Elite 3 - First Encounters

     A  Brilliant  trading  route which is totaly safe! The route is :

1: Go to sol (system)
2: Sell all equipment except for autopilot nav computer and atmospheric 
3: Buy enough fuel for a trip to Bernards star (near Sol)
4: Fill up remaining cargo space with luxury goods
5: Hyperspace to Bernards star
6: Go to a station (I used miller depot)
7: Sell all luxury goods
8: Buy enough fuel for a trip back to Sol.
9: Fill up remaining space on Robots or Computers
10: Hyperspace to Sol
11: Sell Robots or Computers for huge profit. (look on bulletin board
for special buyers)
12: Repeat until very rich.

     To  give  you  an  idea  of how well this works , in two hours of
playing I got from a viper defence craft MII to a Griffin carrier!!

More tips obtained from the Internet.

     I've  been  hired to kill somebody (as usual) , but when the time
came for the 'somebody' to come out of a space station - he didn't ! I
tried  loading an old game and trying agian; but it still didn't work.
Can  anybody  tell me why this is happening ple ase? Also does anybody
know how to edit the amount of money you have in the floppy version?

     Usually, they will not come out on the exact time.. if you wait l
ater, about 3 or 4 minutes, sometimes they come out.. I've had someone
come  out much later, and MY problem is that they jump into hyperspace
immediately.  However sometimes I try to launch a missile at them, and
as  SOON  as  I  launch,  there is an explosion, (my missile exploding
right  in front of me, and its not a result of ecm either) and then he
disapears..  no  hyperspace  cloud or anything.. but about 5 miles out
there is debris.. metal all oys.. I'd return to collect my bounty, and
they say that they are disappointed etc.. Its pissing me off because I
can't do any assasinations whatsoever! I too have it patched.

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Странно что никто не написал по игре ни одного отклика :(
Что, тут нет ни одного Элитчика, проходившего первую, вторую и затем третью "Элиты"? Разве хоть один симулятор космических похождений на сегодняшний день может сравниться с "Elite 3 - First Encounters"?! В графике - может быть, но по ИДЕЕ, физике космоса, НЕТ такого симулятора, и это очень обидно...

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