Duel: War of the Mages


Power-Tips (submitted by Christian Wizzard):

     Tip:  If  you  have a Power Point, settle about 7 Elves around it
(they  are  cheap  and  in  a  big  number  the best Weapon) and put a
fountain  of  live  next to the power point. Add a lightning-totem and
you have a good defence.

     Tip:  at the beginning: make a bat to see whats on the map and go
with it fast on empty Power Points.

     Tip:  If  you  have  many  Power Points & you want to destroy the
other mage: seek him with placing creatures around the map. When found
use  the FAST-Spell, go there & Fireball him or Lighning or summon the
green  stuff  which keeps him standing on his place & summon dozens of

     Tip:  When  getting  attacked  by  many creatures take your elves
targetting the most dangerous one (all on one).

     Tip: Destroy enemy totems with lightning bolts (cheap & good)

     Tip: After the first levels. don't wast time with searching food,
time  is  an  important  key to win most battles. The healing-Spell is
important im most levels and quit cheap.

     Tip:  in  advanced levels: don't waste time with collecting food,
one  manacloud  & healing is much better. Being FAST is on of the keys
to success in this game.

Happy FUL IR!

Christian Wizzard 1.1.1999

visit me at         

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