FIFA 2000

Beat the Defense:
     When  you  want  to  get  around the defense press the "w" button
really quick and you will fly past.

Score an Easy Goal:
     To  score  an easy goal, move to one side and then go back to the
other side and shoot. The goalie will usually not get it.

Code                    Result 
MOMONEY                 Unlimited Funds 
HOOLIGAN                Bonus Teams 
BURNABY                 EAC Pitch 
SIZZLE                  Lightning Mode 
DIZZY                   Alien Mode 
LIGHTSOUT               Glow Mode 

Black & White mode
     Choose two classic teams to play whith and screen will turn Black
& White.

Orange mode
     Choose  one classic and one "original" team to play whith and the
screen will turn Orange.

     Tip:  In FIFA, the program rewards goals and opportunities to the
player  who  puts on the most pressure. Ball possession, time spent in
the offensive zone, and a large number of shots on goal (no matter how
weak   they   may   be)   all   contribute  to  the  ease  with  which
program-controlled  defenses break down and shots find the back of the

     Tip: Resist the urge to wildly switch players when under pressure
in  your  own  zone. Instead, maintain control of one player and press
button  3  (the  "gentle" tackle button) in rapid fashion. Because the
program  itself moves players to mark the ball carrier, any player who
comes in contact with the ball will be ready to steal it.

     Tip:  One  of the best ways to move a ball around a tight defense
is the button 1 lob pass, simply because nobody can steal it when it's
in mid-air. Also, your intended recipient will almost always have more
time,  and  experience  less  defensive  pressure,  when  moving  into
position for a slow aerial ball than for a streaking ground ball.

     Tip: Once you're reasonably competent, set the referee strictness
to  Maximum.  AI-controlled teams are usually quite aggressive, as are
most new human players.

     Tip:  If you're sprinting into the box with a defender nipping at
your toes from behind, don't shoot. Instead, let him drag you down--he
almost  always  will--and  you'll reap the benefits of a penalty kick.
Your  chances of scoring from the spot are infinitely better than when
you're hurtling in with defenders all around.

How to score an easy goal
     When  you're  inside  the penalty area alone with your opponent's
goalie,  push the CTRL button quickly when the keeper is going down to
take the ball. If you do it right and your timing is right you'll jump
over the keeper and you can just walk with the ball into the goal.

How to make your opposition score a goal
     Do  the  same  thing,  just  stop  the  ball  on the line. Then a
defender will tackle you and you know the rest.

How to score on free kicks right outside the penalty area
     Tap  the DOWN button two times. DON'T PUSH, just tap it. Then add
maximum  ballspin  at  the  outside of the wall. DON'T MOVE THE AIMING
ARROW!!!  Press  S until the green arrow is full. 95% of my free kicks
taken like this go in.

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