EcoQuest 2

     How do I get past customs?

     Select  the  passport and immunization card and click them to the
Custom's  Official.  If  the  tutorial has started, do each action the
game  asks  you  to.  Click  on  each  message  to  get  to  the  next

     Where is my immunization card?

     Your  immunization  card  has  slipped down inside your passport.
Open your inventory and click the hand icon on your passport. You will
find your card.

     Where do I find Nicanor?

     Nicanor,  a man from the Ecology Emergency Network, is holding up
a  sign near the customs exit. Click the talk icon on him or walk near
him  and  he'll introduce himself. If you just walk near him, you will
not get points, but the game will advance.

     Dad is busy with Nicanor. What do I do next?

     Explore  this  screen and the one to the east. Look at everything
and  talk to everyone. Although you don't have to do all of the things
here  to  make  the game advance, you will learn extra information and
earn additional points by exploring thoroughly.

     I see two guys talking behind some crates near the launch. How do
I get close enough to hear what they're talking about?

     The  men standing by the crates are employees of Maxim Slaughter,
the  man  who bribed the Customs Official. They are talking privately,
so  you  will  have  to  sneak  up on them. Click the hand icon on the
crates to climb up and overhear their conversation.

     How do I get close enough to be heard by the old fisherman?

     The old fisherman is a little deaf, however, Adam doesn't want to
walk  near  his smelly catch. Go west to the first screen and walk out
on the pier from there.

     How do I deal with the parrot peddler?

     The  parrot  peddler  will appear every other time you enter this
screen  and  walk  in  front of the crates. You can buy the parrot any
time  you  see him. Just select money from your inventory and click it
on  the  parrot  peddler. After the parrot flies away the peddler will
leave and not return.

     How do I stop the litterer?

     The  litterer won't stop. Click the garbage bag icon on his trash
to  clean  it up. If you leave the screen and come back, or if you are
on  the  pier with the fisherman when you see him, the trash will blow
away  before  you can return. The litterer will be in the screen every
other time you go there, so you have more chances to get the trash.

     What do I do with the package Dad has?

     Click  the  hand  icon  on  the package and it will open. It's an
Ecorder,  a hand held computer. Once you open the package, the Ecorder
is  in your inventory. Dad will give you a demonstration of how to use
it.  If  you forget how to use it, there is a complete description and
diagram in "Adam's Eco News," your game documentation.

     What do I do with the Ecorder?

     Select  the Ecorder from inventory. Go to the next screen and run
the  Ecorder  cursor over the launch where gas is leaking. The Ecorder
cursor  lights  up  when  something is found. Click the Ecorder cursor
while it is lit up and you will get a message that it is recording. Go
into  your inventory and click the inventory hand icon on the Ecorder.
Then  you  can  turn the Ecorder on and go to the screen that contains
the information on "River Traffic," the item you recorded. If you have
trouble  using the Ecorder, your game documentation called "Adam's Eco
News"  has  a  complete description and a diagram. Remember to use the
Ecorder  on  every screen. You get a point each time you record a fact
and  it  makes some of the puzzles easier to solve. You will get extra
points  the first time you successfully take the Ecorder quiz. You can
take the quiz as many times as you like. Now walk back to Dad.

     What do I do with the otters?

     Click  the  talk  icon on Orpheus, the shy otter who is hiding in
the  roots, until he comes near the boat. You will have to do this two
times. Click the hand icon on him to get Forest Heart's gift.

     Bugs keep biting me! How do I climb the large tree 
near the campfire?

     Click  the  hand  icon  on the leaf from the pool of sap near the
canoe.  It  will be placed in your inventory. If you are bitten by the
gnats,  select  the leaf from inventory and click it on Adam. The leaf
works  as  insect repellent! Click the hand icon on the tree to climb.
The  gnats  will come near you but won't bite. Keep climbing until you
get  the exit arrow near the top of the screen. Click on that spot and
you will climb to the next screen.

     How do I put out the bird's nest fire?

