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Мини-обзоры посетителей об игре Dungeon Lords

Автор: The REAL Wild One
I rated Dungeon Lords with a 3 because it is good for people who like to just go into places and hack and slash all day. But as for finding the relics of power which are needed to enhance your character to make it more powerful... Those are almost impossible to obtain. I personally have only found one in all my travels and would like to find them all, but that is not likely to happen. If the creators of this game actually made it possible to find the relics and decent magical armor, then this game would be so much better to play. Till that time, I do hope that they are hanging their heads in utter shame for this absolute disappointment that they call Dungeon Lords.

Автор: The Crain
I liked Dungeon Lords for its graphics and ease of play. The bad guys were challenging, without being impossible. My only issue was that there were parts of the game where the next step was not clear, such ax a point where you have to do a quest before the game will/can proceed. Great, except there is no indication as to what to do. But a game help site can be your best friend if you don't mind a little help now and again.

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