Level 1: In the Tomb of Sethi 1st

     Take  the  torch and enter the tomb. At the bottom of the stairs,
turn  around  and  take  the plank. Once in front of the hole, lay the
plank on the ground to cross the well. Once in the room just after the
well,  look  at  the pillar on the left and use your do cument on this
1st  clue  (Ptah).  Come  back  to  the centre of the room and keep on
straight  ahead as far as the room with two pillars takes up the stick
leaning against one of them. Go back where you came from as far as the
room  located  in  front of the well . In this room with pillars, turn

     Go down the staircase and keep going straight ahead as far a room
containing  six pillars. Re-enter the small room on the right and kill
the  cobra  using  the  stick to recover the amulet. Go back where you
came  from  to  the middle of the hall of columns and head towards the
back  room  (room  of  the  sarcophagus)  where 2 characters are to be
found.  Go down towards the rubble and excavate the stones to find the
Ostracon.  Show  the Ostracon and the amulet to Imenakth. He will give
you  the ring which will give you access to the village. Return to the
entry of the tomb.

Level 2: In the village of Deir El Medineh

     Show  the  ring  to  the villager called Pentaour, then enter the
village.  In  the  1st  accessible  house  on your left, take the tow.
Observe  the  night  table  on the ground and use the coded message on
this  2nd  clue  (Pedjet).  Leave  the  house and turn left. A lit tle
further  along,  you  will  see a cul-de-sac on your left in which you
will  find a ladder. Take it! Come back out of the cul-de-sac and turn
left,  at  the  end  of the main road, turns right. Go up to the woman
opposite  in the lane. Discuss with her whilst rejecting her advances.
Use  the  ladder  against  the wall to the left of the door, the woman
cries thief. Give her the ring then she leaves you alone.

     In  the  2nd  room  of  house,  you have to open the large wicker
basket  on  your right and put the broken amulet in it. Further in the
same  room, find a element hidden in the recess located in the against
the  left  wall  (silver  vase).  In this same room, fire on the straw
mattress  in  order to reach the cellar. Once in the cellar, take from
the  corpse  of Hori the papyrus he holds in his hand. Leave the house
and  turn  right.  In front of the house of TchaО, take the peg placed
above  the door and use it on the lock to open the door. In the house;
take  the  lamp,  go into the dark room and use the tow on the lamp to
give  light.  Take the casket of Oushebtis. Come back out of the house
and  return  to  the  entrance of the village. You will find a lane on
your  left.  Aim to wards this lane and enter the house of Penmenefer.
In  Penmenefer's  house,  present  the  results  of  your  research to
Imenakht who suggests you go to the embalmer workshop. Lie down on the
straw mattress to sleep as Penmenefer pledges you to do so.

Level 3: In the Embalmers' workshop

     At the bottom of the courtyard, knock on the door and present the
casket  of  Oushebtis to the embalmer. Go into the workshop and search
the  1st  room  to discover the corpse of TchaО under one of the mats.
Use  the  papyrus  discovered  in  Hori's house on the n ecklet. After
having   received   your  2  debens,  follow  the  embalmer  into  the
preparation  room of the mummy and agree to solve his riddle. Take the
4  corresponding amulets from the documentary basis (accessible by the
interrogation  fist)  to  the god Seth. " O udjat Eye - Small Column -
Djed  Pillar  and Tit Knot." The riddle is: That which is broken bears
that  which  has  been wounded "Oudjat Eye" to be placed in the square
top left

     "Small  column"  to  be placed in the square below the eye bottom
left.  Beneath  the belt of the widow is found the body of the victim.
"Tit  knot" to be placed in the square top right hand "Djed pillar" to
be  placed  in the square bottom right. Go into the fu neral furniture
storeroom. Look at the upper part of the sarcophagus and use the coded
message  on this 3rd clue (Heri). Go out and go into the courtyard and
follow the cortege.

Level 4: The tomb of the nobleman

     After entering the tomb, the entry closes up, then use the tow on
the  standing  lamp.  Take the knife and the boomerang from the chair.
Use  the  knife on the wall in order to reveal a passageway. Talk with
the  draftsman  and go out into the courtyard. After speaking with the
wailing  woman,  go and see the fresco on the right hand wall. Compare
it  with your coded message. You may notice a difference between the 2
documents.  A  checker  features on the 8th square of your clue and is
not  present on the engraving on the wall. So choose the 8th square at
the level of the riddle that the weeping woman propose you. Armed with
your  four clues present them to the wailing woman, she will then give
you the name of the guilty party.

Level 5: In the house of Panehesy

     In  the  courtyard of the house, talk to the porter and hand over
to  him  your  2 debens so that he will let you pass, then go into the
garden. Once in the garden, a hidden archer will fire at you. You will
have  to  get  rid  of  him  using  the boomerang. Enter t he house of
Panehesy. You have to find the bowl of milk in one of the rooms of the
hall.  In  the  archive  room opposite the entrance, place the bowl of
milk on the mat. Look at the cat in close-up and take its earring. Use
the earring on the print on the w all to the right, a recess is hidden
there.  Take the letter and the checker. Cross the hall to go into the
antechamber.  In  the  bedroom  you  have  to  pick up a tunic. In the
antechamber, a wig and a necklet.

     And  lastly,  in the bathroom, the tube of Kohol (make-up). Still
in  the  bathroom,  look at yourself in the mirror and use the wig and
the tube of Kohl. Return into the hall and speak with the housekeeper.
Show her the necklet so that she will let you pass. Go up to the first
floor  then go onto the terrace. Watch the game of Senet and place the
ivory  piece  that  you  have recovered from the casket on the missing
square.  Look  at  your coded message including the name of the guilty
party,  it will show you in wh ich order you have to click in order to
open the secret drawer "Heri - Pedjet - Ptah - Nefer" Take the message
from the drawer, it is a plan of the temple and more especially of the
hypostyle  room  found  in  it.  After  the  game  of  Senet, Panehesy
threatens you, move towards the balcony to escape.

Level 6: Karnak

     On  the  forecourt,  dialogue with Aamerout, she will help you to
enter  the  temple.  Once  in  the temple opposite a woman, turn right
around  and  go  straight  ahead to the priest. Turn left and again go
straight  ahead. You will find yourself at a staircase, and at the end
of this, on a terrace. Dialogue with the Horologue priest and take the
aiming  instrument.  You must aim at the yellow star located above the
priest.  Go  back  down  the staircase as far as the door on the left.
Give  the  results  of your aiming to the priest and dialogue with him
again. Recover the small dish from the ground and use it on the basin.
Use your knife to scour its bottom.

     Recover  the  2  elements  of stolen booty from the bottom of the
basin.  Look  at  the plan recovered during the game of Senet, it will
indicate  to  you  the position of the pillar where the 2nd element of
the  booty  is  to be found. Go back down to the level of t he temple.
Turn  left  and  go  straight  to the back of the temple (passing once
again  in  front  of  the priest). Turn right and take a step forward.
Take  a good look at the base of the pillars. One of these is damaged,
search  it  and  you  will find the chest ne cklet. Armed with these 2
clues,  look  for  Aamerout  and show her your discovers then you find
yourself  back  on  the forecourt early in the morning just before the
beginning  of Opet feast. Dialogue with TТ. Rip the tunic of Ptahnefer
by  clicking  on it. Plac e the 2 elements of the booty on the base of
the  necklet  that  he  wears  around  his  neck. You will receive the
congratulations of TТ and then the reward of gold.

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