Solve for Fascination

     This  was  a  pretty weird game, but since it's been so damn slow
lately  with  the releases I figured what the hell, I'll try anything.
Anyway, here is the solution to the game(from memory):

Part 1:The hotel

     To  open the suitcase use the code AARGH. Open the drawer next to
the fridge and put the adapter in the socket. Plug the toothbrush plug
into  the adapter and turn the brush on and take the vials.Now put the
adapter  back in the drawer. Open the fridge and hide the vials in the
icecube  tray.  Fill  the  tray with water from the pitcher. Close the
fridge  and  plug the cable in the socket to turn it on. Now go to the
lobby  and  get  the  keyring  from  the  table and the token from the
ashtray.  Give  the  keyring to the receptionist and she'll give you a
pool key. Click on the phone directory which is below the porn mag and
write  down the phone number you find which changes from game to game.
Also  flip  through the porno and on one of the pages make note of the
torn  corner  and write down those 3 numbers. Go back to your room and
make  a  phone call using the number you found in the directory. Write
down  the  code  you're  given.  At the pool talk to prisca to get the
flashlight.  To  get the pendant, switch on the pool light which is to
the  right  of  the  barmaid,  and it will appear on the bottom of the
pool. Talk to the barmaid and choose cofee. Take some of the sugar for
later on. Go into the locker room, and use the pool key on the locker.
To  open  the  battery compartment of the walkman, use the token on it
and then take the batery.

Part 2: Q.U.L

     Go  to  the office, and give the sugar cube to the dog, then take
the  storeroom key. At the parking lot, unlock the storeroom door, and
use  the flashlight to search the closet. All the way to the mid-right
is a hook. Push it and everything will be clear. Take the car key from
the  pocket. Use the car key in the red car. Talk to the bum. Kick the
tire.Take the keycard from the car seat. Make another phone call using
the token, and make not of the 3 digit # you are given. Go back to the
parking  lot  and  use  the  keycard in the slot and then enter that 3
digit  number.When  you  see  the  dead guy, click around his hand and
you'll  see  he  has a napkin and take the microcassette inside it. On
one  of  the  books  there's a spring. When you press it, a cable will
appear.  Pull the cable and take the recorder. Press the button on the
right tit, and play the cassette in the recorder.

Part 3: Lingerie/Lab

     Take  the  news.(You  should  have 6 newspapers by the end of the
game).  Go  into  the  middle  booth and open the shoebox and take the
shoe.From  the third booth make your way to the private door. When you
open  it,  you'll  notice  a  bell on top. Make sure to take it before
going in.Unroll the picture of the guy, and take the padlock key. Also
take  the  magnetic  label on the top-left hand side.Move the packages
till  you  find  the safe. Open the lock with the key. Use the shoe on
the  bar.  Use  the  magnetic  label  on  the  safe  to  open  it. The
combination is DOC (make sure you turn the knob after each letter). In
the lab, take the scalpel from the set of instruments. Take the closet
key  and  gas mask from the labcoat. Use the closet key in the closet,
and  take  the photo. Smash the jar with the 2 vials with the shoe and
take  'em.  Rewind  the  answering machine and then play it. Rewind it
again  and press the erasure button so no one finds out.Go back to the

Part 4: The Hotel

     In  your  room  take the box of chocolates and the club-label pin
which  is  on  the carpet. Click on the glass bottle on the table. Use
the  phone to call the receptionist(press 0). Go down and convince the
inspector  that  you're  clean.  Use the following response:1-2-1-2-1.
Take  the  newspaper. After he's gone you'll notice a slip of paper on
the  floor. These are the last 4 digits of Lou Dale's phone # (the 1st
3  are  from  the porn mag). Go to your room and call that number. For
more information, consult the directory.

Part 5:Chemistry time

     Search  the  car,  and note all the clues. Take the 10 bucks from
the wind- shield wiper. Get the news from the trash can. Put the photo
in  the slot below the door. Use the scalpel in the keyhole, and click
back on the slot. In the kitchen, first open all the cabinets.Take the
cloth  and wet it by running the faucet and using it on the water.Wear
the  mask  and use the detergent,caustic soda and ammonia in the basin
to cause toxic fumes. Open the hatch all the way and then click on the
basin.  Quickly  fit  the  damp  cloth in the slot where the fumes are
seeping  through  to protect yourself. When you talk to Lou Dale, take
the ring. Now go visit Kenneth Miller at the Red Blue Club.

Part 6:Miller=Archie

     Take the news from the garbage to the right. Give the bouncer the
club label pin and the 10 dollars and he'll let you in. Talk to Miller
using  the following responses:1-2-1-2-1. When you're in bed, give him
the chocolates.Notice that his tattoo says he's really Archie. You can
also  use  your  pendant  on his. Take the ring from his hand and then
enter  the  other room. Talk to the parrot and take the cigar from his
mouth.  Also  take  that  little  net  from  on the ground. Switch the
fishtank  light  on and click on the seashell. Use the seafood you see
there  and  click it on to the shell. Use the net on the shell to take
the  pearl.  Take  the eyepatch from the head and fit the pearl in the
eye.  Stick  the  cigar in the head's mouth. Click on to the panel and
use Archie's stamp ring on the print.

Part 7:The Mansion

     To    convince    the    man    you're    innocent,    use   this
response:1-2-2-1-2-1.At  the  bathroom  take  the  syringe  out of the
wastebasket  and  then  open  the jar with the two eyes in it. Use the
syringe  on  the  formalin  that the eyes are held in. Push the secret
button  on the wall to the left and click on the perfume spray bottle.
Fill  the  bottle with the formalin and go back to the inspector. When
he asks you for the vials, spray his eyes. In the mansion lounge, pick
up  the  6th  news  and  use  the  flashlight  and  signet ring on the
microscope and make note of what you find. Look at the painting of the
nude  woman  who's  having  a  dream and click on to the trigger. Next
click on to the wheel above the organ and press the right button which
turns  the  organ  on.  Now allign the wheel to the proper zodiac sign
which  you  get  from  the signet ring. Since this is a euro ware, you
must  know that the europeans write dates in the order of date, month,
then  year.So  for example if the date from the ring is 13-09-50, then
just   click   on   the   wheel's   left   button   2  times(it  moves
counterclockwise)  so  that  it  faces  just  like a nine on a regular
clock.Next  play the notes that are inscribed in the flashlight on the
organ.  If  you don't know how to play the piano then this should help
you:(This  is  what you will see but without the letters and of course
it will look much better-forgive me).

            C+   D+      F+    G+  A+
              \ _  \ _    \  _  \ _  \ _  
             __! !__! !__ __! !__! !__! !__ __
            !  ! !  ! !  !  ! !  ! !  ! !  !  !
            !C ! !D ! !E !F ! !G ! !A ! !B !C !
            !  !_!  !_!  !  !_!  !_!  !_!  !  !
            !  ! !  ! !  !  ! !  ! !  ! !  !  !
            !  ! !  ! !  !  ! !  ! !  ! !  !  !

     After  you play those notes, a secret passage will appear and you
will  be  trapped.  Just  put the six newspapers on the table and then
take  the lighter from the dead guy's pocket and light the newspapers.
An alarm will go off and congratulations, you've finished FASCINATION.
Now get ready for the lame ending...

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