Dragon Lore 2

     Finally the sequel of one of the most unforgetable adventure game
:  Dragon  Lore,  is arrived. The graphics are great, and with a great
sound too. But one thing that still quite annoying is the way to fight
the  monster.  That's  horrible,  you  can only slash them as quick as
possible,  'cause  parrying is very difficult. You must eat to restore
your  stamina  each  day.  The  story begin after Werner von Wallenrod
became  the dragon knight. One of the rule in the kingdom, Duke Eragg,
isn't  agree  with  his  award  and c hallenge him to find Maraach the
Dragon  Fire,  the  symbol  of  the  knight.  Werner once again travel
through   this  notorious  land  to  find  the  dragon.  Here  is  the



The Wallenrod's Castle
The Forest of Warkaldt
The City of Draconia
First Day, Morning
First Day, Night
Second Day, Morning
Second Day, Night
The Tourney of Seven Lances
The Lost Labyrinth
Maraach The Dragon Fire
Adamoster and Crystallian
Tourney of Cennmar
The Coronation Joust
Tips and Info


     First  talk  to  the wizard. He'll tell you about the main quest.
Gain  as  much  info  as  possible  (  try  it by choosing the options
starting  from  the  second  choice  ).  Open  the  gate and enter the
underground  city.  On  the  left  of the pond is a locked gate to arm
oury.  Near  it,  is the entrance to the saddlery. Enter it and browse
around.  Get the bag on the table then pick up chart of forest, valley
and a gourd from inside the cupboard. Talk to Ghewissel. Ask him about
the key to the armoury.

     In the armoury, get all the equipment inside four cupboards. This
include: sword of Erena, Long blade, battle axe, saber, wooden shield,
knight  shield,  and pikes. Then visit the Dragonet, it's on the right
side  of  the  pond.  Inside take rope, purse of Ta rks ( money ), and
tinderbox  from  the cupboard; and also pick up the food ration on the
table. Talk to Sarel about the jousting tournament. Ask him to prepare
the  Dragonet.  Outside  the city you'll meet the wizard who gives you
the Ring of Life. Take it a nd fly away to find Maraach, the Dragon.


     On  the  way there, you'll be fired down to the Forest of Warkalt
by  some  dragons.  After  the crash, pick up the food ration near the
foot  of  the  Dragonet  and your gourd next to its head. Heading west
than  north. You'll arrive in front of the river, turn ri ght and pick
up  the  cutting  stone.  Don't  forget to fill up your gourd with the
water from the river. Turn around and go straight. On the next screen,
turn  left  and  you'll  see a strange rock. Go to it. Use the cutting
stone  on  the  rock.  A  writings will ap pear on it. Use the reading
spell  to  read  it. Yup, this is the place where you can restore your
stamina  point after you sleep. Remember this place. Now go back, then
turn  right.  Go straight twice until you can't go further, turn left.
Go   straight.  Then  t  urn  left.  You'll  arrive  in  the  goblin's
encampment.  Fight  them  if  you  want by insult them or you can just
cheat  them  by saying that you have the sword of Erena and the dragon
is  flying  up there. Get the meat from the firepit. Then go straight.
This is the crossroad to the gnome.

     Turn  right,  go  straight  then go to the right. You'll meet the
gnome.  Talk  to him and accept his help. Follow him to his house. Ask
him about the strange rock. Then ask him for food. Get the fruits. Now
go back to the forest. Go to the right, straight twi ce then go to the
right. You should see The Guardian ( it's the old tree ). Talk to him.
Accept  his  bargain  on planting the seed. Back to the crossroad near
the  gnome.  Instead of going right, you should go straight then go to
the  left.  You'll arrive in t he swamp. Go further. Plant the seed on
the  sandy  ground.  Prepare  to  battle the demon. I prefer using the
battle  axe  to  hack  this  demon.  Use  weakness  spell  on  him and
protection  spell  on  yourself.  You can take the demon amulet on the
lump ( it's for boos ting up your magic points ) later on, don't do it
now  'cause  after  you did that, you can't plant the seed here. After
beating  the  demon,  go  back to the gnome. This time ask him to heal
you.  When you say goodbye this time, he should offers you the magic a
ccorn.  Take it. Go back to The Guardian. Tell him that you've planted
the seed. Then tell him that you want to get out from the forest.

