Elder Scrolls 5, The: Skyrim

+31 trainer (for v1.9.32.0 by HoG)
+9 trainer (for v1.9.29.0 by FLiNG)
Console Commands
Hit "~" to bring up the command prompt and then type the code
Cheat code
Add levels to your skills
AdvancePCSkill (skillname) #
Adds dragon's souls to your pool, allowing you to improve your shouts.
Player.modav Dragonsouls #
Adjust field of view (insert fov value as x )
fov x
Advances the targeted skill by xxx amount
advskill #
All Spells
Change scale of player; 1 is normal
player.setscale #
Changes ownership of target so you can safely take without stealing
Complete all Quest Stages
Duplicate items (click container\NPC and copy the RefID)
Fast travel to location, e.g. coc Rivertown
Freeflying camera
Give player item (i.e. gold is 0000000f, lockpicks are 0000000a)
player.additem [ItemNumber] #
God mode
Increase Burden by #
player.modav burden #
Increase your Level
increases movement speed where X is a percentage multiplier (eg. player.setav speedmult 250)
player.setav speedmult X
Kill enemy (Must select with arrow first)
Kills all hostiles in your immediate vicinity
list all commands in console
quits the game instantly
Removes all items of selected NPC
Resurrects targeted dead
Search by the keyword, the number is what mode to search by. Modes are listed by help every time you use it.
help keyword #
Set Carry Weight
player.modav carryweight #
Set character's fame.
Set character's infamy.
Set Fatigue
player.setav Fatigue #
Set health
player.setav Health #
Set it high if you want to fight, set it at 0 if you want to be free.
player.setcrimegold X
Set Magicka
player.setav Magicka #
Set Player Level
player.setlevel #
Show Race Menu
Show/hide all map markers 1=show 0=hide
tmm 1/0
Spawns an NPC at your location. (Replace X with NPC ID)
player.placeatme X
starts all quests, *NOT RECOMMENDED!*
teleports you to quest target
This brings you to the testing hall with all items in the game. Be careful as opening enchanted armor and weapons cabinets may cause your game to crash
coc qasmoke
This command is used to enable controls during cinematics when they're disabled. Occasionally the game will glitch, instead of reloading put in this c
Toggle AI Detection (You can steal all you want and no one will see you, doesn't work with pickpocketing)
Toggle Artificial Intelligence (freezes npc, they can't walk, move, or anything.)
Toggle collision
Toggle Combat Artificial Intelligence (same as TAI; however only makes the NPC not being able to combat)
Toggle FOW
Toggle Grass
Toggle menus (HUD)
Unlocks anything that may be locked by typing unlock then clicking the chest or door you want unlocked then press enter
Will increase the level of a skill by one.
Player.IncPCS [Skill Name]
You can lock chests and door, or people by targeting them and typing "lock" followed by the level of difficulty you wish to set it at.
lock X
Steam Achievements
Reach level 10
Alduin's Wall
Complete "Alduin's Wall"
Reach level 5
Make a smithed item, an enchanted item, and a potion
Bleak Falls Barrow
Complete "bleak falls barrow"
Select a Standing Stone blessing
Blood Oath
Become a member of the Circle
Bound Until Death
Complete "bound until death"
Buy a house
Daedric Influence
Acquire a Daedric Artifact
Darkness Returns
Complete "darkness returns"
Clear 50 dungeons
Diplomatic Immunity
Complete "diplomatic immunity"
Dragon Hunter
Absorb 20 dragon souls
Dragon Soul
Absorb a dragon soul
Complete "Dragonslayer"
Elder Knowledge
Complete "elder knowledge"
Reach level 25
Discover 100 Locations
Join the College of Winterhold
Glory of the Dead
Complete "Glory of the Dead"
Golden Touch
Have 100,000 gold
Hail Sithis!
Complete "hail sithis!"
Hard Worker
Chop wood, mine ore, and cook food
Hero of Skyrim
Capture Solitude or Windhelm
Hero of the People
Complete 50 misc objectives
Get married
Reach level 50
Master Criminal
Bounty of 1000 gold in all nine holds
Oblivion Walker
Collect 15 daedric artifacts
One with the Shadows
Returned the Thieves Guild to its former glory
Read 50 skill books
Revealing the Unseen
Complete "Revealing the Unseen"
Complete 10 side quests
Skill Master
Get a skill to 100
Snake Tongue
Successfully persuade, bribe, and intimidate
Standing Stones
Find 13 standing stones
Take Up Arms
Join the Companions
Taking Care of Business
Join the Thieves Guild
Taking Sides
Join the Stormcloaks or the Imperial Army
The Eye of Magnus
Complete "The Eye of Magnus"
The Fallen
Complete "the fallen"
The Way of the Voice
Complete "The Way of the Voice"
Pick 50 locks and 50 pockets
Thu'um Master
Learn 20 shouts
Complete "Unbound"
Escape from jail
War Hero
Capture Fort Sungard or Fort Greenwall
With Friends Like TheseО©╫
Join the Dark Brotherhood
Words of Power
Learn all three words of a shout
Dawnguard DLC Achievements
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.
A New You (20)
Change your face
Auriel's Bow (20)
Use the special power of Auriel's Bow
Awakening (20)
Complete "Awakening"
Beyond Death (20)
Complete "Beyond Death"
Kindred Judgement (40)
Complete "Kindred Judgement"
Legend (40)
Defeat a Legendary Dragon
Lost to the Ages (30)
Complete "Lost to the Ages"
Soul Tear (20)
Learn all three words of Soul Tear
Vampire Mastered (20)
Acquire 11 vampire perks
Werewolf Mastered (20)
Acquire 11 werewolf perks
DLC: Hearthfire
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.
Architect (10)
Build three wings on a house
Land Baron (10)
Buy three plots of land
Landowner (10)
Buy a plot of land
Master Architect (10)
Build three houses
Proud Parent (10)
Adopt a child

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