solve Fable. Please, DO NOT READ FROM START TO FINISH. You'll ruin the
game.  Only  use  what you need. Don't run with scissors. Just say no.
Don't speak to strangers...

Walkthru for Fable

     This  is  a  walkthru  for  Telstar  Electronic Studio's Fable, a
graphical adventure.

     Throughout  this  walkthru  useless  conversation  is avoided and
useless  objects  are  ignored.  Follow  the  conversations  with  all
characters  to  get  the  full  story. Beware, save often! You can get
killed  very  easily in this game and without any warning. Even saying
the  wrong  thing,  or  getting  an action out of sequence may get you

     This   walkthru   uses  the  minimum  of  steps.  Directions  are
orientated  towards the screen; North - up, South - down, West - left,
and  East  - right. Throughout the walkthru movement from one scene to
another  is  indicated  as  a  direction to leave the scene (up, down,
left, or right) and the location to head for on the map.

     Examine  in  the walkthru means look at the object first and then
look  at the object again when the pop-up window appears. Use and give
have different effects, so make sure you use the right verb! The verbs
that appear on the screen are used throughout the walkthru.

The Frozen Lands

Places to visit in the Frozen Lands:

  The Village of Balkhane
  The Bridge
  The Old House
  The Frozen Lake
  The Edge of the Forest
  The Well
  The Crossing
  The Path of Sculptures
  The Hollow Tree
  The Ravine
  The Top of the Ravine
  The Castle

     The  game  starts in The Village of Balkhane. Talk to the village
Elder and say, "Sounds great. But what am I supposed to do?", then "Do
you  have  any  last  minute  words  of  advice?"  until  you  get the
medallion.  Walk  up to The Bridge, cross the stream and walk right to
The Old House.

     When  you  arrive at The Old House, look at the cellar door. It's
on the left of the house, under the porch. Use the cellar door to open
it,  then walk into the cellar. Pick up the rope, on the ground to the
left  of the altar, and the statuette from the altar. Walk back up the
staircase to leave the cellar.

     Use the front door of the house, and a ghost will appear. Use the
medallion  on  the  ghost  to exorcise it. Use the front door again to
open  it,  then  walk into the house. Take the bag of seeds that is to
the right of the witch.

     Leave the house and walk to The Frozen Lake. Look at the chair in
the  boat, then examine it to awaken Simbeline. Say, "But who..., what
kind of creature are you?" and take the orb.

     Walk  to  The  Edge  of  the Forest and give the statuette to the
well-dressed  gentleman. Walk right to The Path of Sculptures. Examine
the  thing sticking out of the ground, it is on the ground in front of
the frozen soldiers, then take the rusty shield. Walk up to The Hollow
Tree  and examine the tree stump that the Drimm is sitting on. Use the
lever  to  open the door in the large tree. Use the bag of seed on the
bird, then walk away from the bag. In front of the tree is far enough.
When the bird leaves the nest look at it and take the bracelet.

     Walk  left  and  return  to The Edge of the Forest, then give the
necklace  to  the  well-dressed gentleman. You will get some gloves in
return. Walk right and return to The Hollow Tree again, then walk into
the opening in the large tree. Use the gloves, then take a blue fruit.
Look  at  the  rightmost dead solider and take the ring. Don't use the
ring on yourself or you will die!

     Walk out of the tree, then walk up to The Well. Use the rope with
the  spool  above the well, then use the rope again to climb down into
the  well. Use the orb to create some light. Examine the small pile of
dirt, then take the clay tablet. The pile of dirt is on the floor just
to  the  left of the rope. Walk right into the tunnel. Find the tunnel
entrance by moving the cursor across the centre of the screen from the
right.  Examine  the  second pile of dirt, then take the other part of
the clay tablet. The pile of dirt is on the floor in the middle of the
screen.  Use one piece of tablet with the other to join them together.
Walk  left  back to the bottom of the well, take the orb, then use the
rope  to  climb out of the well. You can get into the Ogre's cave from
the well, but we will go an easier way.

     Walk left to The Crossing, then walk to the bushy path. This path
is  through the clump of bushes on the far right side of the scene. In
the  next  scene use the bushes that are on the far right-hand side to
hide behind. Wait until the Ogre has left, then walk through the small
hole  to enter the Ogre's cave. The small hole is located in the rocks
just  above and to the left of the large boulder the Ogre used to seal
the cave.

     Examine  the  pillow on the Ogre's bed to discover a key. Use the
key  on  the  chest that is located on the far left of the scene. Take
one  of  the  flasks  of oil and leave the cave by walking through the
small  hole that you came in by. The small hole is more obvious inside
the cave because you can see a beam of sunlight shining through it.