     Before  you  ride  the  animal,  turn around and follow the path.
You'll see a fighting between a man with an animal. After you kill the
animal,  talk  to  the  man.  Promise  him to help. Find out about the
temple  of  Draconia. Take his purse and the serpent dagger . Now ride
the animal.

Back to TOP


     In the next two days from now, the tournament will begin. In this
town  you can meet a lot of interesting characters, including Nenisma,
Prince  Arthus  and the beautiful Princess Carmine. There's no special
order  to go in this town, but I think mine is the good one. So follow
this order if you want.

First Day, Morning

     At  the main gate to the city, talk to the guard and bribe him 20
Taraks  to  keep  the serpent's dagger. Enter the city and talk to the
stall man. Ask him about the Temple of Draconic. Turn around and climb
the  stairs.  Go  to  the  left  and  watch  Karr Straupsi hk threaten
Quentin, a kid. Choose this speak option to help him.

 "Straupsihk, this outburst is unworthy of you. Save your strength for
  the arena"
 "Far be it from me, .... "
 "I'm sure he already regrets his lack of respect for you"
 "Believe me, I don't think he'll ......"

Then follow the lad to Dragon Hearth tavern. Choose this responds :

    "You were lucky ..... "
    "Forget that and ..... "
    "Who is Princess Carmine ?"
    "Did Straupsihk threat the princess ?"
    "What are you to the Princess ?"
    "Call me Werner"
    "How do you know my name ?"
    "And what else you know ?"
    "Believe me that feeling is Mutual"
    "Why do you hate the Duke ?"
    "Oh, you seem to be privy ...."
    "Keep me inform with your progress"

     Turn  left  and  talk  to  Hellaynea  of Artica, the pretty woman
sitting behind the table.

    "You frail ? There isn't a man ... "
    "We may have the occasion .... "

     Then  keep  on  talking to her until the choice of flattering her
shows  up, but nothing can flatter her now. So turn around and talk to
the  other  woman,  Tanathya.  Ask  about  her  motive  to  enter  the
tournament.  Then  talk  to  the innkeeper and book some room fo r the
night.  In  the  corner  near  Hellaynea  of  Artica, there's gamblers
sitting  on  the  table. They're the source of your money in the town.
Everytime  you're sort of money, play some games with them to get more
money. Now exit the tavern and follow the left path. Continue the path
to the temple.

     Then  talk  to Tochmar ( the man who is training his skill ). Lie
to him and don't tell him your real name. He, then advises you to find
the  blacksmith  for  a  good  weapon.  Move left, then enter the path
behind  the  trainer.  Near  the  end of the road, turn lef t. This is
Dihcar, the alchemist. Inside you can buy all potions that you'll need
during  the game. This include magic powder, life potion, cure potion,
strength  orb, and chest that can contains 25 things. Now just buy the
chest  and the cure potion. Talk to Dihcar. Ask for his reading on the
Magic  Accorn.  Now  head  to the temple. Talk to the priest about the
dying man outside the forest of Warkalt you've met earlier. He'll tell
you  about Nenisma the holder of the Talon. In the temple you can heal
and  boos  t up your stamina points with a price of 5 Taraks each. Now
go  outside and follow the path beside the temple. On the left side is
the entrance to Prince Arthus chamber. Follow the path until you reach
the  Heraldry,  the  big  white  building  on  the left. Go through an
archway, The Dragon Way, to the fountain. In the fountain you can fill
up  your  gourd. Near the fountain you'll see a young woman. Talk with
her. She's Cinders, the daughter of the herald.

     Now  enter  the  only shop in the fountain area. It's the general
store.  Talk to her. Show the serpent's dagger to Nenisma. Ask for the
purple  talon.  Then  buy  the  poison.  Here,  you  can also buy food
rations, tinder box, mirror, rope, maps, and gourd. It's u p to you if
you  want  to buy some but you have to buy the mirror and the lantern.
Ask  her  about  Dihcar and Draconia. Go out. Now, the day should turn
out  to  night.  Walk  back  to  the temple through the narrow pathway
beside it.


