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Driver: Parallel Lines cheats, tips and tricks

Author: Balto
I bought this game for the PC, and was very impressed with the scope and complexity I achieved along with a really smooth frame rate! I've played it to the end about five times already and I'm still discovering fun stuff I missed! Even the glitches are entertaining... A fun one I found is when you have to steal a car with the tow truck, if you park the tow truck in front of the car, get out, walk back and 'push' the car towards the truck to hitch it, when you get back in the truck, the felony meter is clear! You can tow the car past cops and they won't chase you! Also, in one of the parks, if you drive or walk by a particular building, a vehicle slides out through the solid wall and skids to a stop near you (usually a truck of some kind). Makes no sense, but handy if you need a vehicle there in the park!

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