     Pitcher  plants  grow  in  tree tops and hold lots of rain water.
Climb  to  the screen above the bird's nest and click the hand icon on
the pitcher plant to push it over. A stream of water will fall down to
the  screen  below.  Careful! Be sure to push over the correct pitcher
plant or someone below will be angry.

     How do I avoid the hoatzin's terrible smell?

     Climb down to the screen with the bird's nest and head west. From
time  to time, you will see a hummingbird heading west. Click the hand
icon  to  pick  some  of  the purple flowers that the hummingbirds are
clustering around. The flowers have a strong perfume that will protect
you from the hoatzin's terrible smell.

     I have the fragrant flowers but still can't get past the hoatzin!

     Climb  near  the  stink  bird. When you are standing next to him,
select  the  flowers  and click them on Adam. Adam will hold them over
his  nose.  Click the hand icon on the far pitcher plant and Adam will
walk over and tip it over.

     I can't get past the snake!

     You  must  help  the  toucans  before the snake will leave. After
helping  the  toucans,  climb  down to see the baby bird hatch. A drum
will start to play and it will scare the snake away.

     How do I get through the tree maze west of the toucans?

     Click  the hand icon around the screen and you'll soon find a way
west. To find the correct path, notice where the small red lizard ran.
Just go where the lizard did.

     How do I get the drum on the lower limb of the tree?

     Walk  all  the  way  out  on the limb. It will bend down, but you
won't fall.

     I can't get past the jaguar. Help!

     Go  out  on the limb and click the hand icon on the drum. Use the
drum to frighten the jaguar.

     I've landed in the village. Now how do I get out of the mud?

     Pick  up  the fruit and the vine. They are located beside the mud
hole.  Use  them  to lasso the wild pig. Click the fruit on the pig to
get  him to come over. While he eats the fruit, click the vine on him.
You  will  have  enough  fruit  to keep trying if you miss him. If you
miss, just throw more fruit and try again.

     The village is deserted! Where is everybody?

     The  people  are hiding from you. Explore the village thoroughly,
then  head north near the mud puddle to enter the Grove. Once you have
met Forest Heart and have agreed to help her, the people will come out
of hiding.

     Where is Forest Heart?

     Forest Heart is in the large tree in the Grove north 
of the village.

     I've met Forest Heart but the village is still empty!

     The  people  will hide until you agree to help Forest Heart. Once
you are inside the tree and have talked to her, show that you agree to
help  by  clicking the hand icon on the branch she dropped in the tree
room. The next time you enter the Village, the people will be there.

     Ok, the village is full of people. What do I do?

     Click  the  talk icon on all of the villagers. They will tell you
their problems. Help each one to solve them.

     How do I help the boy Taquia?

     If  you have the drum, select it and click it on Taquia to return
it.  He is the shaman's apprentice and is responsible for the drum. If
you  don't  have the drum, you may have to return to the spot you last
played  it  pick  it up again. After helping Taquia, he will move away
from  the vine. Click the hand icon on the vine to swing across to the
other bank.

     How do I help Churana the weaver?

     Once you have helped Taquia, you will be able to swing across the
river.  On  the  other  side  of the river, click the hand icon on the
berries.  You  can  also find a necklace that is hidden in the bushes.
Musqui  dropped  the  necklace  when  she  was picking berries to make
paint.  Click  the hand icon on the necklace to pick it up. Return the
necklace  to Musqui the potter and she will tell you to keep it. After
she  tells  you  to  keep the necklace, you can give it to Churana the
weaver.  The next time you visit the weaver, Llusti will be sitting at
her side.

     Apu the chief won't let me borrow his machete.

     You  must  help  Churana  the weaver first by giving her the love
charm  necklace  you  found  in the berry bush. Llusti will go back to
Churana.  Once Llusti is no longer with Apu, the chief will be free to
talk. Click the hand icon on the machete on the ground near Apu and he
will let you borrow it.