First Day, Night

     On  the corner beside the temple, you'll meet a beggar. Talk with
him and pay him for the story. He wants you to kill a goblin in return
of a secret. Accept his offering. Enter the temple. Give the Talon and
you'll  be  rewarded  by 100 Taraks. Then ask him to for an info about
the  Clairvoyant.  Tell him that you want to meet the clairvoyant. Ask
the  Clairvoyant about your past. Then take the upper part of the rune
from  the  table. Go out of the temple. Walk around until you meet the
goblin  (  it's in the path way near the tavern ). Choose this options
for gaining the information of the secret passage under the city :

    "Out of my sight, toad"
    "Yes, does it bother you ?"
    "You mean the one next to the arena ?"
    "You've just told me, cretin"

     Then  kill  him as fast as you can ( I prefer using the rusty axe
for  this one, and try to use the hack strategy : point the axe on the
left  and right side of the goblin alternatively ). Remember this, you
must  keep  your  health point above 40 before you ta ke a rest at the
inn.  That  should keep you alive. Use the life potion if you want it,
or  eat  a  little  bit. After that, take his purse, talisman, and the
dagger  (  you can use it again with Nenisma to get the talon and gain
more  money  from the priest. You can ask for the talon as many as you
can,  even  without the dagger, each time you're out of money. I guess
this  is the error they make for this game, sorry Cryo !!!! ). Go back
to  the  beggar.  Report  the  fight. He'll tell you about a parchment
contain  a  cl  ue for the secret passage. Then go back to the inn and
take a nap.


Second Day, Morning

     First, take the crystal ball on the table ( it's the connector to
archwizard,  your  guiding  man  ). Just go outside to use the crystal
ball and put it on the screen. The wizard will give you a one hint per
day. Then go out of the tavern. Move left and foll ow the path. At the
corner,  turn  around.  Now you'll facing the blacksmith. Here you can
buy weapons or sell weapons that you won't need anymore and his advice
for  the tournament, especially on Hellaynea. Buy the sacred pike, you
need  it  later  on.  Go  back  to the tavern and speak with Helaynea.
Praise  her  with  the word from the blacksmith ( she's the number one
seeded  in the tournament ). She'll tell you to talk to the herald for
an  advice. Now go to the Heraldry. Talk to the herald inside and book
your  p lace in the tournament.Tell him that Helaynea have sent you to
meet  him.  Ask  for  his  advice  on  the mount. Go out and go to the
warehouse.  Talk  to the propietor about the tournament and Dihcar. Go
to  the  training  center.  Talk to the man near cart. He'll t ell you
about  some  clues for the tournament. Now go to Dihcar, ask him about
the parchment. Hmm.. nothing yet. Now just walk around until the night
comes,  or  you  can  play  some  dice  game to gain more money in the


Second Day, Night

     Nothing  much to do now. Go to the temple. Talk about Harssk, the
Lost  Labyrinth and the Dreamer. Ask the priest for a meeting with the
Clairvoyant.  Ask about your future this time. Then return to your inn
and  take  a  nap.  Prepare  for the big day tomorrow : The Tourney of
Seven Lances.



     You'll be facing 6 warriors in the tourney. You can beat them all
(  Tanathea is the hardest ), but don't waste your time on that unless
you're  desperate on money. Anyway, Tanathea will be the winner in the
tourney  wether  you defeat her or not. Before ent ering the arena you
can  talk to your opponent in the hallway. Ask the herald for the rule
of  the  tourney. First, pick up your opponent by taking his/her flag.
Then choose your weapon and mount. If you get hurt, heal yourself with
the  healing  balm.  Repeat  this  step  before  each match. After the
tourney,  Prince  Arthus  will  talk  to  you.  He'll introduce you to
Countess of Cyrene ( it seems that the countess is having a problem ).
Then accept Hellaynea's offer to train together. Remember, you have 10
days  bef ore the Tourney of Cennmar begins. Go out from the arena and
head down to the fountain. Talk to the Cinders. Promise her to talk to
her father.

