Enchanted Castle

     You  started in a medieval castle without any knowledge about it.
You  are to escape the castle. There are three missions you might also
want to do to complete the wholestory of this beautiful text adventure

     East: One of the torch is not firmly attached. Get it. This would
be  your  only  light  source  West: Great Hall. There is a magic word
written  here.  Some other areas would bring you back to here whenever
this  magic  word  is  spoken.  There  are  also other magic words. To
distinguish it, we would refer this as return magic word. Up,Up: There
is a painting here. Try to get it. Whoops, it reveals a secret passage
to  the  west  West: Prison cell There is nothing much here except for
three doors. Only one of them appears to be safe. Remember it, because
you  would go to this part. You are trapped. But don't worry, you have
the return magic word. so... You are back to Great Hall

     Try  to explore the castle. If your torch is blown out, return to
Great  Hall,  and  east where you can light it again. If you come to a
place  where  there  is  a  sign "Abandon Ye..." on the west door then
north,  south,  and west would allow you to pass the west door. If you
are ready then:

     1.  Passing  the  Bengal  tiger Go to music room, get oboe, go to
wine-cellar room, wash oboe, back to menagerie, play oboe. You put him
on sleep

     2.  Clearing  the  vines in greenhouse Go to rotunda, west, west,
west. There is a block with blood dripping on it. It is mentioned that
there  are  doors to eastern. So there are actually three doors. Go to
south  east  to  torture chamber. Get secateur. Go to green house. Cut

     3. Passing the dragon From green house, north, east, enter crypt.
There is a candle here. If your torch is unlighted, light it. Now, the
southern wall has three doors. Choose the one which appears to be safe
(remember).  Don't forget to adjust the orienta tion. Inside, there is
an  armor.  Get it. There is also a magic word to save your game here.
Return  to  Great  Hall.  Go  to  rotunda,  southwest,  south. See the
candles?  Blow  them.  The fireplace to the west open. West, West, Get
sword, Go to the hall of dragon s. Wear armor. Kill dragons

     4.  To  get  to  other part of castle Go to theatre, west, north,
north. Sit on a strange chair. You are transported to other room.

     5.  Looking  for keys? Go to gazebo, get ladder. Transport to the
other  part  of  castle. Go to cruciform, north. Drop ladder, climb up
ladder  and  you would find a statue there. Get statue but don't break
it.  Down,  south,  and  west.  You are standing on balcon y above the
terrace. Throw statue. Smash! Return to Great Hall, Go to terrace. Get
a set of keys.

     6.  Passing  basilisk  Go  to  lord  bedroom. Open closet. Now, a
basilisk  is  hiding there. Run, You would be safe if you don't run to
the  room where you come in or you don't run to a dead end. To get rid
of  it, from lord bedroom, north, north (cruciform), eas t. There is a
magic  word  that  whenever is spoken somewhere else, everything there
would be disappeared. So south, and say the magic word.

     7.  Fetching  the Star of diamond Bring the set of keys with you.
Go  to  lord  chamber, south, down until you come to the nursery room,
west. Notice the furnace? unlock it, open it, and you can get the Star

     8.  Exploring  rooms behind hall of dragon Go to catacomb east of
it.  Southeast.  Northeast.  Keep  trying to go to northeast until you
found  a bridge. Cross it. You would find a chained troll. If you have
the keys with you, unlock it. He would steal the keys from you. Unless
you  have  had the star of diamond, you won't need them anymore. East,
north,  west  on  the  edge  of a pit. Down. You entered a Zimbu house
(This  one  too  is just like the basilisk will be after you). So grab
the  book  fast. Up, south, south, cross the bridge and burn it. There
the Zimbu can't swim

     9.  Rescue  the princess from ugliest witch Bring the book, go to
chapel.  Get  the cross (witch is afraid of). Transport to other room.
Go  to  library.  Place  book and the bookshelf slide over revealing a
downward  passage.  down,  down. Northwest, get the flask . Southeast,
northeast,  get the wand. Southwest, down. There is a frog there. From
infamous  story,  kiss  the  frog  and the frog become a princess. Get
princess  and  she  would  follow you unless you said the return magic

     10.More rooms to explore Go to theatre, west to a den. There is a
crack on a floor. If you pour the liquid, you would find that there is
a  room  below. So wave the wand. Down, down, get box which apparently
is  a  triggered timebomb. Save your game here. Go to basilisk closet,
down  to nursery room, south, throw box, north. Wait until it explodes
(Take  a  lot  of  time).  south,  northeast,  west to the fountain of
champagne. Fill flask. East (Tearoom), up, south, Get the bell.

     11.More  magic  word  Go  to  rotunda,  west,  west, south to the
talking  skull. This time, it gives a very useful advice. The place it
mention  is the well. Go there. (south of garden). Pour champagne. You
amused  something  there.  Return  to  the  Great  Hall, go to hall of
dragon,  go  to  catacomb east of it, northeast to a river. Fill flask
with  mineral  water.  Back to the well and pour the water. Listen the
magic word carefully

     12.Passing  the  Bengal  tiger  again  With  wand, go to kitchen,
south,  and  wave  it.  Presto!  delicious food appears. Get it. Go to
menagerie. Feed tiger

     13.Opening your way out Get the secateur. Transport to other part
of  castle.  A large mirror is standing there. Break it. It allows you
to  go  south,  south  where  you find a windlass. This one is used to
raise  and  lower the drawbridge below. The windlass is stuck however,
so cut the rope. Snap! the drawbridge fall down. you are not done yet,
need  to  raise  the  locked portcullis. Back to Great Hall, bring the
bell  with  you, go to menagerie, northeast to the room of three. Ring
the  bell  three  times.  A unicorn would let you to take a golden key
from  it. Go to the entrance, unlock portcullis and say the magic word
from the well.

     14.Last thing You have the star diamond and the princess now. You
also  has  opened  the gate. The last thing is to demolish the castle.
Now,  go  to  reception  room  where  there is a chandelier is swaying
around.  Light chandelier. Go to stable, burn hay. Oops, you drop your
torch.  Don't  attempt  of getting it. Instead, run east, east, south,
west, south, south to finish this incredible game.

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