     I want to help Alichina, the cook, fix her drink. How do I help?

     You  must  help  Sumac  the gardener harvest her roots first. She
will  give  you  some roots that you can give to Alichina. Alichina is
the woman with gray hair who is standing next to the cooking pot.

     How do I help Sumac the gardener harvest roots?

     Obtain the machete from the chief and give it to Sumac.

     How can I help Musqui's baby?

     The  baby  needs  medicine  for its arm. Get the bark cup that is
near  Forest  Heart's  sap pool in the tree room. Click the cup on the
sap  pool to fill it. Gather some pods on the opposite platform. To do
this,  you  will  need  to  use  all the tree entrances. The doors are
located  between  the  buttress roots, just as the first one is. Click
the  ingredients  on  the bench outside the shaman's hut by the river.
Leave  the  room.  When you come back the medicine will be waiting for
you.  Click  the  hand  icon  on the bark cup and take the medicine to
Musqui. Click it on her or the baby and she will give you something in

     I've given Alichina the roots but she still won't give me the drink!

     You must get a clay cup from Musqui the potter to hold the drink.
However,  Musqui  won't  give you the cup until you help her baby with
the shaman's poultice. To make the poultice, gather the ingredients in
the  tree room in Forest Heart and leave them on the shaman's bench by
his  hut.  Once  Musqui  gives  you  the  cup, give it to Alichina. If
Alichina  isn't ready to make the drink, she will keep the cup for you
until the right time.

     Where is the shaman?

     You  must  help  all the villagers before you meet the shaman. If
you talk to Sinchi, the man who is thatching his hut, he will tell you
that  the  shaman  wants a Sky Sapphire. By helping all the villagers,
you  will  acquire  what  you need to capture a Sky Sapphire, the blue
Morpho butterfly you see in the Village.

     I've  helped  a  lot  of  people  but I don't understand what I'm
trying to do.

     Talk  to  Sinchi,  the  man who is thatching the shaman's hut. He
will  tell you that the shaman needs a Sky Sapphire. Sinchi is talking
about  the  large blue butterfly that you see in the village after you
speak  to him. Unless you talk to him, you will not see the butterfly.
You can talk to him at any point, even if you have already helped some
villagers.  You must help ALL the villagers before you will be able to
catch the butterfly. Talk to each villager to find out what they need.

     How do I get the Sky Sapphire?

     You  must have a cup of the sweet drink to attract the butterfly.
To  get this, help all of the villagers. The villagers will eventually
give  you  roots  and  a clay cup. Give the cup and roots to Alichina.
She'll  give  you  a  cup  of sweet drink. Next, go west to the screen
where  you  fell  into the village. Wait until the butterfly lights on
the bushes with large, blue flowers. The bushes are near the mud hole.
Click  the  cup of sweet drink on the butterfly. When the butterfly is
drinking,  click  the  hand icon on the cup to pick it up again. Click
the  cup and butterfly on Sinchi the thatcher. He will invite you into
the hut.

     Sinchi invited me to enter the hut and meet the shaman. What do I do?

     Enter the shaman's hut. The spider will not bother you.

     How do I deal with the Shaman?

     When  you  first  enter the hut, the shaman asks you to sit down.
Click the hand icon on the ground to do what he asks. At that moment a
rainstorm  begins  that  keeps  you from leaving the hut. Since Sinchi
didn't  finish mending the thatch the it leaks. His pet spider doesn't
like the water. You will have to fix the leak.

     How do I plug the leak in the hut?

     Click the hand icon on the hut pole to climb it. Click the sticky
leaf on the spot where the water is dripping to plug the leak.

     Quiri won't move! I can't mix the paint!

     Click  the berries you gathered across the river on the berry pot
and the shaman will initiate you. The key to the face painting symbols
is  found  in  your  game  documentation, "Adam's Eco News." Click the
cursor  on  the  pattern  that  the shaman names. Then click on Adam's

     Quiri moved out of the way, but I'm still stuck!