     Seek  Nenisma in her shop. Ask her about the goblins and the Lost
Labyrinth. She told you that the entrance to the labyrinth can only be
accessed  at night. Now go back to Heraldry and talk to the herald. Go
back  to  Cinders  at  the  fountain.  Tell her that y ou've done your
promise.  Now  you  have  a new ally. Go to the alchemist. Ask for the
parchment.  Now,  he'll  tell  you about it. Take the parchment on the
wall  beside  the back shelves. Read it with reading spell. Talk again
to  Dihcar.  Learn about the strange cloaked man. Now talk to guard at
the  stall  near  the front gate. Learn more about the Lost Labyrinth.
Now,  just  wait until the night comes. Go talk to everybody about the



The Level I Map of The Lost Labyrinth

The Level II Map of The Lost Labyrinth

     When  the night comes, go to the fountain and talk with the ghost
(  if you've talked to ruby priest about the Dreamer, you should see a
ghost  in  the  fountain ). Ask who he is. First, reject his demand to
find  the  remains  of his body. After he promises to give you a magic
stone  in  return,  accept  his task. Head back to the Dragon passage.
Face  the  statue  of  Harssk. Use the mirror on its hand. Open Sesame
!!!!  A  secret  passage  will  reveal.  Use  the tinderbox to lit the
lantern.  Hold your lantern and enter th e labyrinth. First, go to the
goblin's  chamber.  On the way there, you'll see a lever with writings
above  it.  Use the reading spell. Don't turn down the lever yet, save
it for later use. In the goblin's chamber, you'll fight 2 goblins. Use
protection  sell  and hack them. Get the level I and II map from them.
Collect  the money and sword also. Then find the pit on the North East
section  on the level I of the Lost Labyrinth ( on the level I map, it
is  marked  with  the  blue cloud ). Use the rope on the beam of stone
above  the  pit.  Swing accross and continue your journey. At the end,
get  the  skull  from the alcove. Go back to the fountain. Talk to the
ghost about the skull, then go to the temple.

     Tell  the  priest about the ghost and ask for the summoning. Give
him  the  skull.  Go back to the fountain and tell the ghost about it.
After  he  is  vanished, get the magic stone ( it protects you against
magic  ).  The  next  morning, talk to Duke Eragg in the t avern. Then
talk  to  Quentin on the next table. Talk about Cinders with Big Pete.
Accept  his  gratitude.  Tell  about Pete to Cinders. Now you have one
more thing to do with the lovebirds.



     Sometime  between  the  fifth or the sixth night at Draconia, the
tavern  man  will  bring you a parchment from Countess of Cyrene. Read
the  parchment.  Go to the Prince Arthus chambers ( the one with guard
in  front  of  it  ). Tell the guard that you have the par chment from
Countess.  Enter  the  room. Talk to Countess and show her the Ring of
Fire.  Suddenly  Prince  Arthus  ( his imitation ) comes in and attack
you.  Throw  the  magic accorn to deflect Arthus' paralyze spell. Then
wear  the  magic  stone  to deflect the spe ll and slash him with your
weapon  ( use protection and weakness spell to help you ). After that,
talk  again  to  Countess, or should I say .... your long lost MOTHER.
Retreive  the  healing potion and the bottom part of the rune from the
table. Drink the pot ion to heal you.

     Unite the rune, then use the Ring of Fire with it. You'll be sent
out  to  Maraach.  Talk  with  him and be PROUD !!!! That's the way of
Wallenrod.  Listen to the twin stone story. Get the Crystallian and go
back to Draconia. Watch the cool movie.



     Go  back to tavern and talk with Duke Eragg and Tanathea ( she is
nicer  now).  Go  to  the  blacksmith and learn that Duke of Eragg has
bought  the  sacred  pike  too, and you can't buy it now ( luckily you
have  bought  it earlier ). Talk with all the people in t own, then go
to  the  temple.  Tell  the  ruby  priest  about Maraach. Show him the
Crystallian.  You'll  be  guided to the Clairvoyant. Ask him about the
Adamoster.  Hmmm......  another puzzle, this guy is full of riddle. Go
see  your  mother now. Talk about Maraach and Adamoster. Get the money
from  the  table. Talk to Arthus. Pick the second choice first to gain
more info on the tournament. Then receive the Sword of Fire from him (
choose the first answer).

