pic when you win a league or tournament. That is bad! Where's all the party? Or at least, a player standing with the cup?
  10. The music is not as cool as FIFA 2005. It would be nice a FIFA reaper for custom music.
This comment may be offensive for some die hard fans of FIFA 06, but this comments are just intended for improve and have a better game in the future. We are the players and we love football, we like FIFA games, and we just want to have an extraordinary videogame of the best sport in the universe.

Автор: Benzini
I am a die-hard FIFA fan and despite the liquid-real ball movement in Pro Evo, still believe the FIFA series to remain on top. The licensing and overall realistic feel to matches keep the FIFA noses in front, not to mention the ton of teams, players and unlockables. However, when will they put the excitement back in the game:
  1. Direct freekicks are mere impossible. What are you aiming at? Go back to the FIFA 2003 version and it's much more enjoyable and you look forward to taking a FK, not just feel hard-done by the fact that your goal-scoring opportunity has gone astray because of a lazy defender.
  2. When will we ever be able to beat players, rather than have to pin point through balls and passing all the time. There's no I in team, but sometimes you just want to do a Thierry Henry gallop.
  3. I think it takes the mick, that someone like Michael Owen can't out-run a player like Lucas Neil. Come on, FIFA, let Owen's pace be his weapon, not his tool.
  4. Give the computer some A.I. I'd love to see Chelsea make a double-change sub, just because I'm whipping them.
  5. Manager mode has never done it for me. Project some realism in the transfer market, have the top teams sign the top players, and have the difficulty determined by how well you played last match and whom your opposition is in the forthcoming match. Give the player more rewards than a couple of fan-shop points and a poor tabloid clipping.
  6. This brings me smartly onto the Fan-shop. Get rid of it. It's frustrating enough, having to play in boring leagues like Belgium, Japan and Afghanistan, just to unlock something as boring as a ball. Come on, we haven't got the memory or patience to win everything so give it to us. We should be playing the game lots because of how good it is; how gripping the matches are; NOT because we want that Bundesliga stadium or Southend's third kit.
  7. Finally, if you're going to use soundtracks, spend some hard money on some decent tunes (Beautiful day, by U2!!).
On a positive note there are some very good things about FIFA, other than the better graphics and licenses and stadiums.
  1. The FIFA flashbacks are great.
  2. The old-school FIFA 94, is a nice touch.
  3. The dummies the players can make, although difficult to implement.
  4. The commentary. Clive Tyldsley is Top Notch.
  5. The "Back Of The Net" effect, is more realistic and much more satisfying.
  6. The momentum traffic-light indicators, that beautifully dictate advances in play and which team appears to own the upper hand.
Keep up the work, and improve where possible. Cheers. Ben

Автор: MalaB
My FIFA 2006 comments.
  1. The career mode has been improved on with the addition of sponsorship, and wages. Who needs multiplayer in career mode? That doesn't make any sense. It is perfect how it is.
  2. There are no matches where 9 players go after the ball. Your exaggeration makes me think you watch too many school matches.
  3. The rating of players does decrease through inactivity which is understandable. One has to play in the real world to remain top notch so its good they copied that into the game, and again no player drops from 95 to 70 in 1 or 2 matches, you need get do something about your eyes.
  4. Taking free kicks is more difficult than previous FIFAs, which is good, it takes calculation on your part instead of kicking the ball at a spot.
  5. Things like fake shot aren't as bad as you claim, but, it is quite useless though.
  6. The music differs from 05. So what, you cant expect them to use the same music. Whether or not you like it depends on your taste.

Автор: crico
I would have to say that overall FIFA 06 doesn't live up to the versions that have come before it. The gameplay is NO WHERE near as good as FIFA 2005 - so what gives??? It makes you wonder if this version was rushed onto the shelves before it was fully completed?? There are a few minor improvements, and "off-field" there is a lot more to the game, but this doesn't make up for the severe loss of game-playability.
E.G. The movement of players in the game isn't realistic like FIFA 05, in that all the players just chase after the ball and move out of position leaving big gaps to be exploited by the opposition. The free kicks are a joke - never the same twice and it is almost impossible to score from them. If you slide tackle and get it wrong by a slight fraction, then your player will be sent off - no but's. Your players ratings plummet if they are on the bench and don't get a game - but if you have 7 players on the bench and only able to make 3 substitutions... go figure! Overall there have been some slight improvements, but doesn't compare to FIFA 2005. They made a boo-boo on this one. DONT BUY IT!!!