     Put the berries you gathered across the river in the small pot on
the  ground.  You  will  go to a close-up and the Shaman will tell you
which  pattern  to select. The patterns are listed by name in the game
documentation,  "Adam's  Eco  News."  Find  the  pattern  name  in the
documentation.  Click on the pattern in the game. Now click the cursor
on Adam's face.

     What do I do at the large tree north of the village?

     The  tree  has  three  entrances.  You  can find them if you walk
between  the  buttress  roots. When you find an entrance, you will see
one  of  the  white  exit  cursors,  which indicates that you can walk
further. Click there and you will end up in front of a tree door.

     I can't get in the door to the tree!

     You  can  only enter the tree from the main entrance, which has a
drum stand.

     How do I use the drum stand by the tree?

     Click  the drum you found up in the Canopy on the drum stand. You
will  see  a  close-up of the drums. Click on the baton to the left of
the  drums  in  the  close-up.  Now you can play by clicking the baton
cursor on the drums.

     I'm playing the drum but nothing seems to happen.

     You  must  play the correct melody on the drum. To learn it, pick
up  the drum again and go back to the drum stand in the village. Click
the drum on the drum stand there. The markings behind the village drum
stand  match  the markings on the drums. Play the pattern in order. Be
sure to pick up the baton to play. Learn the pattern. Play the pattern
exactly  the  same way at the drum stand in the Grove. Be sure pick up
the drum again when you leave the village drum stand.

     Why can't I talk to Forest Heart?

     Forest  Heart  is  too  weak to speak unless you are close to her
heart.  Click  the  hand icon on the seat in the middle of the screen.
When  Adam  sits  down,  he  can  hear her. She will tell him that her
seedling  has been destroyed and that he must find a new one. She will
offer Adam a gift that he must take to accept his quest.

     How do I help the Shaman start the ceremony?

     Click  Forest  Heart's branch on the shaman -- this is the "green
memory" he needs to start the Ceremony.

     The ceremony is over but nothing is happening

     Click  the hand icon on Forest Heart's golden blossom. The golden
blossom is the one lying on the bottom of the path in the tree room.

     How do I make friends with the bat?

     Click the talk icon on the bat. Then, click Forest Heart's amulet
on her. She will decide to help you in your quest!

     How do I free the bat?

     Once  you  have  made  friends with the bat by talking to her and
showing her Forest Heart's amulet, click the hand icon on the net.

     How do I escape from Slaughter's shack?

     Use  the walk icon to bounce the chair over to the bird cage. You
must  free Paquita, the bat that Adam made friends with in the forest.
Paquita will help you escape.

     How do I free Paquita?

     Use  the  walk icon to bounce over to the bird cage. The latch to
the  cage has been fastened shut with a carrot. Click the hand icon on
the  carrot  and  Adam  will eat it! Paquita can then fly out and chew
through the rope that keeps Adam tied to the chair.

     How do I get out of Slaughter's bedroom without getting caught?

     If  you  leave  by the door, you will always get caught. You will
have  to make your own escape route. First, click the hand icon on the
jaguar  pelt  rug to move it out of the way. The floorboard underneath
is rotten. Click the hand icon on the rotten section and Adam can pull
a large chunk of it out. Click the hand icon on both the top sheet and
the  bottom  sheet  of Slaughter's bed. In the inventory window, click
one  sheet on the other and you will have a sheet rope. Now select the
sheet rope and close the inventory window. Click the sheet rope on the
hole  in  the  floor  and Adam will tie the rope to the bed. Click the
hand icon on the rope and Adam will start to climb down the rope.

     Slaughter's took all my things! I have nothing in my inventory!

     Your things are locked up in the safe in his bedroom - along with
a few other surprises.

     Where is the combination to the safe?

     The  combination  to the safe is hidden in the password protected
section   of  Slaughter's  executive  organizer.  You  will  find  the
executive  organizer  under the bottom sheet on Slaughter's bed. Click
the  inventory  hand  icon on the organizer to view it close up. Click
the  power  button to turn it on. Click the button with the key on it.
You  can  find  the  password hidden on a slip of paper in Slaughter's

     What is the password for the executive organizer?

