Dragon Lore

Complete Solution  (AUTHOR UNKNOWN) 

     When  you begin, walk around to the back of the house and pick up
the hammer. In the cart you will find a sword. Talk to uncle then take
the  right hand path and go to the pasture where you will find a bone.
Give  the  bone  to the dog. Get the bowl and give it to uncle. In the
house you will find armour, a shield, a walking stick, a rope, sulphur
and  flint.  Carry  or wear all items and leave the house. Go down the
left  path and collect the cow. Use the rope and return to the pasture
and  tie  the  rope to the tree. Return to house, talk to uncle and he
will  give you a ring and a whistle. Leave and take the left path. Use
the whistle on the dog. Find the stone circle and enter the left skull
and get the key. Enter the right skull and use the key on the grate.

     Down the hallway there is a button on the right. Search the rocks
for a key which will open the grid in the hallway. Climb down then use
the  ring  on the door, then use it on the casket. Speak to the dragon
and  get  an  OPEN  DOOR  spell, then return to the path. Speak to the
knight then continue on and enter the cave. Use the hammer on the west
wall  to  get a spell book. Put the spell in the spell book, go to the
door and cast the spell.

     Go  down  the  path  until  you  reach an inn. Enter, and talk to
people to get a ladle. Go to the cave, kill the dragon fly and use the
ladle  on the far side of the cave. Return the ladle to the inn to get
a weapon, rope and a fireball spell for your spell book. Continue down
the path and talk to the knight. Kill the creature to get an axe and a
pole which you can use on the ferry to cross the river.

     Further  on you will find a skull. Join it to the rope and use it
on  the  tree,  then  talk  to  the  knight  on the other side. In the
mushroom  village  is  another knight. Talk to him them go back across
the  river. At the fountain take the left hand path and enter the tree
house.  Talk  to  the  woman  with wings to get a cog. Go upstairs and
search  for  a  cloth  then leave the house. Take the left path at the
fountain and take an apple for the dog. Activate the lever and talk to
the  woman  with  wings  to  get a key, then go down and return to the
fountain.  Soak the cloth in the fountain and cover your face with it.
Get  the  blue flowers and return to the village. Eat the blue flowers
and  kill  the scorpion. Near his body is a mushroom. Enter and go up.
Talk to the sprite to get a REVEAL ILLUSION spell for your spell book.
Leave  and  search  for a blue potion. Look for another mushroom which
can  be  entered  and  go  up. In a cabinet by the bed you will find a
green potion. Leave, drink the potion and go to the flower area.

     Take  the  path  on  the extreme left and you will see a Japanese
Knight.  Talk  to  him  then  put  the  cog  on  the wall. Look for an
illusionary  door  on  the  right.  Cast  DISPEL ILLUSION then you can
enter.  Search  for  a torch, get the pail and fill it with water from
the  room  on  the  right  then put it on the lever outside to hold it
down.  Enter  the open grate and get a silver chest then return to the
illusionary  door  and  search for a skeleton lying on a bed. Give him
the silver chest to get a ring. Leave.

     Continue  along the path until you reach the river. Jump into the
river  and you will be swallowed by a carp. Get the diamond then using
a weapon will force the carp to regurgitate on the far bank.

     Go  to  and  walk through the waterfall and find a turtle dragon.
Give  him the diamond. Take the crystal and go back to the river. Jump
in the river and emerge on the far bank. Find the knight, give him the
crystal and cross the waterfall using the stepping stones.

     At  the  top of stonehenge accept the knight's challenge to get a
pick. Go to the right until you are on the path. Facing the end of the
path,  use the pick to break the rocks in front of you, then continue.
You  will  meet  the black knight. Talk to him then cut down the tree.
Kill  the  two  thugs and get their possessions. Open the bag and take
the  vase.  Follow  the  path to the castle and give the vase to those
outside.  Enter the castle, take the left hand door, and show the ring
to  the dragon guard. Enter and kill the zombie. Go to the bedroom and
push the metal bracket on log grate. Go through the curtain and search
the  ceiling light for a key. Use it on the chest and take the potion.
In  the  chapel, get the water shaker. Go to the far end of the chapel
and  enter  the right hand door. Get the bible and candles then return
to  the  chapel.  Put the candles in the candelabra and get a piece of
seal. Go the the library. Click on the large dragon. Go downstairs and
get  the sword, then go up. Go to the fireplace room and use the sword
on  the  coat  of arms. Get the piece of crest and join them to make a
seal.  From the main room find dragon effigy and stone eyeball - break
half  full  bottle  and go down. Place the seal on the door then climb
the  ladder  and  get  a  broken key. Find two stone eyeballs, on in a
skeleton's skull on the bed, the other under a blanket.

     Go  to the banqueting hall and get the crowbar. Go to the kitchen
and  get  the  ladle. Get charcoal, forge, hammer and hacksaw from the
blacksmith's  area.  Use the charcoal in the brazier. Use the ladle to
get water from the trough, then use the flint on the sulphur. Use fire
to light the charcoal, use the bellows, then put the broken key in the
charcoal.  Put  the  key on the anvil, then use hammer on the key. Use
ladle  of  water to cool the key before taking it. Go to the main room
and  use  the  key  to  open  the  door and enter to get another stone

     You  now have four eyeballs. Use them on the skeleton heads. Once
the  crystal  containers  have  disappeared,  get the crossbow, sword,
shield  and key and go back to the large room and take the skeleton in
the  centre  cell.  Use him on the skeleton in the right cell. Use the
bible  and holy water shaker. Click on the skeleton to free him. Go to
the  room  with  the pool of water. Enter water and get the crank then
use  the  crank  on  the  dragon head. When you return to the room the
water  will  have  disappeared.  Jump in pool and go through the door.
Find the dragon. Go up and leave the castle. Go back to first entrance
to  castle.  Use sleeping powder on the dragon and take the sphere. Go
to  the  door  with  stairs going up and use the magic powder. Now you
must find four metal balls. One is in the nursery, one in the plant in
the second hallway, one in the bookcase and one in a bedside table. Go
to  the  room  with a balcony. Walk around the balcony and talk to the
stone  imp. Take the imp and go to the window overlooking the egg. Use
the  hacksaw  to get through the wind then put the sphere in the nest.
Use  the  pliers  on  the  sphere  then  take  the  baby dragon to the
basement.  Use  the  stone imp on the dragon who will then take you to
the  top of the castle. Get the TELEPORT SPELL and the blood. Teleport
to the dragon.

     Go  to  the  room with the eagle. Get the twig from the fireplace
then  use the flint on the sulphur. Use fire on the twig. Use the twig
on  the  eagle. Put the metal balls in the holes in front of the eagle
to  open  it  up. Get the talon. Return to the hallway with stairs and
use the key you got in the basement. Enter and find a pot with a hole.
Use  the  talon  to  get  the  key from above the eagle then go up and
unlock the door.

     Talk to the mage then place the sword, shield and crossbow inside
the  pentagram.  Go  up and take the ruby from the railing. Return and
talk to the mage.

     Now you must teleport to skull cave. Go to the coffin and use the
ruby  on  it  to  get the dragon armour. Teleport back and talk to the
mage  to  get  the  cup  and  amulet. Talk to the mage again. Take the
dragon effigy and break it to receive a crystal ball. Teleport back to
the  dragon.  Get  the  dragon  saddle  and lance then wear the dragon
armour. Put the saddle on the dragon and fly off to meet your fate.

The end.

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