Expeditions: Conquistador

Various cheats
In the overworld map (not during battles), press the Console key (Backspace by default) and type one of the commands as listed. Then press Enter. If the code includes (firstname), replace the whole parenthesis with the first name of the character you want the code to affect. If the code contains (ItemName), replace the parenthesis with the name of the item as shown in your inventory, capitalised exactly the same way, but with NO SPACES. If the code contains a #, replace it with whatever number you want.
Cheat code
Change a certain character's morale
setmorale (firstname) #
Display all plot variables
Enable teleportation with the T key
Give yourself a certain inventory item (# is optional)
giveitem (ItemName) #
Give yourself more equipment
giveequipment #
Give yourself more experience
givexp #
Give yourself more herbs
giveherbs #
Give yourself more meat
givemeat #
Give yourself more medicine
givemedicine #
Give yourself more metal
givemetal #
Give yourself more oil
giveoil #
Give yourself more rations
giverations #
Give yourself more rope
giverope #
Give yourself more valuables
givevaluables #
Give yourself more wood
givewood #
Injure a certain character
smite (firstname)
Injure all followers
Kill a certain follower
kill (firstname)
Release camera from the player character
Remove a certain follower from your party
remove (firstname)
Restore all injured followers to health
Return an absent follower to your party
return (firstname)
Collateral Damage
Hit one of your own units with AoE damage
Start the game with only women, as a female character
Harsh Rationing
Make camp without giving any of your followers food
The City Of Gold
Discover El Dorado
The Dog-Headed God
Discover the Masaya Volcano tunnels
The Waters Of Rejuvenation
Discover the Fountain Of Youth
Wake-Up Call
Lose the first tutorial battle
Steam Achievements
A Friend In Need
Save Governor Bernardo De Manzanedo
A Sorry Bunch
Have all your followers be disabled at the same time
Enter combat with six units at Veteran or higher rank
Complete the game on Insane difficulty
Resolve the Jungle Drums goal without bloodshed
Among The Prickly Pears
Discover Tenochtitlan
Aid the escaped slaves
Fully research all the possible inventions and construct one item of every possible recipe
Building Bridges
Marry a native
Cannon Fodder
Kill an enemy unit with a cannon blast
Find all cairns on Hispaniola and compile all the maps of the island
Win all three battles in the Tournament
Close Call
Revive an incapacitated unit and keep that unit alive until the end of the battle
Collateral Damage
Hit one of your own units with AoE damage
Turn against your allies in their hour of triumph
Complete the game on Normal difficulty
Defying History
Save Moctezuma Xocoyotzin
Diplomatic Asset
Recruit Anacaona for your expedition
Don Juan
Form a romantic relationship
Don Quijote
Complete 5 side quests in Hispaniola
El Loco
Attack and destroy a native settlement on Hispaniola
Fall Of The Empire
Kill Moctezuma Xocoyotzin
Start the game with only women, as a female character
Achieve a Flawless Victory in an Escape battle
Harsh Rationing
Make camp without giving any of your followers food
Unlock all the Codex entries
Hogar Dulce Hogar
Rebuild Fortaleza De Gutiérrez
Infected Mushroom
Complete The Gloaming
Enter combat with at least 25 points of Equipment assigned to a single unit
Keep Your Distance
Win a non-tutorial battle without ever getting within melee distance of an enemy
La Noche Triste
Kick off the battle for Tenochtitlan
Magnetic Personality
Recruit all 10 special followers in a single playthrough
Complete the game in Iron Man mode on any difficulty
Trade at every market in both campaigns in a single playthrough
Recruit Isabela de Yruenes for your expedition
No Man Left Behind
Return to Spain without losing any expedition members
Number One
Promote a follower to Lieutenant
Of Pens And Swords
Win a non-tutorial battle with only Scholars and Doctors
Onwards To Glory
Cast off for the mainland!
Complete the game on Hard difficulty
Pot Shot
Score a hit with a ranged attack with a 5% hit chance
Raider Of The Lost Temple
Complete The Temple of Death
Running The Gauntlet
Kill an enemy with an Interrupt attack
Skull Crusher
Deal more than 100 points of damage with a single attack
Restore Fortaleza De Gutiérrez to its full glory
Kill an enemy with a flanking strike
Achieve fifteen Flawless Victories in a row on Normal or greater difficulty
Tame The Beast
Capture Xochiyohua
The Beginning Of The End
Inadvertently unleash smallpox on the population of Tenochtitlan
The Bigger They Are
Defeat Esteban Gallego
The Boot
Kick an enemy into a burning or trapped space
The City Of Gold
Discover El Dorado
The Dog-Headed God
Discover the Masaya Volcano tunnels
The Ecstasy Of Gold
Return to Spain with 50,000 Valuables or more
The Greater Good
Sacrifice a member of your expedition
The Waters Of Rejuvenation
Discover the Fountain Of Youth
The Wrath Of God
Experience a mutiny
Treading New Ground
Find all the cairns and compile all the maps of Mexico
Triage Hero
Nurse a Fatally Injured expedition member back to full health

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