     Walk  left,  back  to  the  forest path, then walk up towards the
mountains.  When you are accosted by the bandits say, "I'm off to kill
the  Ice  Giant",  then  "Would  you  settle for some sort of valuable
object instead?". Give the ring to the bandit leader. He will wear the
ring and die. Look at the dead bandit leader and take first his knife,
then his scarf. Carry on walking up towards the mountains.

     Walk  to  The  Ravine. When there, use the ancient clay tablet to
start  an  earthquake and open the ravine. Before you go to the castle
walk  to  The Top of the Ravine. This isn't easy to find, but the path
is  behind  the thin strip of snow on the far right of the scene. Move
the cursor over the centre of this strip to find the path. Once at the
top  of  the  ravine  examine  the frozen carcass and take the sulphur

     Walk back down to The Ravine. The path is on the far right of the
scene.  Walk  up  to  the  castle. Once at the castle, walk across the
drawbridge and the Ice Giant will come out to greet you. Use the flask
of  oil,  then  the  sulphur  stick on the Ice Giant to melt him. Walk
through the palace gates and into the palace.

     Once  inside  the  palace  use  the  scarf on the rusty shield to
polish  it up. Then, just use the shield. This will protect you as you
walk  through  the photon pulses. Take the emerald, it is on the floor
in front of the bird. Finally, give the blue fruit to the bird and you
will be transported to The Land of Mists.

The Land of Mists

Places to visit in the Land of Mists:

  The Wooden Tower
  The Swamp Path
  The Spider's Platform
  The Stairs on Mists
  The Ancient City

     Walk right towards the swamp path across the small wooden bridge.
Say  "See ya later alligator" to get past the lizard guard. Walk right
again to The Swamp Path. Look under the small wooden bridge that is in
front of you as you enter the scene and take the dead possum. Now walk
right,  back  to  the Wooden Tower. Give the dead possum to the lizard
guard  and  he  will give you a strange hearing aid in return. Examine
the  hearing  aid  to  find  the wax plugs, then use them to plug your

     Walk  right,  back  to  the  Swamp Path, then walk up towards the
Spider's Platform. As you walk past the swamp Jemima emerges and plays
her  drum. Because you are wearing the ear plugs you are immune to the
hypnotic  music. When Jemima disappears take the drum that is floating
in  the  swamp  just  to  your  right. Carry on walking up towards the
Spider's Platform.

     Once  on  the  platform  walk  towards the scattered bones in the
centre  of  the  scene.  When  the spider appears from her den use the
strange  hearing  aid  (horn)  to  drive  her  away.  Now, examine the
skeleton  with the purple tunic and take the small gold key. Walk back
to the Wooden Tower again.

     When you are back at the Tower, use the hypnotic drum to send the
lizard  guard  to sleep. Take the guard's spear then examine the guard
and  take  his  key.  Use the guard's key with the tower door and walk
inside the tower. Take the axe from the wall and take the wool blanket
from  under  the  cage,  then look behind the red curtain and take the
book.  Use the small gold key with the cage to release Iris the fairy.
Say  "You  could  start  by  telling me who you are", to get the magic
powder.  Now,  walk  out of the tower and up the mountain path towards
The Stairs of Mists.

     Carefully move the cursor over the vases on the platform and take
the vase (singular), then walk up towards the Ancient City.

     Use  the  magic powder with the vase of water to kill Titan. Then
use  the  axe  with the door of the gate- keeper's shack to break down
the  door.  The door of the shack is the small door on the left of the
scene. Then walk inside the shack.

     Look  at  the hay that is illuminated by the sun beam. The hay is
on  the  floor  to  the  centre right of the scene. Take the five gold
coins and walk out of the shack.

     Now,  look  carefully  at  the  paved path leading up to the city
gate.  In  the  centre  of  the  path there are three lighter coloured
flagstones.  Walk  on  the  stones  in  the  following  precise order:
left-hand  stone, lower stone, then upper stone to open the city gate.
Walk through the city gate.

     Use  the door that is on the far right-hand side of the scene and
walk  into  the library. Give the book you found in the lizard guard's
tower  to Izion. You will get the Mecubarz's key and another key. Each
time you acquire a gem use it with the Mecubarz's key to place the gem
in the key. Walk out of the library.

     Look  at  the  town perch that the gargoyle is sitting on and use
the  key that Izion gave you on the lock. The key is the larger of the
two you now have. This will release the gargoyle and allow you to walk
around the rest of the city.

