The  door number of Ryan's flat - 5106. You begin in Eden's flat.
Look around, and find your wallet on the desk. Pick this up. Go to the
right  and  examine  the  microwave.  Open it and move the key to your
inventory.  Go  into  living room and examine Network Cartridge labled
Sartain  Industries. Put it into your inventory for later. Walk to the
lift,  use  the controls next to the doors Walk into the lift. Use the
control  box.  Walk through Eden's garage and examine the car - do not
leave  the  room  -  you  won't  be  able to get back in yet. Take the
screwdriver  and  the  wrench from the garage. Leave the room and walk
off  to  the  left.  On the travel screen select "Ryan's Flat" Walk to
your  front  door. Examine the keypad that is to the left of the door.
Use keypad.

     Enter  your  number  5106. Go into the bedroom. Pick up the knife
from the bed. Pick up the red Network cartridge close to the machine -
if you examine it you will find that it is marked "Important!" Examine
the  network  interface by the window. Open it and place the cartridge
inside. Examine the Network monitor.

     Use it. When it has initialised type "LIST" and press ENTER. Type
given  the door numbers for Eden's and Louis's. Note down the numbers.
Leave your flat and go to the lift. Use the lift control. Go to Louis'
flat.  Here  you  will be mugged as you enter the building. You can no
longer  leave  until  you  find some suitable footwear. Walk to Louis'
door.  Examine  and  then Use the keypad. Enter the number - 5238 Walk
into  the room. Go and talk to Louis. Open the cupboard by the monitor
(the  drink machine is on top of it). Move the red pool hall card into
your  inventory.  Examine it (click right button). You now have access
to  the  pool hall. Look in the toilet and pickup both trainers on the
floor. Use each trainer to place them on your feet - you can now leave
Louis's.  Open  your  inventory.  Press the right button when over the
wallet. Open it and remove the card. Put this in your inventory. Leave
Louis. Go to the street and leave.

     Select "Sparky's bar" Enter the bar. Walk to the seat in front of
Sparky.  Examine  and  Use  the seat. Talk to Sparky. Examine the card
reader  on  the bar. Use the card reader with the credit card. Examine
the  credit  card  (right button on the card in your opened inventory)
Use  the  card and you will see your balance. Talk to the man sat next
to you. He'll tell you about the Hotel.

     Leave  the  bar.  Go to the pool hall. Walk into the lift and use
the  controls there. Talk to the man behind the bat. He will help you.
In the pool hall head left until you can go no further. Use the keypad
and  enter  the  number - 5222. In the office use the card reader with
your  credit  card.  Take the gun from the desk. Leave the location by
going  to  the lift and using the controls. Walk through the alley and
back  out  into the street. Go to the Hotel on the travel screen. Talk
to the receptionist. Use the card reader with your credit card.

     Take the key from the desk (this is very hard to spot but it must
be  taken  - it appears in front of the receptionist). Go to the lift.
Use  the  pad  on  the wall. Enter the lift, use the control with your
room  key.  Walk  out of the lift and go left. Go down and examine the
firepoint.  Open  it  and remove the axe. You may go into your room if
you  wish,  but  you don't need to. (it is to the right). Go back into
the  lift  and use the controls with the knife from your flat. Examine
the  wire  and  use  it with the knife. Examine the handle and Use it.
Once  on  top of the lift examine the doors and Use them with the axe.
In  combat,  open  your inventory and use axe when the game allows you
to.  After  the guard misfires (CLICK comes up) use gun. Walk past the
pool  into the room to the left. Walk down and examine the gun in your
inventory.  Select  "Use  gun" when the game lets you. In the Dreamweb
talk  to  the  monk.  Find the door that will let you out (first on in
right  hand  corridor at bottom of map). Use the door. In the Dreamweb
room  use the plinth with the key. Ryan will find himself in a skip in
an  alley.  Walk  to  the  right.  Walk  down.  Go home and enter your
bedroom. Use the Network monitor. LIST NEWSNET READ TVSPECIAL EXIT You
will now know about the general. Leave your flat. Go to the TV studio.
Walk  right as far as you can and then walk down until you come to the
sign  painted  on  the floor. Go left and when you come to the barrier
use the gun in your inventory.

     Examine  the  controls  behind the window by the barrier. Use the
controls.  Walk  left and then up into the TV studio. Pick up Magazine
off  of  the Reception Desk and drop it. Pick up Key for Storeroom. In
the  TV  studio  go left and then down into the storeroom and use key.
Examine  the  fusebox.  Use the fusebox with the screwdriver. Take the
fuse (this is very small and is on the fusebox).

