Dog Day

     Starting  Room-Examine  desk  click on white cup holder press red
button take keys open file cabinet with keys take key and lamp examine
shelf  take  the axe open box take a bottle put bottle up to keg spout
and  turn knob take bottle filled with dog wine open door with key and

     Alley-Give  bum  bottle  of dog wine in exchange for coupon for 5
video  game tokens turn around to next door ring bell wait for bouncer
to  drop  lit cigarette then go to the broken toilet bowl on the right
side of the bum pull out lantern and light it with c igarette and take
flea powder then leave alley to sidewalk.

     Sidewalk-Turn right go in the second door on the right.

     Restaurant-Walk  down  hall  and  enter kitchen pick up spoon and
fill  it  with soup turn around and face window then wait for dog with
bowl then dump the soup in his bowl do the same with the next dog then
click  on  the  cook  he  will  give  you  10$  take it and l eave the

     Sidewalk-Turn to your right and walk two more doors to the arcade
and enter.

     Arcade-Walk  up to the tenant and give him the coupon and he will
give  you  5 tokens and then play puss invaders and get the high score
then  go  to  the  tenant and he will give you a V. I. P. card take it
back to the alley.

     Alley-Ring  the bell where you got the cigarette and show him the
V. I. P. card he will let you in.

     Bar-Inside is a bar by a drink take your change and the cork walk
to  the back right turn on the light and solve the puzzle when you are
done it sticks together it is a free pass take it and leave the bar.

     Sidewalk-Turn right and walk until you come to a stairway leading
down to the subway go down it.

     Substation-Turn  left  and  free  pass to guard and he will leave
then go up stairs and onto sidewalk.

     Sidewalk-Walk to end of street and turn left in to toy store.

     Toy  store-Go  behind  counter  and  open unlocked cupboard below
counter  take rocket #1 then leave counter and turn right and click on
all  the  cages till you get a close up on one with a hole in it reach
through the hole and pull out rocket #2 then leave toy store.

     Sidewalk-Turn right and walk till substation entrance turn around
and walk up stairs.

     Worktable  room-examine garbage and take out broken earmuffs then
examine  shelf and take glue gun then sit at table put the earmuffs on
the table put the glue gun on the table then take the glue gun and use
it  on  earmuffs  then  pick up the earmuffs and put the rocket on the
table  the use the glue gun on it then put the cork in it then pick it
and  the  glue  gun up the get up and tern torts the grate on the wall
and  wobble open by clicking on the top then bottom till its open then
go through it.

     Crane  room-Examine the crane controls there is a switch a button
and a lever first switch the switch then push the button and then pull
the  lever the crane should then lower a truck down to the steer after
it  does so go back through the worktable room an d down the stairs to
the sidewalk.

     Sidewalk-Face  the  street and click on the truck you should jump
curb on to the truck and the on to the other side of the street on the
other  side  turn  left  and  walk to the news paper machine and put a
quarter  from  you drink change from the bar in the new spaper machine
and open it says out of stock click on were it says that twice and you
should stumble into the news room.

     News  room-In the news room you go to the right side and there is
a  air  conditioner  making icicles there are three different sizes of
icicles  small,  medium  and large you have to wait longer if you want
them  to  get bigger you want to get one medium and one large then you
turn  around and put the medium one on the right side of the scale and
then  examine  the  gold  thing to the left of the scale first open it
then set it for 728 and put the large icicle in the top then step back
and wait and the ladder should come down go up the ladder to the green

     Green room-Click on the bench and it will tip partially revealing
a  purple key underneath it take the key and leave the area behind the
counter  turn  right and go down the hall way past the elevator to the
first  door  you  come  to and Turn toward it unlock the door with the
purple key and enter the office chegga▓s  

     Office-Turn around and face the door and flip the light switch on
then  turn  around  again  and face the book shelf click on every book
notice  how  a letter lights up when you click on certain words if you
click  on  those  books in this order c,h,e,g, g,a a book will pop out
click  on  it and it will open up there is another key in it that goes
to  the front take it the turn around and leave the room turn left and
go  to  the  elevator  press the elevator call button and it will open
then enter.