     Click the look icon on the head of the jaguar pelt. You will find
something  is clenched in its teeth. If you look at the tail, you will
find  that it has been removed and sewn on. Click the hand icon on the
jaguar's  tail  and  the jaguar will spit a note onto the floor. Click
the  hand  icon  on the note to pick it up. Open the inventory window.
The password is on the note - Slaughter's name backwards.

     How do I avoid getting caught by Gonzales once I am outside 
the shack?

     To  stay  safe  while you figure out how to help the birds, click
the  hand  on  the barrels or equipment and hide behind them. Gonzales
must  not  be  facing  you  when you sneak from one to the other. Hide
behind a barrel when you first enter the room. Go to the screen to the
east if Gonzales is reading his cookbook. If he takes too long on this
screen,  it sometimes helps to get caught. Paquita will free you again
and  Gonzales  may  be  reading  when  you  reenter. If Gonzales isn't
reading  and  not facing you, you can go east the following way: Enter
the screen by the rope ladder. Go as far into the distance as the game
allows,  then  go east. When you enter the next screen, click the hand
icon  on  the  crates  to  hide if Gonzales is chopping vegetables. To
climb  the  tower,  wait  until Gonzales goes to the other side of the
camp and out of sight. He is chopping vegetables and wood, as you will
see  from the flying chips. He will leave for a while and then return.
Be  sure  to  time his habits. Click the hand icon on the alarm by the
satellite dish to disable it as soon as you climb up.

     How do I get rid of Gonzales?

     Distract  Gonzales  by  setting  the  birds in the cages near the
river  free.  Click  the key that you got from the safe on the lock on
the lower cage - the one with the bird Adam saw in Iquitos.

     The birds keep giving me away!

     The  birds  are hungry and must be fed some of the grain from the
sack near Gonzale's cookbook to quiet them.

     How do I get the grain?

     If  you just try to touch the grain, Gonzales will catch you. You
must  suck  up  the  grain  with the hand vacuum that is on top of the
satellite  platform.  Climb  up  on  the tower when Gonzales is out of
sight.  Turn  off  the alarm that is attached to the satellite dish by
clicking  the  hand icon on it. The alarm will turn green and you will
be  safe.  Click  the  hand  icon on the small vacuum near the laundry
basket.  To  climb  down from the platform, click the hand icon on the
laundry basket and find the purple suspenders. Click the suspenders on
the  hook  above  the alarm. Adam will bungee down to the ground. Hide
behind the barrel near the birdseed. Click the vacuum on the birdseed.
Get  the  birdseed  out  of  the  vacuum  in inventory by clicking the
inventory  hand  icon  on  it. When you can get to the screen with the
bird cages, click the birdseed on the birds. Don't go too close or the
hungry  birds will squawk and give you away! The birds will stay quiet
when eating and allow you to approach.

     I've successfully avoided Gonzales. How do I leave the camp?

     Take the ax that is in the stump on the same screen with the bird
cages.  Make  a canoe from the log near the bird cages by clicking the
ax  on  it. Get a tennis racket from Slaughter's zebra-skin footlocker
to  use  as a paddle. For more points, go back and click the talk icon
on  Paquita  to  tell  her  you  are leaving before setting out in the

     What do I do in the bat caves?

     You  can't  go  back the way you came. You have to go deeper into
the  caves.  There  is  a tunnel in the upper right-hand corner of the
screen.  A  small bat will stop you and demand your identification. To
pass, you must obtain a bat visa.

     How do I get a visa?

     The  cave  is a refugee center for bats where your human passport
will  not  work.  Talk  to  the  little  bat who is writing. He is the
Customs  Official. Show him Forest Heart's amulet and he will give you
a  job handing out bat visas. The bat visas are a stack of leaves next
to  the  Customs  Official.  Once you have passed out the visas to the
bats,  you  will  be  allowed  to  use  an extra one to go through the

     Which bat gets which visa?

