Dragon's Lair

     When the snakes appear on the first level, press  to warp to
the last leve.

     To  see  the  entire  game  completed  press  the  following keys

, [R], [/], [L], [N], [7].

How to win at Dragon's Lair

     This  game  is  a  lot of fun. I don't suggest you read this text
file  straight  through because you would lose most of the fun of this
game.  Although  you do get to watdch the great graphics. So this text
file  explains  how to get by each of the indavidual scenes. Read each
section only if you can't figure out hopw to get by.

Under the Drawbridge:

     When you fall through the hole in the draw bridge, hit ENTER once
and then Up. That'll get you into the next board.

Falling stone bridge:

     To  get  by  here  just jump in the approximate direction you are
moving (Left or Right)

Room with Vines:

Hit Enter to slash first vine.
Hit Up
Left or right (away from the closest wall)
Wait until Dirk starts climbing stairs
Left or Right (opposite from the previous horizontal jump)

Room with kettle and slime monster
Hit Enter to jump initially
Hit enter just before he eats you.


Turn left or right (away from the whirl pool.)


Hit left or right (which ever seems appropriate)
Wait untill the next screen.
Hit up

Electric Shokds:
Right (or lrft)
Left (or right)
Right (or left)
Right (or left)
Left (or right)
Right (or left)
Now quickly while in the air hit Left (or right)


Wait for close up.  Then hit down every time a ball in front of you

Falling Junk:


With Princess:


Close up of Crystal Ball:



Left (or right)
down repeated until a change

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