     Use  the  wooden  door to the left of the library and walk inside
the  small  house. Say "I was just leaving thank you" to the gargoyle.
Take  the lollipop from the left-hand child. You will have to wait for
her to take the lollipop out of her mouth before you can take it. Walk
out of the house.

     Use  the  door of the temple to open it and then walk inside. Use
the  lizard guard's spear with Angor the Snake Demon to kill him. Take
the  diamond  that falls out of the demon's crown. It is on the floor,
just  below  the  demon.  Look at the bones to the left of the pit and
take the gold coins. Walk out of the temple.

     Walk  onto  the  balloon ship, then talk to the Captain. Say, "Do
you  think  that this ship is seaworthy?", then "The Engulfed Fortress
might  be  fun to visit". The Captain will then tell you the fare that
you can't afford and hit the cabin boy. Give the lollipop to the cabin
boy  and he will change the price in the Captain's book. Now, give the
gold coins to the Captain and you will be on your way.

     Once  the  ship  is  on the sea use the cabin door to open it and
walk  into  the Captain's cabin. Take the parchment from the table and
the  smelly socks from the bed. The socks aren't obvious, but they are
on  the  bed.  Examine the Captain's bed and take the hairpin. Use the
hairpin  to  bend it into shape, then use it on the box. The box is on
the  floor,  between  the bed and the chest. Take the magic stone from
the box and then walk back out onto the deck.

     Use  the  hatch  on  the deck to open it and walk down the ladder
into  the  hold. Look at the barrel behind the ladder and take a piece
of  raw steak. Use the fuel tank to open the door. The fuel tank is on
the  far left of the scene. Use the steak with the gunky fuel to cover
it in fuel, now use the gunk steak with the smelly socks. Walk back up
to the deck.

     Use  the  stuffed sock with the shark to kill it. The shark is to
the left of the ship. Now, use the magic stone to swallow it, then use
the  parchment  to  recant  the  spell.  Use  the water to jump in and
descend to The Engulfed Fortress.

The Engulfed Fortress

Places to visit in the Engulfed Fortress:

  The Seaweed Forest
  The Shell
  The Edge of the Abyss
  The Coral Path
  The Engulfed Fortress

     When  the seahorses arrive say, "Is this the Engulfed Fortress?",
then  "I  really  appreciate your concern", then "I'll take my chances
anyway,  good-bye".  You  have now been given a piece of kelp. Walk to
the  sandy path to the right of the scene and then walk to The Edge of
the Abyss.

     Ignore the Siren and use the knife on the oyster shell. There are
two  oysters  in the scene, both on the sand at the edge of the abyss.
Use  the  knife  on  the  shell closest to the Siren. Some oysters are
empty  and  some  contain pearls. Ignore the empty oyster shells. Take
the pearl and walk left back to The Seaweed Forest.

     Walk  up  the hidden path. This path is in the gap in the seaweed
to  the right of the sandy path, directly above the starfish, and walk
to  The Coral Path. Use the knife on the shell that is in front of you
on the upper path. Take the pearl. Walk to the second bend in the path
and  use the knife of the right-hand shell of the two. Take the pearl.
You  should now have three pearls. Walk back up the path and left back
to The Seaweed Forest, then walk left again to The Shell.

     Use  the  door  in  the  shell house to knock on it. Say "Could I
interest  you  in some pearls?" when the turtle answers the door. When
you  are  inside  the turtle's house give the three pearls to him. You
will  receive  a treasure map in return. Walk left to leave the house,
then  walk  down  and  back  to  The Seaweed Forest. Walk to the large
building in the distance and then to The Engulfed Fortress.

     Give  the  kelp  weed  to Leroy the crab and take the shovel. The
shovel  is  to  the  right  of  Leroy.  Walk down and then back to The
Seaweed  Forest.  Examine  the treasure map and notice the position of
the  treasure;  X  marks  the spot. Use the shovel on the sandy bottom
just  above  the  starfish.  If you don't get the right spot the first
time just move the cursor slightly and try again. Use the bent hairpin
with  the chest and take King Thut's treasure. Walk up the hidden path
and back to The Coral Path.

     Give King Thut's treasure to Khor and he will flee with the loot.
Take Khor's spear and walk into the cave entrance. You are now back in
The Land of Mists! The platform will take you back up to The Stairs of
Mists.  The  platform  will  descend again if you use the broom handle
behind  the rightmost vase. However, this doesn't do you much good, so
ignore the platform and walk into the small tunnel entrance on the far
left-hand side of the cave.

