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Мини-обзоры посетителей об игре Divine Divinity

Автор: Cpucannon
This game has excellent graphics, but the plot isn't exactly like a RPG - you run around and take your time, but to do some quest you have to have certain skills, and to do other quests you must have completed that certain quest. Very complicated, 4/5.

Автор: Oggy
BBBOOORRRIIINNNGGG, with a capital BORE. You go around moving garbage and killing the same "monsters" over and over and over. No challenge. When you find something, you will find it another few thousand times. Absolutely no originality. A pure bummer.

Автор: Angel
Divine Divinity is one of the best games I have played. There's so much that you can do on this. I'm one who likes a game with a lot of action, strategy and you have to use your brain on to get through a lot of the quests. It is a long game, but for me that make it even better because I get disappointed when you can defeat a game in either hours or a day or 2. This one you have to take your time on or you end up not being able to complete certain quests which I've done lol. My son tried to get me into Diablo II and ya it's like Divine Divinity but I'll play Divine Divinity over Diablo any time.

Автор: Undertaker
The gameplay of Divine Divinity is good and fun, but that is no excuse for copying Diablo and World of Wacraft. The game is very hard and confusing. The graphics are average. Green things and blue things are extremely hard to find. Small rating for such good gameplay.

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