Dune 2: Building of a Dynasty


     Here is how to get out of the difficult level 9 if you're playing
the Atreides family. Use a Hex editor to edit the SCENARIO.PAK file in
the DUNE2 directory and do the following:

Save the level 9 game.

Go to scenario 22 of the Atreides.

Go to [ATREIDES] and change credit to 30000 and Maxunit to 50

Go to [UNITS] and change all Atreides Siege tanks to Atreides Sonic 

Go to [STRUCTURES] search for palaces of the Harkonnen and Sarduakars 
and change them all to Ordod palaces.

Go to [REINFORCEMENTS] and change the Atreides tanks to Sonics.

     Save the new SCENARIO.PAK file. Start the game and load the saved
level 9 position.


     You  now  have  loads of credits at your disposal and all of your
tanks  have  changed into the more powerful Sonic variety. What's more
the  missile  barrages  should  have stopped making the chances of you
surviving the level far higher.


     1.  Place  concrete  slabs  before placing structures. It's worth
upgrading  the  construction  yard  so you can build the larger slabs.
Upgrade  the  light vehicle and heavy vehicle factories as soon as you
can  so  you  can  produce siege tanks. It's worth upgrading the heavy
factory  several  times  on  later  levels so you can produce a mobile
construction  vehicle.  Watch  the  state  of  all your structures and
repair  them  when necessary - it costs spice but it's usually cheaper
than building replacements.

     Don't  bother  building  walls (they cost too much and don't last
very  long)  build  rocket  turrets  instead.  You need to upgrade the
construction yard to be able to build them but you're going to do that
anyway  aren't  you?  Spot  where  the enemy are attacking from - they
always  attack  from  the same direction - and place concrete slabs on
the  rock  in  that  direction.  Put  half  a  dozen  turrets  on  the
extremities  of  the  slabs and with a bit of luck they should see off
most  of  the  attackers before they get too close. Keep an eye on the
state of the turrets and repair them when necessary.

     3.  See  whether  there's a line of rock that stretches from your
base  towards the enemy base. If there is create a pathway of concrete
slabs  along  the  rock and position rocket turreys close to the enemy
base. When you attack the turrets are able to give your units covering
fire  and  you  find  yourself  with a significant advantage. If there
isn't  an  unbroken  line of rock consider using a mobile construction
vehicle  to  establish a construction yard on a piece of rock close to
the  enemy which you can then use as a base for extending the range of
your turrets.

     4.  On  the later levels it's extremely important to restrict the
amount  of  spice  the  enemy  mines  because spice runs out extremely
quickly.  You  need to use a fast trike or quad to explore the map and
find  spice  fields  and  enemy  harvesters  and  then  you  simply do
everything possible to destroy the harvesters.


     If  you  want to use/build more than 25 units use a Hex editor to
edit the scenario.pak file. Find a line containing:


and change the number after the Maxunit to 99


     This  cheat  involves editing one of the Dune2 files, so remember
to back up before you start fiddling around.

     Edit  the  file scenario.pak with a text editor such as write for
Windows  (DO  NOT USE EDIT IN DOS! This damages the file when you save
it  so  don't  try  it).  This  file  contains  all  sorts  of  useful
information  about  each  of  the  scenarios for the different houses.
There  are  21  scenarios  for the different houses and I believe they
work as follows.

1 = First level - don't edit this as the game will probably crash
2,3 = Second Level
4,5,6 = Third level
7,8,9 = Fourth Level
10, 11, 12 = Fifth Level
13, 14, 15 = Sixth Level
16, 17, 18 = Seventh Level
19, 20 = Eigth Level
21 = Ninth Level

     Under  each  level there is a map seed (do not change this unless
you  want to start in the middle of some sand) and some info about the
players.  Find  the  scenario (or scenarios) that is/are applicable to
the  level  you  are on and change the credits for the human player to
-1.  Save  the file and reload Dune2. Load your game, then restart the
level.  This  will  give you 65535 credits, although it looks like you
have  -1 at the start (the credits will go down to -32767 then flip to
positive 32767). Play on and enjoy your cash.

     Remember  that  the file scenario.pak contains all the info about
structures  and  units at the start of the level, so have a fiddle and
give  yourself  some  better  units. I haven't worked out how to place
units  accurately  on the map but from what I can tell, if you add one
to the last number of the unit or structure it moves one square to the
right  (for  structures  the number represents the top left corner). I
have  discovered  that overdoing this hack can cause the game to crash
when you try to restart the scenario, and editing Level 1 just doesn't
work   at  all,  however  you  can  still  have  some  fun,  and  give
house-specific  units  (e.g.  Devastator,  Sonic Tank) to other houses
(just remember that no matter what affiliation a Deviator Tank may be,
it  still turns units to Ordos, which is not very good for the game if
there  is  no Ordos player. I don't know if it will crash or not, as I
have avoided doing this).

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