     Welcome  to  the  only  maze  in the game. The maze is completely
regular  and  very  easy to map. To save you the effort there are only
two interesting locations in the maze. To get to Ismael from the first
room  in  the maze take the following route: up, right, up, right, up.
This  walkthru  ignores  Ismael,  but  you now know where he is if you
would  like  to  visit  him.  To get to the Gorgon inside The Engulfed
Fortress  take  the  following  route from the first room in the maze:
left,  left,  up,  right,  take  the crowbar lying on the floor on the
cave, left, down, down, left, up. Use the crowbar on the door and walk
through the open door.

The maze is:

                        +---+ +---+ +---+
                        X   O-O   O-O   X
                        +-O-+ +-O-+ +---+
                          |     |
            +---+ +---+ +-O-+ +-O-+
            X   O-O   X X   X X   X
            +-O-+ +O--+ +O--+ +O-O+
              |    | |---| |---| |
            +-O-+ +O-O+ +--O+ +--O+ +---+
            X   X X   X X   X X   X |  <-Ismael
            +-O-+ +-O-+ +-O-+ +---+ +-O-+
              |     |     |           |
+---+ +---+ +-O-+ +-O-+ +-O-+ +---+ +-O-+
X   O-O   X X   O-O   O-O   O-O   O-O   X
+---+ +-O-+ +--O+ +---+ +---+ +-O-+ +---+
        |----| |    Crowbar     |
      +---+ +O-O+ +-|-+ +---+ +-O-+ +---+
Gorgon->  | X   O-O v X X   O-O   O-O   X
      +-D-+ +-O-+ +---+ +-O-+ +---+ +---+
        |     |           |
      +-D-+ +-O-+ +---+ +-O-+
      X   X X   O-O   O-O   O-> Platform
      +-O-+ +-O-+ +-O-+ +---+
        |     |     |
      +-O-+ +-O-+ +-O-+
      X   O-O   O-O   X
      +---+ +---+ +---+

X = Blocked passage
O = Opening
D = Door

     To  kill  the  Gorgon use Khor's spear on the cosmic window below
the  Gorgon.  Take  the  sapphire from the alcove on the left. Use the
control  switch,  located  on  the  far right panel. This controls the
direction  of  the  platform  in the large cave. Walk left through the
tunnel  port,  then,  once back in the maze follow this route to exit:
down,  right,  right,  up,  right,  right.  You  are  now  back at the

The Land of Shadows

     Use the control box in front of the platform and you will descend
on the platform. When the platform gets stuck use the wool blanket and
you  will  float  to  the  bottom  of the shaft. Talk to the gates and
answer,  "The  Boogie  Man".  Walk  through  the gates and you will be
captured by the guards and thrown in a cell.

     Take  the  spoon  from the table and the cup from in front of the
table.  Look  at  the floor ramp below the window and use the spoon on
the  loose stone. Talk to the prisoner and he will wake up. When he is
awake  say,  "My  name's Quickthorpe. I've come to free you". When the
prisoner  dies  examine him and take the key. Use the tunnel to return
to  your cell. Look at the door and use the key with the lock. The key
is the larger of the two you have. Walk out of the cell.

     Talk  to  Bill, the left-hand skeleton. Say, "Could I have one of
your  official  ID  cards?".  You  will  get  an  ID  card. Finish the
conversation  and  walk out of the scene to the left. Use Khor's spear
and  you will vault over the gap in the bridge. Walk to the top of the
ledge on the left-hand side of the cave.

     Use  the cup with the river Stynx to get a cup full of lava. Give
the  ID  card  to the Grim Reaper, then use the Hell Rail to cross the
Stynx. Walk into the cave entrance on the left.

     Say,  "Just  a routine inspection. I'll be on my way" to The Fire
Demon.  Then  use  the  cup  with The Fire Demon to kill him. Take the
final  gem,  a  ruby, from the pedestal on the far right of the scene.
Now,  use  the empty catacomb that is immediately to the left of where
the  ruby  was  standing. You will crawl through a tunnel and back out
into the platform dock again.

The End Game

     Use the control switch on the panel on the far right of the scene
to call the platform down. Now walk onto the platform to ascend.

     Walk into the tunnel entrance on the far left side of the cave to
enter  the maze again. Once in the maze follow these directions to get
back to The Engulfed Fortress: left, down, left, left, up, up.

     If you haven't done so, use all four gems with the Mecubarz's key
to complete it. Then use the key on the security port to open it. Walk
through the security port.

     Use the button on the middle chair, it is on the left-hand arm of
the chair, then sit in the middle chair. End of game.

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