     Go  to  Heraldry.  Choose this option when you talk to the herald
and you'll unite Cinders and Pete :

    "I come to see you on behalf of your daughter and Pete ...."
    "I abhor such arule, but ...."
    "I am sorry to hear about your wife ....."
    "Will you agree to their engagement ?"
    "I think you make a good decision"

     Tell Cinders about the news. Then spend the day off by talking to
the  rest  of  the habitant of Draconia. Don't forget to buy some life
potions  and the Orb of Strength at the alchemist ( you'll need it for
the fight down in the Labyrinth ). Fill your gourd with the water from
the fountain if it is empty. Now you're ready. At night, go down again
to  the  Lost Labyrinth. Turn down the lever at the entrance ( it will
open the false wall on the path in level 2 ). Go straight to room B on
level  2  (  look  at  the map ). If you enter the room from the south
door, you'll read an inscription above the door on how to open the sun
door  in  room  B.  Use the Crystallin on the myst to go past it ( the
green cloud in front of the entrance 3 on level II map ). Enter room C
a nd push the gems in this order : white, yellow, red, and green. Exit
south  (  the  path  with  Yellow statue on left and Red statue on the
right  ).  You'll come to room B. Turn left and follow the path to the
next  intersection  (  the  false  wall in room B is op en now ). Turn
right  and  past  the  dragon  heads. Keep going straight ( ignore the
right  intersection  ).  Go  straight on past more dragon heads to the
next room. Read the inscription above the door. Press the orbs in this
order  :  Yellow,  Red,  White, and Gre en. Exit through the door with
Green statue on your left and Red statue on your right. Go through the
path  (  if  you  didn't pull down the lever earlier, you should see a
dead-end  here. But don't worry just pass through the false wall ) and
down the stairs and find an empty fountain.

     Save your game. Fill the fountain with the water from your gourd.
A  door will slide open. Prepare yourself to fight the mean, nasty and
ugly  four-handed  golem.  You can beat this monster with 2 ways : Use
your  sacred  pike  to  hack  him  along  with the protecton spell and
weakness  spell.  Also  use the Orb of Strength to give more damage to
him  Use  the  Sword  of  Fire  with  Burning  spell casted on it. Use
protection  and  weakness spell also along with the Orb of Strength to
give  more  damage  Note  :  Use  the  Orbs when the hit points of the
monster  near  end  (  under  60 points approx. ) 'cause you can't use
another  things  from your inventory after you used the Orbs. Use life
potion  to restore your hit points during the fight. Anyway, after you
buried  this  monster,  take  the Adamoster. Find your way back to the
city. Now get rest and wait until the 20th day to enter the Tourney of
Cennmar.  While  waiting  for that day, try to hangin' around with the
locals  and  find some info abou t the tourney. And the most important
thing  is  prepare yourself for the final battle with Cariachan. I use
10-12  life  potion  to  defeat  that  guy. So just drop down all your
inventory  except  :  Ring  and  Sword  of Fire, Ring of Life, the Two
stones,  Sacred pi ke, and the crystal ball. The others have no use at
all starting from this point.



     Here  it  is,  the  tourney  begins. Talk to Tanathea, Eragg, and
Cariachan.  For a nice kiss scene, talk to Hellaynea ( she promises to
give  you  a  small reward if you defeat her, hmmm.... ). Then talk to
Arthus  about  Princess  Carmine.  Wow,  you've  been  chosen  as  her
champion.  Talk to the herald about that. Then enter the arena. Choose
the  easy  one,  like  Arthus,  Rolon  or  Thormac. After you defeat 3
warrior,  watch  the cool video clip that showing the jousting betweem
Hellaynea  and  Cariachan.  What  a dreadful sce ne to watch Hellaynea
badly  wounded.  Use Crystallian stone to help her. She loves you very
much  so  promise to avenge her. Talk about Cariachan to Arthus. After
that,  Princess  Carmine walk out from the corner of the room. She was
masquarade  as  Quentin,  th e kid, since you arrived in Draconia !!!!
Promise  her  to  defeat  Cariachan. Take the amulet from her hand and
another kiss from a woman.



     This is the final part of the game. Summon Maraach with your Ring
of  Fire. Then ride him to the Cradle of the Sun, where the Coronation
Joust  take place. Talk to Arthus. Then wear your Ring of Fire and The
Sword  of Fire/Sacred Pike ( it's your choice on weapon ). Turn around
and  talk  to  Tanathea. Then face Duke Eragg. Cariachan will shows up
riding Dagon, his evil dragon ally. Watch the joust. After you win it,
Cariachan  will protest the result. Fight him to the death. If you use
the Sword of Fire, don' t forget to cast the Burning Spell on it. Then
watch  the ending movie. Once again you're the hero of the valley. Too
bad  the  wall  of Obsidian has been destroyed by the orcs. So prepare
for the next adventure of Werner von Wallenrod in Dragon Lore III.

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