     Leave  the  room  and  go left twice and then up. Use the ladder.
Walk  to  the  winch control. Examine it and open it. Remove the blown
fuse  and  put  in  the new fuse. Use the winch control. You will then
enter  the Dreamweb - remember to speak to the keeper. In the Dreamweb
you must locate a crystal before you can leave, it is at the bottom of
the  map in the centre. You find yourself outside Sparky's. Go back to
Eden's.  Open her door using the keypad to its right. Enter the number
-  2865  Go  to  the lift and use the controls. You will now find that
Eden  is in the bath. Walk to Eden's bedroom. Examine the diary on the
bed  and  use it. You will be given information on Sartain Industries'

     Leave  Eden's  flat.  Go  to  your  flat and view Sartain Network
Cartridge  you  picked up at Eden's. Put cartridge into the interface.
Logon  as  Ryan  on  Network and List Cartridge. Read Meeting and then
read  Code  for  the  Sartain  Industries  Keypad--7833  Go to Sartain
Industries  on the travel screen. Walk into the building and open your
inventory - use the gun. Go left and enter the lift. Use the controls.
Once  in combat open your inventory. Examine and then use the crystal.
Walk  down  and  then  in  the  small  door  to the right. Examine the
briefcase. Open it and take the papers from inside. Examine the papers
-  you  now  know where to find Underwood and Chapel. Go up the stairs
and onto the roof.

     Go  left onto the helipad. Use the gun to explode the helicopter.
Dream  number  3  takes  place here You find yourself in the car park.
Find  the  van  with the tarpaulin in it. Take the wire cutters. Go to
the  Chapel's  house.  Use the wall to climb over it and look around -
you  find a blue Network Cartridge with info on the Church. Go back to
your  flat,  put  in  the new Cartridge and logon as Beckett. Just hit
enter for Password, then List Cartridge...Read BREIF.

     Go  to  the  church. Use the wrench on the chain on the gate. The
chain  breaks and Ryan pushes open the gate. You find the big doors at
the  front  of  the  church  locked,  so leave here for now. Go to the
Underwood's boathouse. Examine the pipe in the water and use it with a
cup or bottle. Pick up the railing that is on the sand. Walk right and
you will find yourself by the boathouse.

     If  you use the balcony the security system will be activated and
will  kill  you.  Examine  the  metal  plate  in  the top left of this
location.  Use  metal  plate  - Ryan brushes the sand off to reveal an
electrical junction box. Use metal plate with railing - Ryan opens the
junction  box.  Use  the junction box with the cup (or bottle) and the
security  system  will  be  destroyed. You can now use the hole in the
balcony  to  climb  up.  Use  the  hole  in  the  window  to enter the
boathouse.  Shoot Underwood after you have talked to her. Dream number
4  takes  place  here.  You wake up further along the beach. Go to the
church  and  you  will  find the doors are now open. Pick up Hand Walk
down  until  you  come  to  the altar Pick up and drop the cloth and 2
candlesticks  from  the Alter. Examine the hole in the alter, use hand
with hole. Examine the altar and Use it.

     Examine  the  hole  in  the floor and use it. Use the tomb - Ryan
pulls  back  the lid to reveal two crystals, a dagger and a rock. Take
all  of  these  items.  In the jar by the tomb lid is another crystal.
Place  the  crystals  in  the stone design on the floor. The exit will
open  up.  In  the  first section of corridor your way is blocked by a
stone  door.  At  the top of the corridor is a statue - use this. Just
hit  the crystal, this was cracked by----RAZOR 1911----- The door will
now  be open The door to the bottom left has a triangular hole in it -
a  key  hole.  Go  up  and find the trolley. There are rocks scattered
around collect them all (there are 8 of them) Put rocks in trolley.

     Use  the  trolley - Ryan gives it a big push and it flies off the
screen. The screen shakes - there is a crash, and a wheel bounces back
along  the corridor. The door is now open, walk down and you will find
the  priest.  The  priest  has  already  changed  from human form into
something  else,  you find his remains. Where the priest was is a hole
into the outside. This leads to the subway. Get down onto the track by
using  the ramp at the top of the screen. Walk upwards until you see a
hole  in the left hand tunnel wall. Walk to this and you will find the
Madman's  lair. As you explore he will appear and attempt to kill you.
Fight  and  kill  the Madman by luring him underneath a passing subway
train.  Ryan  is  then  whisked off into the Dreamweb where the keeper
speaks to him. Ryan wakes up in the real world to the sound of sirens.
He is then shot by the waiting police. The credits scroll up....

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