Автор: k-dog
Come on! Yes, FIFA 2006 is very different from previous versions, but it's still the BEST football game out there. I've only just bought it and find the gameplay difficult to work out. I admit they could have made it more user-friendly for the controls, but who cares. The graphics are TOP quality, the players react and move realistically and the game can be played at a much faster pace than ever before. EA games have made this the top notch football game. Pro Evo reminds me of playing games on the good old hard drive. It NEVER has been better than FIFA and PROBABLY NEVER WILL. You people just don't like it because you can't make stupid runs from your net to the goal and plant it in and end up with a score line like 15 nil! FIFA 06 takes a lot of time to get used to but the rewards are unbelievable. Peace...

Автор: Vaz
I can't believe people are complaining about the realism... I believe FIFA 2006 is a huge jump from all other soccer games. Yes, certain things like... not being able to transfer good players in manager mode because the freaking manager does not have enough respect points is pretty unbelievable. Transfer has a lot more to do with the club, transfer fee and player's salary than with the manager of the club. In game realism is neat. Unlike what other people say, free kicks are very possible. For me, one in about eight go straight into the goal and two out of eight hit the bar. Faking the computer up to professional level is very possible if you get the timing right. FIFA 2006 is the game to master simply because it is very difficult to master. Play it not to win fan shop points. Play it because its football... Damn, good football!

Автор: dangeon
The only thing I used to enjoy in FIFA is career mode. CAREER MODE!!! It's supposed to be all about MANAGER stuff: I'd like to WATCH how my team is playing and make changes in tactics, substitutions, etc during the game. Now I can make pre-game orders, sim game and pray that these orders will make sense. The only way to manage my team during the game is PLAYING: why MUST I play instead of my players?? I'm not into that... Does coach go on the pitch and order every player how to pass, dribble or shoot? Nonsense! So, a little bit disappointed about that, but everything else - super!

Автор: Zico
If you've played the actual game at a competitive enough level, you'd have to admit that this video game version of the real thing is really close to the real thing. Watch some premier league games, you might learn how to play the video game. It's tough, but so is the real thing. I just don't like my controller/joy stick, but that's not the game's fault. Have blown way too many through runs because of it. FIFA 2006 is a great game!

Автор: brando
Ok, everyone has their own opinions on everything, some bad and some good, but I really think FIFA 06 is an excellent must play game. I've read most of the comments on this game and they say stuff like "shooting is impossible" and "direct kicks are a waste of time and are also impossible." Ok, in game modes there is a pratice mode where you can dee-dee-dee PRACTICE!!! Hmmm... It works! When I purchased the game the first thing that I did was practice. Direct kicks are actually pretty easy, most of mine about 4 out of 10 go in, and then if they don't usually hit the bar I can get the rebound and score - it's really not that hard. In practice modes you can do -a free practice -practice direct kicks -practice in-direct kicks -corners -and more drills. Then some comments said that there are 7 players on a bench in manager mode and you can only make 3 substituions... if you don't know - IT'S A RULE, watch a world cup match, read a rule book, do something, go kill yourself cause you obviously do not know soccer. I think the game is great overall, fairly realistic, manager mode is excellent and there are loads of teams to choose from. FIFA 2006 is a must buy game!

Автор: arsenal49er
I did not get a chance to play FIFA 2005 on NGC because none seemed to be available overseas. I did however purchase FIFA 2006 and play almost everyday in manager mode. I do agree that on more difficult settings it is hard to touch the ball for more than 2 seconds without at LEAST 3 defenders all over you, and the computer almost always goes for crosses to a player downfield that you can't even see which is also wide open and your team goalkeeper cannot seem to stop anything. I also don't like that fact that you spend money on staff members that don't seem to do any real good to anything. The players do not get better or worse when you upgrade, it really just depends on the rating system after the game, which also doesn't make any sense. How can your keeper have a bad game if he stopped at least 3 shots and had a clean sheet? How can your defenders have perfect 100 scores after games? Does each defender have to stop shots? Lets not forget if you play aggressive, you don't allow the opposing team to get close to your net anyway with your midfielders, and your defenders have a lousy game because of that. It is impossible to finish with the same team members you start out with because most of them will only be as good as a 70 with perfect games. You have to either keep loaning them out or get rid of them, which always drops team chemistry and is hard to get back up regardless of how many cups you win. I must say that after playing FIFA 2004 it is a big dramatic change for the better. Hopefully FIFA 2007 will have better real life action. Interviews after games, more team news, more than one celebration when winning the league or a cup. Thanks for reading :)

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