Complete Solution:

     Run  down  to  the  bar  (avoid  the  werewolf), approach the man
fighting  the winged beast - the beast will fly away, and the man will
give  you  a  lift  to  the  shops.  Take the vegetables, run past the
church,  turn  left  at  the entrance to the barn, go down the street,
enter  the  fourth barn on the left, try to run past the large drunken
beast  on the floor, run halfway up the stairs and let him have it. Go
to  the  bedroom,  take  a look at the diary and the spell recipe, and
stick the object you pocketed in the shop into the apparatus. Get back
to  the  church, bag the twig near the hanging monk, and return to the
spell house.

     Next  you'll be needing the flower. Exit the building, turn right
and  follow  the  path  to the outskirts of the town. Take care of the
piglet,  escape up the ladder, bear right out of town, pick the flower
and  stick  it  in  the  pot in the spellhouse to turn it into a small
cat/ferret.  Run  to  the church, take the passage to the left, follow
the  smaller  low  passage to the right and you'll be returned to your
normal  self.  Go  up the steps, have it away with the knight's sword,
exit  back  out  of town and across the small lake. Stand on the stone
slab  and  throw  the  sword into the water. You will now be knighted.
Enter   the  castle  through  the  right  entrance  (not  through  the
portcullis),  and  introduce yourself to the wizard and small elf. The
spell  recipe,  at  the top of the tower through the passageway to the
right of the wizard's chair, is your next port of call.

     Run  back  past the statue (saving beforehand in case you mistime
your  duck and get it in the head with his sword). Kill the shield and
sword monsters in the next room, and follow the path to the right. Run
past  the  dragon,  watch out for the steps because the squares at the
top  and  bottom  conceal hidden spikes, run forward to the wall, turn
left, walk and enter the room guarded by the two stone monsters, swipe
the  magic book and return to the Wizard's room. Make your way back to
the church, pick up the bible and go to the monastery on the outskirts
of  the  village  -  the building with the two large red doors. Having
bluffed  your  way  in,  drop the bible and approach the Jesus statue.
Take  the  bone on display, run to the library and fall down the hole.
This will then lead back to the room with the knight, and in turn back
to the village. You now need to make your way back to the stone circle
near  the castle area. If you get attacked by the Minotaur, get out of
the  cross, return to the place of attack and pick up your items. Once
at the stone circles, stand in the middle of the stone plate.

     You  should now have a magical flame-throwing relic. Head back to
the room with the bed and diary in the village, drop the book, pick up
the  teddy  and  throw  the latter at the girl in the barn. Follow her
when  she  disappears down the small passage beneath the church. Enter
the  dungeons,  tackle  the skeletons and exit through the other door.
Follow  the path around until you find the Sorceress. The flaming ball
turns  out  to  be  the  Devil  himself.  Follow his instructions, but
categorically  refuse  to hand over the bone, and then let him have it
when he turns into the dragon.

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