Empire: Total War

Steam Achievements
     Complete each condition to get the allotted achievements.

A New Rome:              Demonstrate outstanding ability, 
                         and capture one hundred regions.

Accomplished Strategist: Complete the main campaign game 
                         on the easy difficulty setting.

Affairs of Honour:       Use your duellists to kill twenty men 
                         on the "field of honour"

American Hero:           Complete the Road to Independence campaigns 
                         freeing the American colonists from British rule!

Assassin!:               Use your assassins to kill, 
                         in unlooked-for fashion, twenty men who hinder 
                         your plans.

Blooded:                 Demonstrate your sense of duty and honour: 
                         complete ten multi-player battles.

Bloody Madman:           Carve a bloody path to victory: 
                         kill a hundred thousand enemies!

Command of the Ocean:    As a commanding admiral, win ten multi-player 
                         naval battles.

Conqueror of All:        Be hailed as a true conqueror: 
                         kill a million enemies!

Drumbeat to Victory:     Draw the sword and march onwards: complete one 
                         quick battle.

Emperor of Europe:       Subdue and hold all the provinces and regions 
                         in Europe at the same time.

Expansionist Power:      Capture ten regions, anywhere in the world.

Founding Father:         Take one region by conquest, somewhere 
                         in the world.

Grand Tactician:         Win ten classic multi-player battles.

Into the Breach!:        Attack! Attack! Attack! Win ten multi-player 
                         siege battles when commanding a besieging army.

l337 Guard:              Achieve victory in ten multiplayer battles, 
                         cutting a bloody path to greatness through 
                         your enemies' plans.

Maharajah of the Indies: Have mastery over all the provinces and regions 
                         in India at the same time.

Marshal's Baton:         Achieve victory in fifty multiplayer battles, 
                         dashing your enemies' hopes in pieces 
                         in the process!

Master of the Americas:  Conquer or control all the provinces and regions 
                         in the Americas at the same time.

Observe Diplomatic 
Niceties:                Use diplomatic threats to good effect by making 
                         gains from five separate negotiations.

Only Obeying Orders:     Ensure that thirty missions, regardless of detail 
                         or type, are successfully brought to a conclusion.

Perfidious Beast:        Use treachery to best effect by turning against 
                         at least five allied nations and attacking them.

Polymath:                Have your natural philosophers and scientists 
                         research all the technologies available 
                         to your nation.

Raw Recruit:             War sir, is a terrifying experience! Take part 
                         in a multiplayer battle.

Strategic Genius:        Complete the main campaign game on the hard 
                         difficulty setting.

The "Chevaux de Frise":  Defend, sir, defend! Win ten multi-player siege 
                         battles when commanding the defenders of 
                         a fortress.

The Efforts of Others:   Successfully steal five technologies researched 
                         by other nations.

Tyrant and Ogre:         Bring terror to the hearts of men: 
                         kill half a million enemies!

Veteran Strategist:      Complete the main campaign game on the medium 
                         difficulty setting.

Whiff of Grapeshot:      Gain some experience of combat: complete one 
                         ranked battle.

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