     There  are  many  different kinds of bats in the rain forest. You
must match the correct visa to each bat. If you look at the leaf visas
in  your  inventory, you will find the Latin name of each type of bat.
Talk  to  all  the bats to find out about them. Use the Ecorder on the
bats.  Review  the data in the Ecorder. The Ecorder information screen
about  each  bat includes its Latin name. Now you can match the leaves
and the bats. Don't forget to give one to Paquita!

     I've given out visas to all the bats but still can't leave!

     Give  the last visa to the bat Customs Official. It is a visa for
a "California Big-Eared Bat." He'll let you use it and you can proceed
north into another cave.

     How do I get the old bat to talk to me?

     Chiropterus  Handwing,  the  old  Temple  Bat,  is grouchy. He is
hanging upside down and it makes him dizzy to talk to Adam standing on
the ground. Click the hand icon on the perch and hang upside down. Now
when you talk to the old bat, he can help you find the City of Gold.

     Ok, I've talked to the old bat. What do I do next?

     Adam  must  prove  to  Chiropterus that he is worthy to go to the
City  of Gold. Pick up the Truth Stone. It is in a small alcove on the
wall to the left of the jaguar statue.

     What do I do with the Truth Stone?

     Place  the  Truth  Stone  in  the  slot in the Jaguar statue. The
correct  slot is the same shape as the stone and is at the base of the
statue in the front.

     I've  answered  all  the  riddles  and  the  jaguar is gone. What
happens next?

     Take  the  golden feather that the jaguar gave you. Head north to
the  underground  river. The shadows at the back of Chiropterus's cave
lead to a stairway.

     How do I help Paquita?

     Go back to get Chiropterus. He knows more about bat illnesses and
can tell you what to do next.

     Chiropterus has examined Paquita. How do I proceed?

     Use  the  whistle that Chiropterus gave you (click it on Adam) to
clear the bats away from the cave entrance. Click the hand icon on the
boat  to untie the rope mooring and get in. Once in the boat, you will
leave automatically.

     Help! I'm trapped in the flooded forest!

     Swim  east and click the talk icon on the howler monkey. He has a
problem  and  needs  your  help.  The  floods have stranded him in the
middle  of  a  harpy  eagle's  hunting  ground.  Unless the monkey can
escape, he will be dinner for the eagle.

     The monkey won't let me on his rock!

     You  can  make friends with the monkey by giving him something to
eat.  Swim  south  from  where you entered. Click the hand icon on the
vine to climb it. Click the hand icon on the fruit to pick some. Climb
down and swim back to the monkey. Click the fruit on the monkey and he
will let you climb onto the rock with him.

     I'd like to help the monkey escape but I don't know how.

     Get  one  of the large lily pads for the monkey to use as a raft.
Before  you can use the lily pad, you'll have to figure out how to cut
it loose. Look at the monkey's rock carefully.

     How do I cut the lily pad loose?

     Get  the  piranha's  teeth from the monkey's rock - they are very
sharp. Click them on the large lily pad near the fruit tree. Click the
hand icon on the lily pad and take it to the monkey.

     The monkey can't reach me even though I can help.

     Click  the hand icon on the rock to climb up. The monkey will hop
onto the lily pad.

     How do I get out of the harpy eagle's nest?

     You cannot leave without the eagle's help. Use the golden feather
you got from the jaguar. Click it on the harpy eagle.

     How do I get into the main ruins?

     You  must open a secret tunnel. It leads from under the huge rock
with  the carvings into the ruins you see in the distance by the lake.
If  Adam  climbs up on the seat, it will tip the stone so that you can
see  the  staircase.  The  rock  slides back in place when Adam climbs
down.  You  need  to  weight  the  rock  down.  Click  the  mask  from
Slaughter's  safe  in  the hole where one is missing. If it won't fit,
open  the  inventory  window and click the hand icon on it. One of the
gold  weights  was stuck inside it! Put the mask in place and take the
rest  of the disks. Put all the disks on the seat. Don't forget to use
the disk that you found in the mask.