     Elevator-Press  the security buttons in this order 3241532415 the
control  panel  looks like a paw print the big one is 5 then you go up
to the second floor exit the elevator.

     Upper  balcony-There is a safe there the combination for the safe
is  621  inside  the  safe  is  a stripe of paper there are dots on it
divide  them into L▓s and you will see a combination then go back down
the elevator turn left and go in the first door you co me to.

     Chegga▓s  office-Go to desk open the drawer take the diskette and
turn the computer on wait for it to boot up it will ask you to enter a
password  so  enter the one you learned from the strip of paper in the
safe up stairs which is 13542511 and you should b e able to access the
computer  put  the  disk  in  the computer and click all the different
folders  and  click backup one by one then take disk and exit building
to sidewalk using the key from the book shelf in front door.

     Sidewalk-Turn toward street and walk onto it you will be arrested
and taken to the pound.

     Pound-When  you get throne in the pound which you will need to do
at  some  point  you  get  out  by  looking under the bed and take the
dumbbell pin then examine the radio to the right of the door set it to
the  station  at  the  far right and turn it off then watc h your sell
mate▓s feet when they start twitching click on his hand you will get a
piece  of  paper  that  with the c.a.t▓s phone# on it take it and then
face  the door put the dumbbell pin it the key hole and move it around
and  try  to get 4 clicks in a row w hen you do so the pin should come
out  click the handle and go in to the hall turn right and walk to the
end and through the two doors into the laundry room.

     Laundry  room-click  on the two locked double doors and they will
set  off an alarm when alarm sounds run back to sell and wait till two
guards  run  past  the  door and exit sell turn left and open door and
enter guard room.

     Guard  room-Go  behind  counter  and examine box open it and take
your  stuff  back then quickly return to your sell and wait for guards
to  run  past  again  then  exit sell turn right and return to laundry

     Laundry  room-Examine  middle  dryer and flip switches so it says
purple/green/light  blue  then press button open dryer and enter click
on  back  and secret passage will open go through it and you will come
out in the alley where you started go to the sidewalk .

     Sidewalk-Turn right and walk down two doors to the restaurant.

     Restaurant-  Walk  down  hall and enter kitchen pick up spoon and
fill  it  with soup turn around and face window then wait for dog with
bole then dump the soup in his bole do the same with the next dog then
click on the cook he will give you 10$ take it and leave the building.

     Sidewalk-Turn  to you right and walk too more doors to the arcade
and enter.

     Arcade-Walk  up  to  the  tenant and give him the coupon and will
give  you  5 tokens and then play pack dog and get the high score then
go  to  the tenant and he will give you a alarm clock take it and exit
the  building  to  the side walk turn right and walk till you get to a
guard  put  the earmuffs on and push the button on the alarm clock the
guard will run off enter sewer control room.

     Sewer  control room-Walk to right side of room there is a machine
there  walk  up to it and turn left click around on that picture until
you hear a door open go back by were you came in and there should be a
machine with levers on it pull all the levers one by one then exit the
sewer  control  room and walk down the sidewalk to the alley where you

     Alley- walk down alley to the front door of the bar ring the bell
but  don▓t do anything wait for the bouncer to drop his cigarette pick
it up and turn left walk forward once and turn left click on the sewer
cover and open it go in.

     Sewer-Pull  out  lantern  and  light  it with cigarette then turn
right  walk  forward  once  and turn around flip light switch on right
wall  on then turn around and go right at the first junction then left
at  second  then  right  then left and you will come to the first gate
save  game  and  try  to go all the gates at the end you will find two
wires  touch  them together and you will short the robo dog there is a
link to my map at the botem of the page.

     Chegga's  House-In  chegga's  house you go into the bath room and
open  the  cabnit and take the thingys to here your heart with and put
them  on  the safe behind the panting in his bed room lisen and try to
get like 6 or 8 clicks in a row and it will open take the disk out and
leave back into the suwers and find an exit.

     Sidewalk-walk  down  to  your  apartment and call the cats phone#
from  the jail and walk to the end of the street past the sub past the
sewer  control  room  to  where the windmils are there is a door right
behind  them to the left knock on it and give them both disks and they
will  give  you $14000 take it to the subway and give it to the tickit
person for a ticket and walk through the gate the end.

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