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F1 Race Stars

Steam Achievements
Abu Dhabi Expert
Win an Abu Dhabi event at 3,000cc (no teams)
Around the World
Win an event on every track at 3,000cc (no teams)
Australia Expert
Win an Australia event at 3,000cc (no teams)
Belgium Expert
Win a Belgium event at 3,000cc (no teams)
Use a power-up against every opponent on the track (globals not included)
Brazil Expert
Win a Brazil event at 3,000cc (no teams)
Bronze Time
Earn a bronze Time Trial record on all tracks
Career 100%
Complete 30 different championships in your career
Career 25%
Complete 8 different championships in your career
Career 50%
Complete 15 different championships in your career
Career 75%
Complete 23 different championships in your career
Career is GO!
Complete the first championship of your career
Causing Trouble
Hit another driver after being eliminated
Beat a friend's Time Trial lap
Exhibition Rush
Earn 1,000 Exhibition points in under 5 seconds
Fish in a Barrel
Use power-ups against 3 drivers who are within range of the safety car (globals not included)
Fully Automatic
Hit the same driver three times with a 3x Ricochet Bubble
Germany Expert
Win a Germany event at 3,000cc (no teams)
Gold Time
Earn a gold Time Trial record on all tracks
Great Britain Expert
Win a Great Britain event at 3,000cc (no teams)
Affect 3 drivers with a single Pulse
Internet Famous
Win an online event (no teams)
Italy Expert
Win an Italy event at 3,000cc (no teams)
Japan Expert
Win a Japan event at 3,000cc (no teams)
Jump Boost Expert
Trigger 50 jump boosts
King of King of the Screen
Reach King of the Screen level 6
Monaco Expert
Win a Monaco event at 3,000cc (no teams)
My House
Own the whole track in Sector Snatch
Nailed the Jump
Trigger a jump boost
Repair in the pits 10 times
Player of Games
Complete one event in each race mode
Prince of the Screen
Reach King of the Screen level 3
Qualifying Lap
Set a Time Trial record
Red Carpet
Take a locked shortcut
Scientific Method
Make an impact with each type of power-up
Make a nearby driver drop 600 points in Trophy Chase
Shelf Promotion
Fill your career trophy cabinet
Shortcut Expert
Take every shortcut in the game
Silver Time
Earn a silver Time Trial record on all tracks
Singapore Expert
Win a Singapore event at 3,000cc (no teams)
Slipstream Expert
Slipstream past 50 drivers
Slipstream past a driver
Social Butterfly
Complete one event with each constructor
Taste of Victory
Win an event (no teams)
They See You Rollin'
Earn 3,141 badges
USA Expert
Win a USA event at 3,000cc (no teams)
Win a Refuel event with an empty tank (no teams)
Hit yourself with your own Ricochet Bubble
Your Friends are Cool
Complete a championship in your career in a splitscreen team

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