Elite 2


     The  secret  of Frontier id finding a good trading route to build
up your credits and here is a good one.
     Firstly  you  have  to  find Cemiess (it's an Imperial-controlled
system  to  the  left of Ross 154) and locate its bulletin board. Here
you  should  see  an  advertisement for goods bought and sold and that
someone is willing to pay 3000 to anyone willing to take some precious
metals  off  their  hands - sounds like a dodgy deal but you've got to
make it while you can.
     Stock  up  on  as many of the metals as you possibly can and then
take  them  to  Tivea to sell. Once you've got a substantial amount of
money  buy  as  many robots as you can. You should then take all these
back to Cemiess to sell


     For  infinite  credits  all  you need to do is get a passenger or
parcel   (from  notices  on  the  bulletin  board)  and  then  try  to
part-exchange  your  craft  for  a  less  expensive one. If you have a
passenger on board you won't be able to change ships but you can still
get  the money difference between your ship and the one you are trying
to  buy.  (You  could  if you wish do this with a more expensive craft
than  yours  and lose all your money.) Just keep clicking on 'Buy' and
watch as those credits roll up.


     When  you  engage  in  battle. Pause the game. Go to the external
view  and  switch  on  object  identification.  That makes enemy ships
easier to target. Now move the view until you spot the enemy. Click on
the  spaceship  to target it then turn on the auto pilot and return to
forward  view.  Now  when you unpause the game you fly straight at the
targeted  vessel.  Get  ready  to do some damage and if the enemy ship
shoots at you - launch a missile to set it running and shoot it in the

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