     How do I find my way through the temple maze?

     Click  the hand icon on the litter left by Slaughter and his men.
Under  one  piece of trash is a magnifying glass dropped by Slaughter.
Click  the  hand  icon  on  it to pick it up. In the Inventory Window,
click  the  magnifying  glass  on Churana's necklace to see the carved
pattern.  The pattern is a map to the maze. Go down the secret passage
to  the  maze.  Whenever  you  click  the  eye icon on the necklace in
inventory  and  you are in the maze room, you will pop up the maze map
to help you find your way.

     I'm in the room at the top of the maze, but I'm stuck!

     This room has an exit that leads to the lake. Click the hand icon
on  the footholds on the back wall. Click the hand icon on the carving
of the snake's tail. The door will slide open.

     How do I get past the golden serpent?

     The  snake can be charmed, just as the king used to do in ancient
times.  You  will  need the gold crown and the bone pipes. They are in
the  room  at the top of the maze. Solve the jigsaw puzzle on the back
wall  by clicking on the blocks. There are two pictures. Each time you
put  one  together,  a hidden panel opens. You can take the crown, the
pipes  and a small pot of gold dust that may be useful later. Once the
panel  has  been unlocked, you may use the hand icon on it to swing it
around in case you forgot anything. Go to the lake shore and click the
walk  icon  on  the  small  islands  to  reach  the large one with the
carving. If one of the stones turns into a turtle and dunks you, don't
worry.  Just  start  over and avoid that stone the next time. Once you
get  to  the  island,  click the hand icon on the water to the east. A
golden  serpent  will swim toward you. Click the crown on Adam's head.
Click the pipes on the serpent and Adam will play a tune that puts him
to  sleep.  Click  the  hand  icon  on the water to swim to the secret

     The vines won't release me!

     Click  the  amulet  of  Forest Heart on the orchids and they will
make  the  vines  let  go  of  Adam.  Now,  whenever  you approach the
fountain, you are allowed to touch it.

     Where is the seedling?

     The   correct   seedling   is   hidden  among  the  thousands  of
identical-looking  seeds  on  the  fountain ledge. You must sprout the
seeds  to  find out which is the right one. To sprout the seeds, click
the  hand  icon  on  the  stone  cup  from  the stella (statue) of the
Princess.  Click  the  stone cup on the hole in the fountain - located
just behind the vines. Click the golden blossom of Forest Heart in the
cup.  Now turn on the water by clicking the hand icon on the pillar at
the  top of the fountain. When you see the correct seedling, click the
hand icon on it.

     Slaughter keeps catching me!

     You  must  walk Slaughter into the vine booby trap, where he will
be  caught  by  the plants. Click the walk icon on the ground to climb
down from the stella. Click the pot of gold dust on Slaughter and Adam
will  blow  the  dust  in his eyes. Slaughter won't be able to see and
will  back  up  into the fountain. Another way to trap Slaughter is to
put  the pot of gold dust on the fountain. Slaughter will trap himself
trying to get it.

I've defeated Slaughter. How do I proceed?

     You've found the Fountain of Youth, just as Chiropterus asked you
to do. Use the bat whistle to call the bats. Click the whistle on Adam
and  he will blow it. When the bats fly in, click the hand icon on the
sparkling water in the fountain and Adam will give some to Paquita.

     What do I do when I return to the village?

     Since  you now have the seedling of Forest Heart, the people will
help  you  plant  it  so she can live again. Click the seedling on the
area of ground that the shaman has prepared for it. After the seedling
sprouts,  you will be left alone with the shaman. Click the whistle on
Adam  when the shaman tells you to. Paquita will fly in. Click the eye
icon on Paquita when she asks you to and you will see a surprise!

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